SCANDAL – Shoujo S [PV]


Shoujo S is SCANDAL’s 6th single and is currently the 10th OP theme for Bleach. Girls in school uniforms with ties and skirts dancing in the rain! Can this PV get any more win? Overall, hot vid but not that amazing. The janitor is creepy especially on the last part, and it’s a shame that the overall song is around 3 minutes only. But still, it’s an enjoyable PV with cheesy guitar-playing choreography and SCANDAL is just awesome. You can download the PV below.


– Download PV [avi format] –



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10 Responses to “SCANDAL – Shoujo S [PV]”

  1. IHM says:

    Hey, i was looking for it since yesterday, thanks a bunch!!!! :runs:

  2. Ryan A says:

    Overall, hot vid but not that amazing.
    Totally hot, but I agree. Good use of rain.

    Ryan A’s last blog post..Microblogging About Anime

  3. Panther says:

    Hot girls are hot.

    Nice song though.

  4. J.H. says:

    SCANDAL’s 3rd best single. I liked both “Doll” and “Space Ranger” a helluva a lot more than this, but at least it is better than “Sakura Goodbye”. A fun video for a an ‘eh’ song which has been the norm for BLEACH openings since they stopped using Yui’s “Rolling Star”.

  5. rukia says:

    T.T :aww: las imagenes me gustaron demasiado y la pagina esta super cool

  6. gerry says:

    they are a great band, my fave tracks are space ranger and doll.

  7. LaGuardai says:

    scandal doll rox!!! :kyaa: their new song damn nice!! i lik the way they dance! synchronised :aww:

  8. leaflet-light says:

    What exactly is the janitor saying at the end? Why are they all laughing?

    I’ve searched around for an answer to this, but couldn’t find one… Just comments like “creepy janitor” :X


  9. mieko says:

    omg! i just simply love them. their songs rock! yay!

  10. John59 says:


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