Sengoku Basara: 12 [END] – Feel the Manly Love


Before we get into the manliest of all the manly OTPs I fangirled, l’ll make you wait for a while and tackle some random stuff first XD~


Oichi is stupid. That black hands thing is stupid. They killed off the fierce Nouhime!!! Nuuu~ I love Nouhime because she’s one of the fiercest bitches of the season T_T. So yeah, I’ll cry for the death of a villainess. Another thing why she’s stupid is because she whines so much to Nobunaga, so she gets shot and that’s what gets her lol. The only good thing about her is Noto Mamiko.


Oh my god Mituhide’s moaning so hard while being burned alive on the fire is so horny yet hilarious at the same time!!! Haha, and Kojuro’s so fab though XD. Yet I don’t know the relation between him and the archer kid whom Mitsuhide took as hostage.


Going more on the fighting cheese, the rainbow ring thing that empowered Yukimura and Masamune to battle off Nobunaga is PRETTY!!! Haha pretty is indeed the word XD!!! But yeah, it’s so awesome to have all the other characters to get united altogether and have that reunion episode thing going on lol.


Nobunaga is old… So he HAS to die already and thank that the time finally came for him to get PWNED by the awesome MasaYuki. Please grandpa, you need to rest XD.


What I really love more is that they gave Sasuke and Kasuga some more screentime >///<! They’re my second favorite shipping on the series and of course, y’all know who’s my first~…


Masamune and Yukimara


Moving on with the blue and red~ How would I become a Basara fangirl without mentioning the manliest OTP I had ever fangirled? LOL XD. So yeah, they’re the stars of the show and they’re just so GAR XDD.


And super HELL YES on how these two set aside their differences for a while and have a double team to kick Nobunaga’s ass. SO AWESOME!!! Kyahahaha~ Can’t you two just be friends like always? Lol, I guess that fact will only remain on doujins and fanarts XDDD.


What I love as well is that both of them gets some freakin’ symmetrical screentime XD. Haha I love those joined half-faces shots, as well as the light play of blue and red XD. These two are just so awesome when paired XD. Hahahaha these two definitely deserve to be scheduled in my OTP of the Week posts XD… Hell yes now I thought of a name, MasaYuki!

More MasaYuki shots:


LOL at them so much for always getting symmetrical scenes XD. And their opposing colors of Blue and Red just makes these two a really awesome duo!


And then after defeating Nobunaga, they’re back to enemies again XD!!! Haha then more GAR and cheesy brainless fun continues on.

HELL YES because this gets a second season I wouldn’t mind checking out ^^. The sequels will be out on 2010, and there would also be a DVD-extra episode, which I can’t wait to watch as well for more manly lolness XDDD.

Overall, I’m really not aware of this show, until I my co-author blogged its first two episodes (I think?), and lurked on its LJ commu in which I officially became a fangirl of it already and fangirled MasaYuki to until forever XD. Then I marathoned the first few episodes, and I’m not after its story or anything, only for watching fights and war for my sadistic pleasure. I think Basara did well imo, because I’m only after the random Engrish, shouting, Masamunexukimura OTP shipping and the fighting XDDD. So yeah, those the shallow purposes why I checked this out, and I think that they served that to me well so I’m happy ^^. So if you like some anime with brainless fun and action to waste your time on, this is surely recommended ^^.

P.S. – The Soundtrack is also AWESOME AS FREAKIN’ HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovelovelove it to bits and maybe I’ll put them up when I have time ^^.

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6 Responses to “Sengoku Basara: 12 [END] – Feel the Manly Love”

  1. cherelle says:

    Lol it’s so nice to see girls watching this show as well because I thought I was the only one lol. Hahaha DatexYukimura is awesome ship XD.

    And I love SasuxKasu too~ Even though I hate Kasuga sometimes for being stupid, she always gets cute when there’s screentime between them ^^.

  2. TJ says:

    Nouhime got killed off some weird shadow hands from Oichi? WTF? Everything else was pretty GAR-some though :thumb:

  3. HANA says:

    :nosebleeds: MASAMUNExYUKIMURA!!! :kyaa2:
    Love the two of them.. :kyaa:

  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    Awesome ending is awesome. I wouldn’t mind watching the second season and the OVA as well.

  5. cinderbird says:

    Masamune x Yukimura fangirl in here too 😉


    Can’t wait for subs and season2 *_*
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Special Parfait of the Week: Toradora! =-.

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