Music Digest – Everyone ready for the MANLIEST MUSICAL EVER???


In the digest:

– Sengoku Basara Musical details
– Abingdon Boys School
– Hetalia Axis Powers’ 3rd Character Single Preview
– Billboard Top 50
– Pink

Sengoku Basara Musical [source]

I’m not kidding! Bad-ass dancing AND singing about BURNING PASSIONATE FIGHTING (yes, all in caps lock needed) ftw! Is it just me or am I seeing Date and Yukimura flying in the sky while the samurais are dancing on the ground and Date’s motorhorse running around in rhythmic chaos XD. If you want a preview, watch the video below (credits to ffviiknight’s hate tweet).


Kidding aside, I just started watching Basara like, a week ago and I thought it’s so funny and I fell in love with the show~ Btw, Tsui dropped the show in blogging recently because of his summer sched. The website only gave info about the main actors though, Kubota Yuki will be playing Date Masamune while Kataoka Shinwa will be Sanada Yukimura. OMG the actor for Yukimura is so cute~! *glomps the pic*. Based on Wiki, Kataoka Shinwa had played a couple of live-action sentai roles ^^. It’ll air July 3rd to 12th.

Now that we’re on Basara, Abingdon Boys School released their PV for the OP, watch beloooow~ ^__^

Abingdon Boys School – JAP [PV]



Hetalia’s Japan (Kiku) Character Single Preview

OH MY GOD!!!~~~ *goes to heaven* Kiku’s voice is soooo sexy!!! XDDD. I can’t wait for the full single to get released!!!11 I love the first song’s enka background!!! The second song’s funny as well but true XP. Japan’s really a land of trendy stuff XD. So far Romano’s character song is my favorite but we’ll see when this one gets released ^^.


Here are the lyrics based on the preview:

1st song:Country from Where the Sun Rises, Zipangu”

If it’s miniaturization, bring it on.
We have many variation in colors.
If it’s in the 2nd dimension, your body won’t get soiled
Though your heart would get a little soiled.
”Colors of flowers are vivid and beautiful but will eventually fall apart”
The country where the sun rises, Zipangu

2nd song: “Excuse me, I am sorry”

I love new things
I love trendy things even more.
I can’t say I’m in the minority
Excuse me, I am sorry.


Billboard Top 50 for May 9, 2009


Here’s the Billboard Top 50 for this week ^^. Still, no changes on the top spots (lol Pokerface is like, stoned at number 2 forever XD). Nice to see Knock You Down, which is my favorite song as of now, climbing up ^^. And HELL YEAH thank God Miley dropped a few spots ^^.


Digest-ive Video for the… Post XD

I’ve added something to this feature and it’s just plain simple ^^. I put up a music video of what song I’m currently listening to ^^. And gracing this, is Pink‘s “Please Don’t Leave Me“. The song may sound like any other smushy break-up song, but Pink makes it somehow different with her unique vocals with a broken style and strong lyrics. Probably my favorite line is: “I can be so mean when I wanna be, I am capable of really anything,”… It just makes the song wicked. The video is PSYCHOTIC BLOODY AWESOME! I heard it’s a homage to a classic horror/thriller film Misery. Here’s the video for the remixed version, not quite the official video (seems like it’s removed on youtube… Stupid flaggers DX) but there’s still the psycho scenes ^^. So enjoy~



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  1. Panther says:



    Panther’s last blog post..Dolls Party Dollfies

  2. Xiao says:

    Pink’s MV … o.O

    Wow, it’s so her! xDDD

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Watashi ni xxx Shinasai! Ch. 1 & ARISA Ch. 5 RAWs

  3. Pink’s Please Dont Leave Me isnt as good as her So What song. But the video is nice. 😀

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Supernatural TV Series

    • kanzeon says:

      I also like So What much more since it packs more energy and attitude, but this one’s still good for a break-up ballad ^^.

  4. trusha says:

    Omg I can’t wait for the full release of Japan’s Character CD!!! :kyaa2:

  5. Diego says:

    Speaking of BURNING PASSIONATE FIGHTING and motorhorses, here’s definitive evidence of Sengoku Basara’s careful attention to historical details:

    And by careful attention to historical details, I mean that it looks like they’re being extra careful to blow all historical details clear out of the water.

    Diego’s last blog post..The hand that rocks the cradle . . .

    • kanzeon says:

      I hope the musical will be good, since I’m feeling it’ll be quite amazing to watch those kind ^^

  6. Hei, these dogs are humorous! You ought to give it a look! Go here: Funniest Dogs

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