Art Attack?! – Manga Coloring


Lol this is not an art show XD! But I really discovered a new fun thing to do out of boredom ^^.

I’m doing some manga colorings~ ^^. Yeah, I’m totally dead-bored today since my computer had a virus attack, which forced me to reformat it, and leading to the loss of my 07-Ghost AMV file T___T. I’m totally back to zero now and I apologize for that. And since I’m pissed off and dead bored, I just find a way to do something to cheer me up and try something different ^^. I wanna thank Fuyu, because she inspired me to color manga too ^^. I know I’m still not as awesome as her yet. and never will be~ (*worships Fuyu*), but I’m trying my best ^___^ *bows*. Also, isn’t manga way more fun to read when it has color? Color is life~ XD.

1: Kaichou wa Maid-sama

So I’m reading Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and I totally laughed my ass of on the part where Usui is chewing some gum (just read it~ XD) so he will be my first victim XD!!! Ohohoho~

Btw, I added watremarks though so that nobody would be stealing my pieces~ *glomps them* But lol for sure no one will be stealing them anyway since they aren’t that good to be stolen XDD.


So yeah, the OP pic is my “practice” photo, and I had a reaaaallly hard time at first with his stubborn hair. Too much lines argh! But that’s about it though and everything else was fun ^^.


And then I haven’t got enough of Usui and made my second practice piece from him again XD. Same procedures, started off with his hair, then the rest, his gum. And added a cute effect to the text ^^.

2: 07-GHOST


And now to take on something more detailed and challenging~ This pic is from 07-Ghost manga chapter 39. I won’t discuss anything beyond that though to prevent spoilers. So yeah, I’ll colour up this one ^^.

The scan is quite dirty though so first step is cleaning all the gray mess scattered throughout the pic, since they will make coloring difficult while they are still on. So yeah, from Frau’s eyes to Teito’s face, as well as the unnecessary “dirt” in it was removed ^^.


Just like my first practice pictures, I started with the hair. I’m totally telling you that coloring the hair is the most difficult part because strands are just so annoying. I made the “dirty blonde” touch to Frau’s hair by first brushing light blonde, then added the darker shades afterwards on the upped parts. On Teito, this is more harder since his hair on the original scan hair white parts. What I did is I vectored it then I added the dark-brown color later. Vectoring is quite hard and it takes so much wrist control. My wrists totally hurts lol. And then the faces, I added a slight red to Teito’s since he’s hurt, while I added a darker shadow on Frau’s forehead just like the shading on the original pic.


And then we head on with their clothes. I made the regular dark blue color for Frau, since that’s his color on the anime version, while I just invented a new one for Teito, because this outfit of him is still yet to be shown in the anime. I picked dark green and lighter green for his sleeve. Coloring is so much fun ^^~ I had troubles on their hands at first, but afterwards I’m all smooth ^^. Also, I didn’t colored Frau’s necklace since I preferred it as is light silver ^^ and I’m too lazy XD.


Continued on with the bottom half. It was hard though, because everything was so dark and the scan I have is too small so I can’t see up close very much properly on which hand belongs to who XD. So anyway, I also put up the blood, more blood~ That’s the most realistic color I can blend. And then, splattered it all over Teito’s arm while laughing like a psycho bitch XD. Kyahahaha~!!! That was the most fun~ just kidding xP. And then finally added the dialogue, “Don’t leave me and go off your own, damn brat.” LOL. Annnnd…



Just added some random background and IT’S DONE!!!


And I added more effects and ruined everything XP. I totally had so much fun on re-coloring it. And for what I thought was really hard at first just by looking at other people do it, it was actually pretty easy, short and really fun to do ^^. So feel free to try it~


Btw, totally unrelated to the whole post, but I added two more banners on the roster~!!! Both are APH and they’re some of my fave countries~



Greece is just mandatory for my banners. He’s so freaking hot… But even though he’s quite labeled sometimes as the smexfiend!Greece, there’s still a really cute side of him that makes him more awesomely huggable. He likes cats!!! And cats definitely likes him too ^^. And that’s why we all love him. OMG I wanna be a cat too~ Meow~ XD.



Wooot for my fave straight OTP on Hetalia! Really, sorry Roderich but I prefer Gilbo more! Both are so damn awesome, like Mr. and Ms. Awesome XD. And GILBOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaa~!!! He’s so protecting Hun-chan~! I luv ’em both to bits <3<3<3.


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22 Responses to “Art Attack?! – Manga Coloring”

  1. Damn you did a good job on that.

    Glo the Legend’s last blog post..Star Trek: Not Anime, Not Bad.

  2. SageQRtet says:

    Pretty cool pics :XD:

  3. warriorhope says:

    You and Fuyu are too good at manga coloring.

    Greece-kun. As smexy as ever.

    I sort of love the triangle: AustriaxHungaryxPrussia. It deserves its own (shojo) manga spinoff.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-Episode 20

    • kanzeon says:

      Haha! They should they should! XD That would be so awesome ^^. And an anime adaptation too as well~ 😛

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    Nuuu! Don’t worship me, certain someones are picking on me talking about religions and stuff. (This probably doesn’t make sense out of context, but oh well~)

    But aha! I’m glad that you’re coloring some manga now because you’re awesome at everything involving graphics! You’ll be better than me in no time, if you aren’t already.

    And now I have someone to sympathize with me (yes, sympathize) on how difficult coloring can be. You can learn all the tricks in the world, but it all still comes down to the fact that you have to do so much of it manually. The hair! The darn hair! I actually have trouble with the skin because the hair get in the way of that too with bangs. Gah. So frustrating!

    But of course, I totally love it~ :^_^:

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Weekly Extra – Nothing Happens!

    • kanzeon says:

      Thank you 😉

      And sorry.. lol. Huh, someone’s picking on you about religions and stuff? I gotta find that guy/s and I’m gonna beat them up! Lol.

      And yeah, the hair is totally the most difficult part on coloring T__T. I color the bangs in a different layer above the skin ^^.

  5. mikan-sakura says:

    Wow great job :aww:
    The one with Frau and Teito is so amazing. I’m so jealous of you! XD.

  6. Ayumikat says:

    I love your Art Attack. You should have more attacks since they produced some fab works. :^_^: Love the Hetalia banner too…so cute. 😉

  7. Xiao says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your computer. I was really looking forward to your AMV as well. T_T

    & HAH?! You just colored USUI! You colored CHIBI bored HAWT USUI chewing and blowing bubble gum! And you did it all clean against the lines and everything!

    *steals them even with the watermarks and places it in her kanzeon-worship closet*

    Well, when you say I shouldn’t, I would. xP LOL xDDD;;;

    Seriously, though, it looks awesome and so great. I might not know enough about manga coloring to judge but looking at other people’s works, I like yours (and Fuyu-san’s) a lot more. You don’t overdo it on the colors or give the characters too-strange complexions (when I see that I want to puke, blergh). So great job! ^^

    Uwaaaahhh~ The 07 one! The 07 one! FRAUUUU!!!!!! XDDDD
    Ahhh, what can I say when you described everything (which, btw, thanks for that cuz it might provide as a tutorial for me in the future ^^). I really love how you went all-out into all the details. Especially the hair, the shading, Teito’s blushing *IN PAIN* face (kaaaahhh!!!), the clothes, BLOOD~ 8D, and of course, Frau. I even lol-ed a bit at the background you added (Hey! They’re in the snow! XDD) Umg, now I want to try and fail a thousand times cuz I suck at art. Uwaaaaahhh…*stares at them a little while longer* 8DDDD

    Haha Sorry for the incoherent baseless fangirling. *easily excited* xD

    And omg~ Moar awesome Hetalia banners! :aww:
    And you included kitties and OTPs. Ebil person. Trying to get me addicted on my huge weaknesses. You rawk. :thumb:

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 41

    • kanzeon says:

      Thank youu~ ^__^.

      Yeah, thankfully I backed up the AMV teaser file, but not the episode sources T___T. So it’s still a miserable back to zero for me…

      Lol OMG you need to be arrested for stealing something not worth stealing of XD… Which makes you awesum~ *huggles you*

      Oh my god choosing the skin colors is hard as well because my first attempt on the FrauxTeito one (which I secretly threw away~), Frau is so tan-borderline-red already XDD So it looks so darn awkward lol *bleargh*. So yeah, I’m glad that it came out fine with the selection and shading ^^.

      Aww I’m so glad you like them ^^. I hope it would be helpful to you when you start off your creations as well ^^. Lol the background it totally random actually it’s colored brownish but yeah, after I plastered (lol plastered) it behind, I just remembered that they’re in the snow so I changed the hue XDD.

      I-I-It’s not that I’m an ebil influencer or anything~ 😳

  8. kanzeon says:

    @Everyone: Thank you very much ^^. Will make more when I have the mood and time 😉

  9. Auntie Heng says:



  10. fye says:

    Awesome colorings! And great banners as usual. Seriously, is there anything you cannot do? =P. I feel bad for you though and your computer, but you still have plans on continuing the AMV right? I hope ^^.

    • kanzeon says:

      I’ll definitely continue it of course ^^. Though I just don’t know when since this laptop sucks and won’t cooperate with WMM :/

  11. Ashelea says:

    :aww: THEY’RE SO PRETTY! :kyaa:
    USUI!!! I wanna glomp that pic! That’s freaking awesome! Gawd~ Kyaaa!!! And I love his hair so much, you did a great job!!!

    And the 07-G one was AH-MEIIZIIIING! Lol. What you written also seems really helpful because I totally fail when I color manga T__T. Oh dear you’re just so talented and keep up the good work ^^.

    I LOVE the new banners, especially GREECE!!! *drools*

  12. miken-chan says:

    Nice to see someone else who likes coloring manga too~ I usually do so when I’m too lazy to do scanlation work…which makes absolutely no sense, since I could completely clean and typeset 10 pages in the time it takes to color one panel. :XD:

    Coloring takes a lot of stress off of oneself despite the relatively repetitive process…until you make a deadline for yourself. I remember I nearly died coloring an entire page for an acquaintance’s rival scanlation group.

    *searches for it…*
    (Not very happy with the final product though…) :huhu:

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol I would die harder if I’m in your place because I totally am super-lazy and procrastinate so much ^^~ Y’all guys are all doing a good job ^^.

      Why are you not happy with the final product? It’s beautiful! :aww:

  13. Saif says:

    who was in the second banner?

  14. Kitsune says:

    That’s great coloring 🙂

    I also like that kitty banner 🙂

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