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Loli or Shouta?

This episode has more Aya-tan subordinates in action. We get to see more of Kuroyuri with Haruse inside the church on their mission to spy over Teito and cause bad things to happen. Can Frau be his knight in shining armor again?? XD Kyahahaha~ So yeah, this post is more Haruse-Kuroyuri and of course, my dose of Frau fangirling~<3.


It’s none other that little Kuroyuri’s stoic and intimidating companion, Haruse. And WOW @ him because only in the anime I’ve come to notice him so much. In the manga, he’s like, nothing lol. But zomg, I just realized that he’s such a bishie in the anime *__*. His VA is Wataru Hatano (Junichi of AkaSaka, Yuuto of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu).

Well nothing much to say but Haruse is really cool. I just love silent BUT deadly characters. He also has to ability to make clones out of himself as well. Looking forward to more of him now. Haruse is just hawt. Period.


And now meet the devious little Kuroyuri, who’s always attached to Haruse. He’s violent, and packs no mercy and care. Except when it comes to his Haruse of course, whom he has a really close relationship on. I can’t wait till we get to see some back story about the two of them because I wonder what made these two so freaking close together XD. Also, is Kuroyuri a boy, or a girl? Or a trap??? Lulz.

Kuroyuri’s VA is none other than the fierce Chiwa Saito (currently playing Hitagi on Bakemonogatari).

Kuroyuri got into intense action in the later part of the episode against Frau. He definitely acts very violent, by welcoming Frau inside the prison with all the dead and mutilated bodies. Plus he’s still a kid but he’s already good at knives X. Isn’t he/she so cool? 8D. Funny also on how Kuroyuri just exposes his bratty childishness upon losing to Frau.


Really tough fortune for Frau in this episode T ^ T. Besides from still being not fully trusted by Teito, Frau is always ready to prove that he can be trusted and he’s always there to save his life, even though he put himself into a critical condition with his priest status.He got mistaken for killiing the people inside the prison, when it was originally Kuroyuri’s fault. Nuuu~ Frau! Who’s gonna save Teito now that you’re locked up in bars?? T___T.

Lol gawd Frau x Teito is totally my OTP, so yeah~ <3 I just gotta love the two of them. Teito should really stop acting like a hard-to-get bitch already to Frau and proceed with the yaoi now!!! XDDD *gets shot*.

Haruse x Kuroyuri

SQUEEE!!! That was freaking cute!!! DAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW<3. Well actually, these two reminded me a liiiiiitle bit of Ciel and Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) XD. Kuroyuri having an eyepatch while Haruse being the super-seme taller guardian XD.

Kuroyui failed in his mission. Worse than that, he found out that Aya-tan’s scythe is currently on the hands of one of the bishops (Frau), which he totally despises. But aww~~~ Haruse just hugs him DAAAAWWW~~~!!! Kyaaa!!! Oh wait, I’m bringing back my question. Is Kuroyuri a guy or a girl? O___O

Fia Kruez


And definitely one of the huge revelations in this episode is Teito’s “father”, Fia. We get to finally know his name. And by the end of the episode, Castor and Labrador reveals that he got excommunicated from the church. The reason why and more about him is still classified information~! *Mikuru-esque tone* XD.


Well it was an really cool episode again, and I’m quite glad it isn’t “filler” unlike the previous one. I must say that it’s a good thing on how 07-Ghost still makes me wanna continue watching it, even though there had been a huge rain of new shows this summer. So yeah, bad news though is that I might be inconsistently blogging it due to schedule and stuff. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed this episode by seeing some more Aya-Tan subordinates in action. Can’t wait for the next episode, where it seems like Teito will be the one who will do the saving this time to Frau, who’s currently arrested.

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13 Responses to “07-Ghost: 15”

  1. AnimeNerdz says:

    Kudos for the post..i think this series is going to have a great ending :thumb: can’t wait to read it here :cute:
    .-= AnimeNerdz´s last blog ..First Look: RideBack =-.

  2. Auntie Heng says:

    😆 kuroyuri is a BOY!!! :ohohoho:
    :cheer: too bad aya-tan only appear at the end of this episode, i was waiting for a good 20 mins~
    *wishes for more aya-tan scenes*

  3. Jamie says:

    Love this anime series :kyaa2:

  4. mikan-sakura says:

    On Wikipedia, it states that it’s still unknown if Kuroyuri is whether a boy or a girl as well. …But I sure damn hope it’s a trap :cute: . Well if that’s official, then it would be now shounen-ai :kyaa: .

  5. Ayumikat says:

    Although Kuroyuri’s sex isn’t officially confirmed, I always deem the brat a boy. He’s Aya-tan Shouta pet. There’s obviously more going on between the eye-patch brat & his servant, Haruse in that lovey huggles. *melts* into BL wonderland. :blush2:

    Next episode is the one that totally made Frau x Teito an OTP…:kyaa: I gotta see that part animated! :kyaa2:

    • Lynnie says:

      i sure hope Kuroyuri is really a boy! :ohohoho: *mind wanders to *beep* *beep* wonderland* :nosebleeds:

  6. XxTeitoxMikagexX says:

    :thumb: :thumb:

  7. XxTeitoxMikagexX says:

    :aww: teito mikage daiski

  8. XxTeitoxMikagexX says:

    :freeze2: Frau under wather omg
    :cheer: go go Teito go to Frau and Taskete

  9. kanzeon says:

    @AnimeNerdz: Thanks for the comment ^^. I hope the anime would also handle out a fine ending, with the manga still on-going :).

    @Auntie Heng: I really want Kuroyuri to be a boy!!! Kyaaaah!!! Haha yes, this episode lacked smexy Aya-tan XD.

    @Jamie: I’m glad you’re lovin’ it ^^.

    @mikan-sakura: Yeah~<3 A cute trap indeed!

    @Ayumikat: Yup~<3. The manga proves it ^. And I hope they get more screentime there too. Oh dear, the huggling is... *melts*. And OMG yes! I can't wait for the next episode~!! :kyaa2:

    @XxTeitoxMikagexX: This show is getting more and more exciting isn't it? :love:

  10. Lynnie says:

    Kuroyuri is a boy :ohohoho: :nosebleeds: :runs: :cute: :blush2: or what i hope :-_-:

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