Bakemonogatari: 04 – Lost Loli


Loli-fied, loli-riffic episode.


OP Sequence #2: “Kaerimichi (帰り道)” by Emiri Katou

HOLY SH!T. I died of loli toothache. This screams pedo sap all over. The animation was really good though. Not much a fan of the song by Emiri Katou, but overall, it’s a really loli-riffic OP sequence. And yes, we’re having different OPs for each and every character arc.


I’ll really say it directly that this episode miserably lacks more Senjougahara. It feels like each episode of this series becomes very enjoyable. Oh well, at least her little screentime is still awesome. Gotta admit that it’s surprising to see her actually hating on little children and leaving off sharp strong words about it. I also love how she straight-up shows how she’s annoyed with her helping Mayoi. Of course, she should have Arararagi all by herself in a fine day but instead there’s a loli in which Araragi got interested in helping. Girls just give off the cold shoulder when they don’t get the attention >.>


Uhh… Spelling Fail? Or is it on purpose?


Moving on, we have have the “star of the arc” (while Hitagi remains “star of the show” for me always). Mayoi Hachikuji is indeed a lost little girl caused by a snail. No matter how Arararagi and Hitagi searches for her house, they ended up getting lost.


This loli is easily bribed. FEAST ON HER!


Agh! Bad loli! No biting your master! Bad loli, bad!


Then here we see Araragi in his vampire mode again beating up the loli. Lol when would we ever get to see vampire Araragi in action besides from loli-beatdown ones? XD;;


Well, we have another loli-beatdown in this episode!


Sit loli, sit! Stay. Good loli, goooowd.


I gotta wonder why Tsubasa appears in this episode and what did Mayoi said to her.


ED Sequence #2: [Same song] “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” by supercell

Wow the new sequence was amazing. I would really buy the single now when it comes out. I’m really lovin’ the song more and more. The animation is also cool, with darker theme, gothic style and art used is awesome.


Gotta say that the animation in this episode took a horrible nosedive. I think SHAFT’s focusing more on the background and artistic weirdness of everything rather than the characters on the foreground.

Also, the loli-beatdown got old in this episode. I know it’s really entertaining but lol, after being bribed by Araragi, she gets owned by him twice in a row in this episode. Ararararagi is looking like a total pedophile in this episode.

Overall, my favorite part has got to be the offscreen stapler scene with Meme and Senjougahara. Too bad it’s unseen ;__;. But I just laughed at how Meme calls Senjougahara “tsundere-chan”, and screams to put down her stapler. Shame that the best part has to be the part where we can’t even actually see it. I also found the phone animations to be entertaining. Meme sure sucks at Tetris.

This episode wasn’t very impressive at all. Bakemonogatari went down again with this episode, with episode two still remaining as the best episode so far. It felt dragged and boring with all the reused stills and the drop in animation. It’s to be expected anyway since we’re in the middle of the Mayoi arc, so I’ll have high hopes at its conclusion.


What would you do when you encounter a lost loli?

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7 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 04 – Lost Loli”

  1. Westlo says:

    Into the trash can Mayoi goes.

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    After each episode I start going deeper in to insanity but that whats makes this show so good.

    Epic loli op 🙂

  3. phoenixdown110 says:

    More loli beatdown please!

  4. TJ says:

    The episode was pretty meh other than the loli beatdown. The OP and ED were the real highlights.

    I asked for it last episode and got my wish lol.
    .-= TJ´s last blog ..Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 17 =-.

  5. meteorhouse62 says:

    I agree with you. I found this episode slightly less entertaining because it lacks Senjougahara-sama.

  6. kanzeon says:

    Oh my god Mayoi totally attracted lots of pedos for sure :ohohoho: . The OP is a huge pedo-sap indeed lmao. Not much a fan of the song, but the animation is pretty good ^^. And I don’t love or hate Mayoi at all. She’s just… there XD. The token loli of the show? Yep~

    I gotta agree with this episode lacking Senjougahara and the best moment has to be that off-screen stapler scene via cellphone. I just love Senjougahara’s ice queen personality. And it’s awesome that she also hates little kids as well just like me XD.

    Well yes of course she’ll give off a cold should because Arara”ra”gi-kun is totally giving his attention to the loli >.>… So not cool when you have this hot girl around you.. Am~I~Rite? XD

    Lol at the spelling mistake too. I wonder if that’s really intentional with all the SHAFT weirdness or it’s just an (embarassing) typo.

    And yep^^. Love to see more of Koyomi vamp! Can’t really wait for his arc tbh~. I hope we get to see more action later in the series ^^.

    The ED is pure awesomeness! :cute: I’m totally getting my hands on the single when it comes out ^^. So awessum *___*. I loved the song more seeing the new animation.

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