Hetalia Character Single Vol. 3 – Japan


“I love new things, I love trendy things, even more I can’t say I’m in the minority… Excuse me, I am sorry!” — OH GOD, I FCUKING LOVE JAPAN!

This is my favorite character single so far out of the three!!! Oh god, Hiroki Takahashi just plays Kiku SO damn perfectly, I can’t say anything more. Kiku’s voice is just smooth and sexy. OMG I wanna glomp him!!! This character single is just pure heavenly bliss~

Kiku’s primary character/country representation song, “The Country Where the Sun Rises, Zipangu” is really…. uhh how should I describe it? Musical s*x? Lmao XDDD. Those are the sexiest “-desu“s I’ve ever heard in my entire life, I swear. Agh, the vocals are just smooth and just cool. It feels like I’m meeeltiiiing when I’m listening to it… Lol~ XD. Definitely so much more “listenable” to a regular basis than the previous two A-side character songs from Hetalia.

And the second song, “Excuse Me, I am Sorry” is yet again, another cool and sexy but more dancable and upbeat than the first track. Kiku’s just made of god darn awesomeness. The song has beat and attitude. It’s so fun to listen and dance along to as well ^^. This song is just LOVE <3<3!!! My favorite part of the lyrics are “I love new things, I love trendy things, even more I can’t say I’m in the minority… Excuse me, I am sorry!” lol. We just can’t blame others for being too awesome ourselves, right? Haha.


Japan’s character single happens to be one of those rare chances that I just love BOTH songs from a character single release ^^. Great job for Hiroki Takahashi and the ever sexkitten!Kiku. The character single also has a mini drama, just like the previous two. This time it’s Japan together with UK (Noriaki Sugiyama) and America (Katsuyuki Konishi). So that’s it for the third volume of Hetalia Character Singles ^^. I cannot wait for Arthur (England)’s character single to be released on June (I’ll put up its preview on the next Music Digest)~


1. Country From Where The Sun Rises, Zipangu
2. Excuse Me, I Am Sorry
3. Ghost Culture Of England And Japan ~Mini Drama
4. Country From Where The Sun Rises, Zipangu ~Instrumental Ver.
5. Excuse Me, I Am Sorry ~Instrumental Ver.

And here’s the download link for the character single~

>>Download Here [.zip format/ MediaFire]


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26 Responses to “Hetalia Character Single Vol. 3 – Japan”

  1. suki-chan says:

    :kyaa: Kyaaa! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking for this everywhere >.<!!

    Kiku’s voice is just so cool and sexy :nosebleeds:

  2. JAPAN’S VOICE IS VERY VERY VERY SEXY and his songs are so hilarious. I LOVE THEM! xD

    Oh I can’t wait to see England’s. The previews already made me SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for eternity. LOLz

  3. CS says:

    Thanks for sharing, it’s great! ^____^

    And yes, I CAN’T WAIT FOR ARTHUR’S CD! I’ve been hearing the preview ad nauseam XDDD

    And the way he says ABURAKADABURA kills me :aww:

  4. Ashelea says:

    KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! KIKUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!
    *goes straight to hell with all those sexkitten!Kikus*

    Oh my God his voice is… ahhhhh~~~<333333!!!!!!
    :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

  5. LilaChan says:

    This is probally the best chara single out of the Axis in terms of artistic-ness. I love the Tomato song..but that’s an earworm song.

    Hiroki Takahashi doesn’t sound like a strong singer, but that’s got to be expected since he’s a seiyuu. But I found the decent singing suit Japan very well, Japan/Kiku isn’t meant to be good at singing. I really love the instruments in ‘Excuse Me, I am Sorry’, if only the instrumental version is an instrumental version…this one is the ‘off vocal’ version.

    Can I have a Hetalia mini-concert? In my dreams…/cries

  6. reena says:


  7. Westie says:

    8D Thanks for that! I’ve been trying to find the songs for a while now. Kiku is just so cuute~! And those songs are amazing ^^

    Any chance you may have the lyrics to them? Or where I can find them? (And translations please?) 😉

  8. sadaharu says:

    Thank you sooooo much!!! :kyaa2:

  9. Anne says:

    hi!!! i was browsing to look for this anime character album and landed on here! and aren’t i glad i did! lol! thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for sharing Japan’s version!!!!! apparently the seiyuu that does the voice for Japan also is the one who voice for Ryu in the Street Figther latest OVA from the game itself. :cheer:

    ahhh any news if there is any upcoming character album for U.K. by Sugiyama Noriaki?!!!!! i’ve been wanting and looking forward that there will be one! :kyaa2:

  10. hika-chan says:

    God i love his character songs his voice is so…. :nosebleeds:

  11. xhielle says:

    T.T I can’t download them… HOw come T.T

  12. erdbeerkeks says:

    :kyaa: Wonderful songs! I especially the first one. ♥♡♥
    Love how it starts with the first lines of the iroha. :omg:

  13. Rai says:

    I love his voice! And it sounds awesome in the songs. I melt every time I listen to them >w<

  14. Kuu says:

    Ahh… Kiku-sama~~ :nosebleeds:

  15. Chrys says:

    Augh, the songs are so smooth and amazing. ;w; Hiroki Takahashi, why must you make me swoon~

    On a less pleasant note, is it me or are the song titles flipped on the download? On the images sent in the ZIP, it says that “Excuse Me, I Am Sorry” is the first track, and when you play the first file in the ZIP, which is “Country From Where The Sun Rises, Zipangu”, is plays “Excuse Me, I Am Sorry.”

    Is that just me? Kinda got lost there. ❓

  16. Honda, Kiku says:

    I need to memorize “I’m Afraid that’s how it is/Excuse me, I am Sorry” or Osoreirimasu, Sumimasen for I’ll be cosplaying Nihon. (I’m in a deal with other nations… ehe) XD

    hahaha… and I also want to dance it… ITS TOO CUUUUTE!!!

    I love you Hiroki Takahashi for voice acting Nihon!
    You made us fall for your bishiness… uwwaaaa~~~

    Kiostukete minna-san 🙂

  17. Ruki says:

    The file is no longer aviable so can’t download it T_T

  18. kirara says:

    its no longer downloadable :baww: :baww2: :rage:

  19. Kuropu says:

    The link is not working… noooo!!! D’:

  20. Spryte says:

    Ano… the link doesn’t work… WHY?! could you please fix it please sensei, Japan-tan is my favourite! please? I’ll pay you or something :baww2:

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