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New list post! I list down some anime/manga that I would really love to see get an live-action adaptation. Before that, I’ll show what inspired me to do this list first: ORICON had made a survey regarding on which anime/manga would they like to get their own live-action adaptation. Here are the top 10 most wanted choices:

1.) Slamdunk
I would really interested to check it out if ever it’s made to a live-action adaptation ^^, but since that there are other tons of J/T/K-dramas about basketball already -__-, the hype for sure will lower down XD.

2) One Piece
LOL! It will really look so cheesy if ever this would be adapted to live-action XD. I just really can’t imagine it, but I guess it would be better off as it is.

3.) Kimi ni Todoke (From Me To You)
*nods* Yup! This is a very good choice. I absolutely LOVE the story and it’s something that we can all imagine being a live-action series or film ^^.

4.) We Were There (Bokura ga Ita)
It’s a very popular shoujo manga and anime, so for sure its popularity screams to have an adaptation. Like Kimi ni Todoke, it’s also something I’m seeing off having a teen drama as well ^^.

OMG I haven’t finished the series yet, but so far it’s really awesome ^^. It’s a great pick to either have its own series, or film ^^! For sure it will really be cool ^^.

6.) Gintama
Ohohoho~ It will really be interesting if we get to see Gintama in live-action XD.

7.) Ouran High School Host Club
I would love to see more of Ouran in screen but it will be really hard for sure to make it live-action without coming off as cheesy. I don’t know but, the manga and the anime are both perfect in their own ways so it’s unavoidable that we will already have such high expectations from it. The actors better be pretty boys, and can handle each character’s unique personality!

8.) Tenshi Nanka ja Nai
I haven’t read this manga yet (and frankly never will start to XD) but reading it’s short description, I guess it can really fit being adapted to a J-dorama.

9.) Fullmetal Alchemist
If ever this will be a live-action, it’ll better be Hollywood doing this, because imagining Asian actors only with Asian productions (and Asian budget…)… it will be quite tricky.

10.) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
I have no idea what is this one, except for the fact that it has action, basing from what I’ve read on it’s short description. I guess it’ll work when they have the right actors ^^.

Source: ANN

What do you think of the survey of Oricon? Do you think what’s in the survey has potential to be adapted as a live-action well?



I thought it’s also fun to make up my very own list of adaptations as well~. I really don’t like live-actions that much but now that I’m in here bored, I guess I’ll make one for fun ^^. Hey, maybe it can come true XD. Anyway, Kimi ni Todoke is one of them and it’s already mentioned above so I’ll remove it already on my list. So yeah, the picks are personal so complain about it. You can share your own list later in the comment box down below ^__^~

My choices are only five so far, and maybe it’ll be updated as soon as I thought of much more ^^. I know we can wish for everything here and there, but I also thought of how will it turn out being live-action, so after some thinking, I only ended up gathering few since some anime and manga are good as it is already (and some are just basically unimaginable to be live-action-ed ^^;) So here goes:

Paradise Kiss


Imagining Paradise Kiss having a live-action J-drama will really be exciting for me. It’s because I really love its anime adaptation, and it will be really more cool if we get to see everything real! Real fabulous outfits and fashion! I don’t mind if it’s a J-drama but I will really love if they went on more of an Upper East Side touch ala’ Gossip Girl, since Paradise Kiss is quite near that. I really enjoy watching the premise of fame, popularity, fashion, sex and society ^^. Yes, I would also don’t mind if it will be adaptated to an American series as well.

Choosing the actors for this one will be quite easy. Just choose a hot guy for George, a real-life model for Yukari, a popular teen icon for Miyako, while another hot guy with a bad boy image for Arashi ^^. Oh, and they better pick a beautiful trap to play Isabella ~_^.

Ookiku Furikabutte


Hehe~ expected biased fangirl response is expected XP! Well, I can’t help it! This is one my my favorite anime ever~ I really love this one, and I guess having a live-action for this can be pretty exciting since Oofuri is pretty realistic for a sports anime/manga, I got sick of those other anime overdosed with shounen cliches and suddenly gets superhuman impossibilities to make them win the game. Oofuri doesn’t have those, that’s why I love this series and it can fit well on being a J-live-action. Yes, back off Hollywood in this one!

Lol but before they even start making one, they have to be sure picking the most fitting actors XP. What’s hard is that it’s hard to imagine someone irl possessing Mihashi’s MOE~ powers XDD…



Pretty much I can really imagine Hollywood being successful having a Baccano! live-action film. I will be really COOL!!! I’ll be looking forward to it if ever it gets one, since I enjoyed the anime so much and while I was watching it, it gets into my mind that it really has a potential having its own live-action adaptation to stand out amongst other crazy ideas Hollywood has. So yup, personally I would like to see this one being adapted to a Hollywood movie…

The only problem though is the title, will the title be translated as “Idiot!” or anything XD?



Among all the Key anime adaptations by KyoAni, it is CLANNAD which I chose to be a part of my wishlist. Why? It’s because it will be an ideal perfect J-drama. It has a beautiful, charming and very interesting cast of characters. It’s also heart-wrenching and realistic as well, that’s why I really see so much potential from it on being live-action. Though I know the chances are quite vague by now, it’s still fun to play this realistic series by real actors.

And oh, they also better include the After Story as well, since that’s the most fleshing part of the whole series. What’s Clannad without its amazing conclusion anyway. The casting of actors is quite the tricky part just as usual, since it will be really hard to portray each character in the exact way on how the fans loved them.

Hetalia Axis Powers


My favorite German threesome pic ftw~

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! What if there would be a live-action of Hetalia with different actors from their respective nations?! It will be EPIC hilarious XD!!! Lol imagining it already makes me grin like an idiot XD. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that they should possess the accent and trait to fit in the role to make it a successful adaptation. What the hell anyway if UK is gonna be played by a Japanese with dyed blonde hair (and fake eyebrows) right? XD.

But still, the chances of making this happen is a 1/100 XDD. Who the hell would act stupid representing their country anyway? And… *glares at Korea*. But anyway, I’ll share this:


Speaking of a live Hetalia, this beautiful fanart/painting [credits] really caught my attention. OMG it’s so amazing! They all look like movie actors!!! I love how Alfred looked *melts* and lol his eyebrows are HOT XD. Alfred also looks amazing, and sooo well drawn~. Russia is innocent and cute XD (can’t imagine him being a sadist AT ALL XD)! France has a stunning profile, while Italy and Nippon looks so adorable ^^. I also love how Germany looked ^^ (OMG Germany~~~<33).

So there, I also shared my own list of live-actions… Do you have some anime/manga that you wish to have a live-action? I wanna hear so feel free to share ^^.


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20 Responses to “Top Live-Action Choices”

  1. Ashelea says:

    I think Kimi no Todoke is getting a live-action drama soon so yay~! for that ^^. I also love the story. I hope they’ll choose the right actors to play the characters well. Lol other than that and Bokura Ga Ita are the only ones I agree on the survey. I’m fed up with basketball dramas already and One Piece?…Pfft XD. Ouran should stay as is for manga and anime only.

    Lol I love Gossip Girl too~! And it would be really nice if there’s a J-drama like that. Yeah, Paradise Kiss can really fit it ^^. I found the anime really cool and modern ^^.

    Yay Oofuri!!! I’m also praying for that to happen. They shouldn’t fail as well on the actors too ^^, even though the Mihashi moe is really hard to have XD.

    And lol, a Hetalia live-action is crazy XD!!! Btw I love the fanart!!! OMG Arthur is soo handsome, and Alfred as well~ Lol I’m already imagining these two hot guys on a certain Hetalia skit XD

    • kanzeon says:

      Glad that I’m not the only one wanting a Kimi no Todoke live-adapti ^^.

      Lol I wonder what certain Hetalia skit are you talking about~

  2. ShiryuKaren says:

    They shouldn’t make a live-action adaptation of Ouran… Why couldn’t they just make a sequel instead of that, right? Full Metal Alchemist seems cool by the way!

    As for your picks, they’re all nice ^^. I agree most on Paradise Kiss and Clannad since even tho they’re both quite opposite shows, they can be effective as dramas.

    As for my picks, here’s what I want to be adapted:
    – Death Note: I know there’s a J-film of it, but I’ll be looking forward if there’s a Hollywood one.
    – Gundam 00: I doon’t know, but I feel like mecha will sell well in foreign countries ^^.
    – Code Geass: Yeah lol, but it will be epic fail if there would be, which makes me want to see it, if ever it’s gonna have a live-action adaptaion.

    • kanzeon says:

      I agree!!! I would better want an Ouran 2 in anime ^^.

      I think there’s an upcoming Death Note Hollywood film, but details are still unconfirmed ^^.

  3. dustyspace says:

    I gave a nod on MONSTER, since I felt that if it’ll have a live action adaptation, it will be really cool. Same as your Baccano pick. I’ll be crazy if they will not plan about about that in the next few years.

    Probably most action anime really fits on being adapted to live-action. The current anime Eden Of The East has some potential, as well as Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. My other pick is Noein. It’s a really good anime that I wouldn’t mind being seen adapted to a movie or whatever.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. MONSTER is cool ^^. Thanks for liking my Baccano pick as well ^^.

      And yeah! Eden of the East will be great ^^. I haven’t watched Noein yet but I’ll try soon.

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  7. warriorhope says:

    I would literally die if someone made a live action Hetalia movie. Sigh. If only world peace was that possible.

    I think Clannad would make a good movie. It would be popular too. People love tearjerkers, afterall.

    Paradise Kiss would make a pretty good movie. I’m surprised they haven’t done it yet. They made two Nana movies after all, parakiss actually has ending and is thus easier to adopt.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Weekly World News.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, but I think will come off more better as a serie than a film though ^^.

      Yes ^^. I want a Paradise Kiss live-action NAO!!~ lol

  8. Auntie Heng says:

    i totally agree with live-action make for Hetalia and Ouran!!!!

    :cheer: PRETTY BOYS ALL THE WAY!! :cheer:

    that painting of hetalia!!!! :nosebleeds:

    hmmm.. Jay Chow had actually made a movie with plenty of references to Slam Dunk earlier this year ~~~

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^! I hope they better choose the right actors ^__^.

      Ooh, I wonder if the Slamdunk flick will be Hollywood or just Asian flick. Hmm..

  9. foomafoo says:

    Out of all you’ve listed, the one I’ll only appreciate if made live-action would be Baccano 🙂

    *off to make Baccano review, also, the pic I’m going to use is the same…howdy, of course I didn’t snatched this one ;)*

  10. kanzeon says:

    Yeah, I can see that too XD.

  11. FuyuMaiden says:

    Eh? That’s right they make live-action adaptations of manga, don’t they? Maybe I forgot because they never adapt anything I want to see. *sulks~*

    Ouran…seems like a good idea in theory, but would be kind of ridiculous if they made it. I kind of imagine that adaptation like I imagine a ShinKuro adaptation going. Except rather than me fearing too much “oh my god sudden out of nowhere drama~” I just imagine the ridiculousness coming off as, “wtf?” rather than funny because…it’s real people. I’d watch it though. Heck, I’d watch almost any adaptation (of the stuff I watch! *sulks more~*)

    I would absolutely love a live action version of Clannad though…if I manage to let go of the super adorable Mai Nakahara version of Nagisa. It would make a good series because they wouldn’t have to keep otaku fans in mind while making it and it could just follow Nagisa’s route. I’d really like to see that. It would make a wonderful drama. (Plus then I don’t have to let go of Clannad!)

    I can’t really think of any others though, but a live-action Hetalia would…just be so much fun. I’d totally watch it.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Mistress Fortune – Extra

  12. song-ceaeun says:

    Hellow. I’m A Korea student. If the English grammar is incorrect plentifully and understand. 🙂 Searched with Google and made this writing see. The foreign nation person sees Hetalia and the thing to be marvelous popularity to the egg Hetalia well. Me likes Hetalia. Meets the person who likes Hetalia from Google and, saw the writing which is good. 🙂

  13. Kris says:

    Considering what Hollywood has done to anime so far, the only anime that could even have a descent live action adaptation would be ‘Baccano!’ Heck, Since I’m majoring in film and video, maybe I’ll take a whack at it myself in couple of years. Though don’t get your hopes up. 🙂

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