Sengoku Basara Musical: Cast Update


The cast for the MANLIEST MUSICAL EVAA …err I mean the musical adaptation of anime Sengoku Basara had been updated in its official site. Let’s see the cast so far~

So here goes the cast so far [Credits to Hyper Parfait for sharing this info~ *loves*]:


Kubota Yuki as Date Masamune

He’s an actor/model who played Atobe Keigo on the Prince of Tennis Musical. He also appeared on Kamen Rider The Next film. He looks kick-ass~ and he totally looks like Masamune already XD. Just put an eyepatch on him and voila~


Kataoka Shinwa as Sanada Yukimura

He’s known in Japan for being Go-on Blue on a recent sentai show Engine Sentai Go-onger. DAWWW he looks so cute!!! And I think his looks are the perfect choice for Yukimura. Kyaaa~ I’m loving his smile~


Tomokazu Yoshida as Katakura Kojuurou

Like Kataoka Shinwa, he also worked with a previous sentai show as well. Other than that, he also starred in Ushi Ni Negai Wo: Love and Farm, and had an interesting role as Tarzan on Dance Drill Musume. OMG he looks hotter than Kojuurou already XD.

And here are the other actors that I sadly have no info yet, except for the characters they’re playing lol.


(猿飛佐助役) The actor playing Sarutobi Sasuke.


(濃姫役) She’s playing the ever-fierce Nouhime.


(森蘭丸役) He will be playing Mori Ranmaru… Hmm, I would have picked a more younger-looking/shota-ish guy though.


I have no info on his name yet… lol. But it will be fun to him in all those hair and make-up ^^ (Mitsuhide).


(織田信長役) and last but not the least, he will be playing Oda Nobunaga. OMG he looks like a boy-next-door nice guy and it would be awesome to see him playing something evil XD.

So I’ll end this post with a video I posted before and I feel like posting again~



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5 Responses to “Sengoku Basara Musical: Cast Update”

  1. issa-sa says:

    You can just smell the brotherly love… (They should find a way to fit reenacting that video into the musical :P)

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    Gaaahh . . .can’t watch the video at the moment x_x *blocked in the pc she’s using*

    Oops, I missed the Mitsuhide pic o_O *edits post*

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  3. kazuki says:

    what are you talking about xD Shinna Taizo is amazing. if he could pull of Goku from Saiyuki in the saiyuki musical, he’ll score this one. trust me, when he’s in the cosplay, he’ll get the job done well. it’s hard to believe he’s 21 or something :kyaa2:

  4. cinderbird says:

    Oh my god the one who’s playing Kojuuro is hotness :kyaa2:

  5. TaiCat says:

    I can’t wait for that guy who plays Yukimura to shout OYAKATA-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :baww2:


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