Valkyria Chronicles ED Single – Ano Kaze ni Notte


Valkyria Chronicles ED Single. Anyone noticed how Faldio looks so hot in the cover?~

1. Ano Kaze ni Notte
3. Daisan no Otoko
4. Ano Kaze ni Notte (Instrumental)
5. Ano Kaze ni Notte (TV Size)

>>Download Here<<


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7 Responses to “Valkyria Chronicles ED Single – Ano Kaze ni Notte”

  1. kirapika says:

    Wow, thanks for the download link! 😀

    And no, when I first saw this I didn’t notice how hot Faldio looked because I was too busy looking at Alicia and Welkin XP But now that you mention it.. he is hot. :^_^:

    Now, to find a bigger version of the cover~ :>

    kirapika’s last blog post..What to love in K-On! ep. 08: Azusa! Azu-nyan! AZUSA~ [Pic Spammage!]

  2. Ashelea says:

    That’s like, the hottest single cover I’ve seen without being pervy~ No lie. Lol I also had my eyes on sleeping Welkin and resting Alicia too than Faldio XP. *don’t like Faldio >__<* So yeah, I wanna crop that pic for my Welkin x Alicia!!! Kyaaa~

    Thanks for the link ^^.

  3. TJ says:

    That’s a nice cover, but one thing is conspicuously missing: where is Hans???

    TJ’s last blog post..Sekirei 83

  4. Evelyn says:

    I just noticed Alicia’s hand(the one she’s resting on)is huge!

  5. _marshmallow says:

    hmmmm alicia’s and is huge haha

  6. whit95 says:

    o yes, i definately noticed faldio :cute:
    and Alicia is holding a book in her hand not stroking welkin’s shoulder. owell,
    i cant decide who i like better, welkin or faldio….
    Welkin: adorably dorky xD and cute
    Faldio: hot and flirty 😀

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