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Hyakuen! (One Hundred Yen!) is Tooyama Ema’s 2nd seinen manga with a slight touch of GL… Wait… Tooyama Ema? Seinen? GL? Isn’t she all known for shoujo fluff such as Koko ni Iru Yo! and Watashi ni XXX Shinasai? Lol. Actually, this is her second seinen manga (first is 1 Love 9) and we’re not sure about the yuri yet, since MangaFox is the only one who says so (but it’s obvious anyway that these two girls are smelling GL all over XD). So yeah, I gave it a shot~

Meet Yamada Momo and Madoka Suzuki. Momo is the one with the shorter hair and light color while Suzuki is the one with Hikage-esque (like with cat ears lol) hair with dark color.


They are living together under the same roof, sharing the same bed, and struggling in their everyday lives to save money. Oh yes indeed, they share the same bed XD. It’s not your regular sleepover because they are indeed short on money~ And omg theire room is so messy XD. Well, Momo’s side particularly XD. And judging by their sleeping positions, we get to know their personalities already~


Lol! “Time is Money” indeed XD. We see Suzuki being the one who’s more serious and mature than Momo ^^. And btw, her hair is WEIRD!!! Weird but CUTE!!! And btw, this manga is so serious about money that it’s being mentioned like, almost every after page XD lol.


Momo and Suzuki have goals to finish, just like any good person, that’s why they’re saving money. I guess they are already both childhood friends (sweethearts? lol) and that’s the reason why they live with each other. It kinda looks like eloping XD LOL. But I guess they’re independent and wants to make money on their own ^^.


Momo kinda reminds me of Yui (K-On!) so much. But I know Yui’s more waste of a human being because at least Momo can think of saving money XD. Though, she just neeeeeds to control the temptations surrounding her XD. Yui… err I mean Momo (LOL did I just said Yui? O__O) is kind of a huge otaku and an impulsive buyer as well.


And Suzuki on the other hand, doesn’t have anything much to have her money spent on since her own personal entertainment is saving money XD. (Wow, I wonder if I could live with that XD)…


And oh, I find it quite a slight shock about the ecchi. Not very graphic though, but still, I got so used of the cutie-fluffy Koko ni Iru Yo!, Mamacolle and Watashi ni XXX (but soon for sure we’ll be having those three X’s happening in there ;P) and it caught me off-guard. So yeah, nothing that major though and it’s still funny XD.


LOL! Suzuki is like a mix of Mio and Azusa (K-On! again. Damn, why do I always make comparisons about it on this one? XDD)~ She’s the one who rushed in while Momo’s taking a bath but then she’s the one saying this XD. Anyway, she sooo cute on this pic! DAAAWWWWW~


And this is some kind of a chart-comparison on how these two get tempted to spend their money. Momo on the Special-Offer Cafeteria Food, while Suzuki on the Banana Crepe (yum~). Momo is like, a fail, while Suzuki is trying her best to succeed and save her money (but girl~ food isn’t something that shouldn’t be resisted! Eat while you can! ->>coming from a cheerleader who isnt allowed to eat so much anymore XDD coughsmecoughs)


But Suzuki’s reason is beyond practical! Sooo awesum!


And oh, how to save money on the food you’re eating? We can learn from Momo as well.


And the very first chapter ends with a very interesting suggestion from Momo. Hmm~ Trying to luck in on a lottery seems to make sense especially in their situation. So yeah, why not? I’m so excited for the next chapter! I wonder if they would really try and more, if they will win! Woah if they win, the manga won’t be entitled “One Hundred Yen” anymore XDD! But lolz… I simply can’t wait.

Judging by it’s first chapter. It’s rare for me to say that it needs an anime adaptation already. But this one screams one already. It’s nice slice-of-life with a light touch of shoujo-ai. Who knows that this one might be Ema-sensei’s very first manga to be an anime right? (And I’m quite losing hope on Koko since I see it more off as a live-action instead anyway~). So yeah, overall the first chapter is really funny and entertaining and it’s been a while since I’ve read some adorable GL mangas lately ^^.

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6 Responses to “First Look: Hyakuen!”

  1. Xiao says:

    Lol, money-saving…that’s so me. xDDD
    God, I can’t believe how much I can relate to these two. Like Momo, always making up random, slightly outlandish excuses to spend on something lol, I still have an order to make xD while like Madoka, “fighting the temptation!!!” and “my entertainment is saving money!” …yea, this is a manga for me alright. xD

    “Not for the shoujo-ai?!” :sweat:

    lol, well, that for some lulz, too, I guess. xD

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw so many K-ON! resemblances in these two. lol, I would say that Hyakuen! is the better K-ON! but we don’t really have four girls. Then I thought “Waaiiitt~, Madoka can be Mio and Momo can be Yui and Ritsu in the best friend case” Now all we need is a Tsugumi. ahahaha~
    *cough* Hmm, yes, I agree. Somebody pick this up and turn it into an anime already. This is the moe I’m looking for. :thumb:

    Kyaa! I like Madoka’s haircut so much! They really do almost look like kitty ears~ :aww:

    lol @ the scene in the bathroom. They’re both girls living under the same roof. Can’t be helped about the toilet and the bathtub. You think this wouldn’t be a problem between them. xD;

    …and are they even allowed to buy the lottery at their age? XDD;; Over here, you have to be 18, I think.

    Well, yay! I have a new manga to follow! lol, I was wondering why you got so excited on twitter about GL and Ema Tooyama and it confused the heck out of me (“Are we talking about the same person who did Koko?!” I said. XD; ). But I’m glad you posted a review about this. Can’t wait for the next chapter either. Thanx~ <3

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..SoMT Stage 1, Round 4

  2. Rin says:

    Hasn’t this been out for a while just never scanalated until now? I heard about this series months ago when I lloked up Tooyama Ema on Baka Manga Updates. It looks cute. Maybe I’ll try it. I’m not really into shoujo-ai, but maybe I’ll like this one(maybe it may not be shoujo-ai, sorry to ruin your hopes). The girls look adorable though. :blush2: (again I love the smiles)

    Rin’s last blog post..Going to Wonderland

  3. wingstodust says:

    lol EMA TOOYAMA DOES GL?! I wouldn’t have expected that from WnxxS! Though I’m iffy on the K-ON expressions. I may be one of the rare people on the anime sphere who doesn’t like it… Okay, will now run away from the mob of angry fans now. ToT

    I’ll definitely check this out soon, lovely post. =D

    wingstodust’s last blog post..Shipwrecked!/Tamra, the Island – Vol. 1 Review

  4. I totally didn’t expect that mangaka to do GL o_O

    It seems cute . . . I think I’ll like Suzuki xD

    But it doesn’t seem to be my type of series. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I actually get to read it, but at first impression, really not my thing. Ehehe.

    And I don’t want it when I’m told to save money because I CAN’T!!! xD

    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..Hypers Voice: Anime That Need Sequels!

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    I am not surprised by Ema Toyama having seinen manga at all. In fact I thought it was strange that I’d never really heard about it until now. The heroines in Koko ni iru yo! and Watashi ni xx Shinasai always struck me as the kind of heroines you’d see in a visual novel. Hikage is so shy and was out of school. Yukina is such a perfect cooldere megane girl. Though each with their proper shoujo-ness~

    But god…just going through your post already makes this manga look so great. These girls are so darn moe~ And if it’s a manga-ka that works in shoujo as well, hopefully I won’t have to worry about it turning into unbelievable moeblobbery every chapter? Even if it is, I’d still risk it because I love Toyama-sensei’s art and that’s enough~ :cute:

    If an anime came out of this, I wonder if I’d watch it though. I still hope it would, but some slice of life I just need to read as manga instead.
    But yeah…I’ve pretty much lost hope for Koko ni iru yo! too. But Watashi ni xxx Shinasai looks pretty good so far for adaptation possibilities, just if it became popular enough. Though sadly since shoujo always gets shorted with budget, Hyakuen still seems to be the best bet. Which means I need to familiarize myself with it right now!

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Figure #2 – Sumomo on a Sale!

  6. Emiko-chan says:

    This manga looks like a whole lot of fun! I think I’ll check it out. 😀

    If this were to be made into an anime, I would totally watch it. It has a good art style, the girls seem moe (moe seems to be a big factor for an anime’s success nowadays…), the premise looks interesting, and it’s slice-of-life. Instant anime adaption. XD Well, that’s debatable but whatever.

    I guess I’ll go check this series out, now…

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