Valkyria Chronicles: 07 – W-W-Who’s the tsundere?!


After the great switcheroo, I’ll be the one to blog Valkyria Chronicles while K will handle Eden… I’ll blog this one just to mention some short ramblings since I don’t bother writing summaries. Get used to it from now on =P.

  • Alicia’s a very ideal waifu~ She can shoot off enemies’ heads WHILE baking yummy buns for the squad.
  • Lamar is such a tsundere. Female tsunderes are cool but for males? Nope. He’s getting annoying to watch, especially when he’s shouting at Isara. Isara should have hit his head with her tool. I-I-I-it’s not that I like Isara so much or anything >_<… (gets shot)
  • I appreciated that this is really getting now into the main storyline of the game instead of adding those boring fillers in the last few episodes.
  • Turns out that the previews for this series are really misleading XD. The one hugging Alicia is Faldio and it wasn’t that necessary at all.
  • The monument the Valkyrur built that time looked awesome.
  • Not only our heroes get to explore inside that monument, but Lelouch vi Brittania ..err I mean Maximillian as well.
  • It will sure be a face-off on the next episode. Glad to see already the main heroes get to meet the bad guys early. So yup, overall an episode worth watching at least.
  • Episode 8 is out and I’ll post it later. More screencaps for ep7 on the next page…


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One Response to “Valkyria Chronicles: 07 – W-W-Who’s the tsundere?!”

  1. TJ says:

    Lol Alicia can bake and has wonderful expressions, but she doesn’t seem to be a great shot… at least not in episode 1.

    Lamar annoys me. I wished Isara would have chucked her wrench at him.

    TJ’s last blog post..To-Love-Ru 149

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