Manga Digest: Arisa – Guess who the King is?


That saved the best for last and more manga fangirling ahead~ Inside the digest:

– Barajou no Kiss: Chapter 5
– Vampire Knight: Chapter 50
– Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: Chapter 45

Spoiler Corner~
– 07-GHOST: Kapitel 48

– Arisa

Barajou no Kiss: Chapter 5 ▼

Vampire Knight: Chapter 50 ▼

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: Chapter 45 ▼


Here’s a new feature of the manga digest, where short but spoilery stuff are put into. I’m not sure if I’ll put this feature in every digest though, so it’s justoccassional. BE CAREFUL ON CLICKING THIS ONE BECAUSE IT CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE. I’m not kidding~ So please proceed with caution ^^.

SPOILER CORNER: 07-GHOST – Kapitel 48 ▼


And save the best stuff for last~ I’ll give you the possible candidates on who really is the friggin’ “King” in that game on the suspense shoujo manga, Arisa!

SPECIAL: Arisa – Guess who the King is? ▼


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16 Responses to “Manga Digest: Arisa – Guess who the King is?”

  1. Xiao says:

    Zero is :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:


    You know what Matsuri Hino should have done. Show us the house Rima and Shiki built in the forest. That’s a thousand times way cooler than the other two losers who prefer to live underground. :heh:

    Ooooo! I can’t wait till that chapter for 07 gets translated! I’m guessing this was the princess they were talking about? The one who requested Hakuren to tutor her? Or I might be wrong…but eh, whatever. I like her. Twin tails~ <333

    I AM ALL FOR THE DUCKIE BEING THE KING! …And that cute lil’ keychain be his queen, yesh? 😳

    lol Seriously now, I completely share your supsicions that Arisa’s goody perfect lil’ boyfriend is the real king and that poor Arisa was just following along with the game.

    I’m hoping Tsubasa will clear this out with Manabe (maybe even telling him that she’s not really Arisa) in the next chapter cuz he can be a great asset to her team with…the other guy I can’t remember the name of. xD;
    Oh, and I guess that’s where the romance starts? Pheh. Doesn’t matter. I’m just hoping that the plot continues to be interesting and that’s good enough for me.

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 84

  2. Shelly says:

    :kyaa: I love Barajo no Kiss >///< My favorite is Kurama~ And I agree! Anise’s father is hawt :nosebleeds: *drooools*

    You might be right on your first speculation about Arisa. She and Midori are both behind that game but she’s forced by him. Poor Arisa because she mght kill herself because of all guilt T.T

  3. Ashelea says:

    Roflmao! 😆 Everyone’s really suspicious on Arisa. And I bet my 2 dollars if that random guy in the school ain’t the King XD. No really, that will be lame if they made the King a new random character -__- it will ruin all the suspense it cause on the start.

    All I want to happen is for Shiori to be the secret “King” all along and kill all of her classmates for SUPER REVENGE 😡 !!!! GO SHIORI!!!!!!!!1111 :cheer:

  4. iCafeSuu says:

    Pshh~ that duckie is totally the king. Look at it, you could photoshop some red eyes in there. :sweat: The stick man is good too, he’s always stalking Tsubasa from behind after all :freeze2:
    *cough* Anyway, I agree that Midori is the king =w= The most obvious clue is probably the chapter 5 cover cover where the card is king on Arisa’s boyfriend. Or the king could be multiple people~ the romance will probably be within the suspense. It is a shoujo manga after all~ But Arisa is so amazingly-unique and suspenseful *u*~

    iCafeSuu’s last blog post..Kickstarting with… not-so-random talk?!

  5. miyaka says:

    😆 I’m all for that perverted ducky king!!! I never knew that the King is taking forms to the extreme :mwahaha:

    Now that you mentioned the keychain Arisa’s bestfriend gave to her, I pretty much think she’s the “King” or one of the helpers because she really looks so psycho and stuff which is scary :ehh:

    ..Or she’s helping Arisa’s boyfriend. :bleh:

  6. kirapika says:

    Oooh~ Barajou no Kiss! This series suddenly became an instant favorite for me. Maybe because I’m trying to find more reverse harems + romance there? Maybe..

    Anyways, I really like this chapter~ Kaede x Anise FTW! :runs: And that almost-kiss! What a disappointment! *is reminded of Yi Jung and Ga Eul’s almost-kiss*

    And yes, Tenjou is such a ughhhhh. He’s so obnoxious to the point that I want to rip him apart and bury him. Can’t he just go away from Anise? T_T 😡

    Yup~ Anise’s father is hawt. >:3

    As for Arisa, the identity of the King is the big mystery – as always. It’s that evil duckie! *points* lmao XDDD I honestly suspect that Midori and/or Arisa may be the King but.. there’s always another story. Gahh I can’t wait for more. :3

    kirapika’s last blog post..ARISA chap. 05 – The Athletic Festival is Targetted

    • MiyuSakurano says:

      I don’t know why, but about the true identity of the King in ARISA, I think I’m either gonna have ta go with Manabe (even though everyone thinks he’s innocent….), Midori (of course), or TAKERU! :thumb:

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  10. FuyuMaiden says:

    Zero has become so cool recently in VK. I always preferred him to a certain pedobear vampire I could mention, but he still had his drawbacks (you can only watch a boy angst so much before it does get boring). But he’s so cool now! Which makes his reasonable side good because it makes him a better character, but bad because when am I going to get to see him kill a couple of annoying vampires, hmm?

    I vote for the ducky or the bear keychain. Cute animal stuff is always suspicious! And since they’re everywhere in shoujo, they already have a nice little army of Kings.

    lol. But oh~ I’m glad you mentioned Arisa’s boyfriend as a suspicious guy. Finally my theory in all shoujo that “nice guys can’t be trusted!” has a chance of totally coming true here. Since the King is totally crazy and it would just make me overjoyed to see what’s-his-name being behind it.
    Also if he is and he was dragging Arisa along he needs to get himself shoved out a window.

    But with Arisa I really don’t know what to expect. It’s like every chapter in such a ride~ You start one place and then you end up somewhere else. I wonder how long this can continue with the King…and then even after he’s revealed there could still be all sorts of stuff thrown our way. Ah! when is the next chapter coming out!?

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 84

  11. mikan-sakura says:

    Zero is the most improved character in VK. I guess he’s better focusing on killing than being an emo in love. Being single makes him better lol XP (bitter). Yuuki and Kaname is EW to the highest level..

    On 07-Ghost: :bleh: I don’t like the new girl.. She looks too bratty for Teito who’s a brat already lolz. And where’s Frau??

    Ooh~ I gotta start reading Arisa. It seems really interesting with all the mystery aspects :blush: .

  12. Teito_is_Love says:

    That was disappointing to have a love interest for Teito in 07-GHOST!!!!! :argh: The manga is going so perfectly and there’s absolutely no room for romance at all now! I hope she’ll get killed. Ugh, I hate her already!!! She isn’t pretty! I hate her hair!!! Ugh..

    Having a female love interest for Teito is DOOM! :doomed:

  13. kajin-chan14 says:

    Why did the author put up a random new girl in this series?!?!?! 😡

    I want Teito off only in his own or with Hakuren or Frau!!! :rage: .WTH!!! That’s such a bad news T.T

  14. Rin says:

    OMG! I loved that chapter of Barajou no Kiss! :cute: I want Kaede and Anise to get together. :love: They have to be together. Dammit Ninufa for ruining the almost kiss 😡 Well, at least Ninufa hid Kaede well under Anise’s skrit :blush:

    Rin’s last blog post..Japanese Song of the Week: Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite

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