Medaka Box – Ch. 08


Wut?! There are no auditions for Manga’s Next Top Model yet(coming soon? xD)!!

You should know about this manga right know because it’s rapidly becoming popular because it’s really hilarious. Even some are giving off similarities about it already to Suzumiya Haruhi as well. So yeah, I’ll be picking up this manga for blogging starting now ^^.

Since I haven’t blogged this one from the start, I’ll give a short shot about this manga. This is about Medaka Kurokami, who is elected as the student council president even though she’s just a first year. Her primary project is putting up a suggestion/request box, for those who have requests to make their school better. Alongside Medaka is her close childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi. So yeah, I’m currently at the eight chapter now, and a lot of amusing requests had been fullfilled (just check it out, for those who still haven’t ^^).


This time, Medaka is asked to model for an artist. Since Medaka is very confident about exposing her body anyway (duh, just look at her school uniform), she wholeheartedly accepts the request with beaming confidence. Even striking a pose like a muscle man XD.


It seems like she failed though, and what the artist is looking for isn’t on her. But bwahahahaha at Medaka looking so ashamed XD!!! Hahahaha!!! Btw, Zenkichi is probably the one who knows almost everything on Medaka and her actions, since they’re like, with each other for 10 years? Yeah~. And you can call me shipping them XDDDDD.


LOOOOL XD!!! Poor ladies XD. The victims are indeed piling up and it seems like they’re hopeless to find the proper model. But…


. :haha: . 😆 . :ohohoho: . 😆 . :haha: .

sHmoly son of… Kyahahahahahahaha XDXDXD!!!



Shinarui seems to be the one the artist was looking for though. And it totally shocked everyone. Lol.


And in the end, the artist was just a pedophile that drew her in futuristic space-like outfit XD. What’s the use of putting her on a swimsuit? Wth?! XDDD.


So yeah, it was another hilarious and yet another “WTF” chapter from Medaka Box and the manga sure is getting more and more interesting. I would love it more to show some developments between Medaka and Zenkichi because they’re SO fitting with each other, and it’s really awesome on how even though how “Godly” Medaka is, Zenkichi’s the one who truly knows her (and eevn calls her only Medaka-chan XDD).

It’s overall amusing again, and I’m totally looking forward on this manga every week ^^.


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4 Responses to “Medaka Box – Ch. 08”

  1. Westlo says:

    Yeah Medaka Box is full of win, glad to see it getting more popular. Nishio Ishin knows his shit.

  2. It was a very WTF chapter indeed xD Wahahaha! I love it!
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Medaka Box – Chapter 8 =-.

  3. Feel the power of ART! :haha:

  4. kagutsuchi says:

    It probably won’t for a few months. It needs a lot more chapters so that the anime can start developing it. We don’t want a horrific case of anime going non-manga story do we? O.o :red:

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