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I thought I should just merge a new feature with my weekly Billboard posts ^^. Just like the Manga Digest, I’ll be sharing some stuff that I currently listen to in regards with the music scene. From J-Pop, to K-Pop, to American Idol, and to the Billboards~



I got ROUND TABLE’s “Friday I’m In Love” album and I. LOVE. IT! ROUND TABLE had removed the “ft. Nino” attached to their names so it’s Katsutoshi Kitagawa who’s in charge for the vocals again. And I still love it ^^. The album is blissful, mushy, sweet, soft and easy-listening. Katsutohi-san’s vocals are really mild, and I might also hear Nino doing the songs but I can say that ROUND TABLE can stand by themselves. My favorite track is “Under the Moonlight”, “Dance With Me” and the mushy “Let’s Stay Together”.


I’m still addicted to Namie Amuro’s WILD. I know the song was two months old or more already, but I’m still gaga over it. It just never gets old for me. I love listening to it and I love her PV as well. Though up to this very hour, people are still debating over the video being quite similar to Janet Jackson’s FeedBack, I can’t help but to express that Namie-san WERK’d it better than her ^^.


And of course, Nana Mizuki’s Gimmick Game and Etsuraku Camellia isn’t an exception to my curent addicton. I LOVE them. I would prefer listening more to Etsuraku Camellia though because Gimmick Game sounded like any of her other anime songs, while Etsuraku gets more on the mainstream wagon and it’s really cool how she pulled off this heavy-rock thing. I can’t wait for the album to get released!!!



Onto some K-Pop music. I’m still head over heels in love with Jang Geuk Suk and his Touch Holic XD. The song is like a disease XD, I can’t escape from it and I like listen to it, when I feel all giggly with his adorable-ness ^^. The video is sooo DAWWW~~~CUTE!!! The girl is also cute!!! Heard she’s a model from Korea..



Moving to American music, I found Lady Gaga’ acoustic version of Pokerface really cool! The first time I heard her perform that was in American Idol, where many people described it as trainwreck, but in a good way. The way she sings is really weird but I love how she really played with the song and who even knew that Pokerface can sound like that.


An artist bubbling up my favorites is Lenka. Her song, “The Show” is so adorably cute! The music viceo is also awesome! Nothing much to say but her music is really recommendable. I enjoyed so much listening to her album as well.



Yeah, this is a bit late for the impressions but I as well should insert it in here XD. I absolutely enjoyed Allison’s performance of “Someone to Watch Over Me”, but I felt agreeing on Simon that she really needs to get confidence. I understand that she is very humble (and I love her for that), but she really needs to do something that will make her shine at this point of the competition. She is indeed born to be a singer, but it’s just way off when Simon asked her if she thinks that she could win then her response comes way too long. But other than that, I love her look and it’s nice how the style squad got rid of her Flinstones hair. I’m still rooting for this girl to win.

If someone would be a huge threat to this competition, it will br Adam Lambert. I hate how I find myself hard to hate him and it’s really hard to admit for a hater like me to say that his performances are sooo amazing. This gauy is awesome I should say, and OMG his white coat he wore last performance was pretty, as if he’s walking downstairs from heaven XD. Shocking though that he was in the B2, but I’m pretty glad that Matt came home ^^. Now send Danny Gokey home next round!

BILLBOARD TOP 50 – 05/09/08


And above is the Billboard Top 50. I thought that I should just merge it in this post XD. Kelly Clarkson debuts at 46 with her new single. Some songs are moving up, while the Top 2 are still staying in their respective positions.

So that wraps up my Music Digest. Hope you enjoy this new feature and feel free to suggest anything for me to add in this feature ^^.


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6 Responses to “Music Digest”

  1. Lenka’s The Show is a pretty good song. I dont understand it but the video is so nice. 😀

    What the fuck is with that PokerFace variation!? It really IS a trainwreck. It sucks.

  2. foomafoo says:

    I just can’t get Round Table’s idea. Why don’t they just invite Nino to join the party instead of attaching the ft. thing every now and then. Anyway, I also like their music.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah lol that’s what I thought as well since the “ft. Nino” thing was attached on their name for a looong time XD. But I guess Round Table can be solid as well ^^.

  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    Now that you’ve made a Music Digest with everything all collected, I’ll have no choice but to read and get back into music. Darn you for giving me current knowledge! I hate keeping up with stuff (lol, this logic makes no sense). But I guess it’s fine if I just follow whatever you’re following~ *lazy*

    …Unfortunately I don’t have much to say because I’m so out of touch. lol *loser*

    But, of course, I’m listening to Gimmick Game and Etsuraku Camellia a lot. Any Nana-sama song is almost guaranteed to be a favorite of mine. I’m liking Gimmick Game more right now, but other I like Etsuraku more. I guess it depends on my mood. They’re both pretty different, but I like that~

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 81

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol.. I’m sorry? XD But I’m glad though that I’ll be keeping you up from laziness *feels honored* ^^.

      Yes, both are really good songs and it’s hard to even pick a favorite. The mood really affects your way of listening ^^. But one thing’s for sure~ everything Nana Mizuki sings will rock! XD

  4. paul mason says:

    you have more info on this than anyone – truly amazing!

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