Eden of the East: 06 – “Johnny” Fetish Much?


Anyone noticed how this show implies that they really love Johnnies?


At the start of the episode, we get to see Ousugi handcuffed and chained in a chair by Shiratori. She shows up her cigar cutter and tells him that he has to say goodbye to his “Johnny”. Simple. It’ll get cut off. She was interrupted by a phone call though, so she just left Ousugi for the meantime in her room while she takes care of her actual business first.


Shiratori’s way of killing men by cutting their “Johnny” off using her cigar cutter was bloody sick O_o. Talk about being a wicked slut, but I guess that’s what makes her a really badass and merciless femme fatale. (*partially biased to blue-haired bishoujos XP*). So anyway, for now, she seems like not yet the primary villain of this series but she definitely makes her own mark ^^.

On to some things I’ve (and almost everyone already had) noticed, Ousugi’s outfit changed to (notice the tie turned black from red last week or maybe that’s the production’s fault?). OR… he’s not probably Ousugi at all! It can be the other guy at the scenario last episode you know, since he has a black tie too. If that’s possible, then I wonder where Ousugi’s probably been though.


…And if that’s another guy, why does he have Ousugi’s bag right? Unless he stole it or anything… So probably the most possible thing is that it’s just the production’s fault XP.

I would have also mentioned this one last week, but I forgot to. The keychain on Ousugi’s bag, has the face of Saki, makes him looks more of a scary stalker. Ugh, if I’m Saki and I saw that, I’ll be terribly scared (unless it’s really Saki who actually gave him that keychain, which I think is impossible -_-). Dude’s Johnny really needs to get cut because of his stalker-ness XD.


We get to know omre on Hirasawa in this episode. He seems like a very fun character. Quite stubborn at first but I love how he ended up teaming with Akira ^^. Plus it’s a fact that meganes always really caught my attention in an anime :3. But still, Akira remains my favorite dude of the series while Hirasawa comes a close second ^^.


That mechanical bear Akira’s riding on is so cute!!! I had a dream with it last night XD and I don’t know why, it’s so weird why it entered my dream XDD. Oh, and I envy Akira so much for living in a shopping mall~ He has everything! Darn everything!!!11


They talked a lot and they get to know more on each other. Akira’s answer why he wants to be with Saki is probably only because he wants Saki not to be with stupid guys like the guy who dumped food on her after her interview. I hope that’ll be not only that, since I want development!!! *shipping prevails!* I know there’s ‘he loves her’ in there hidden behind that reason!

It is mentioned that “Eden of The East” started off as a small recycling group, where junk can be turned to useful things. Saki seems to be a very important member since she’s the one who started adding more value on junk from the meets of the eye. Nice to see Saki filling in for what Hirasawa’s lacking on ^^. I’m excited to know more since this part, as well as the NEET part, is where I really had some difficulty understanding on.


Akira really shows a grand way to treat visitors! Yay for fireworks~


Any fireworks scene is really win. Come on, especially it’s shaped like a cat. So cute! Not as cute as Micchon though, haha she’s so cute ^^. I already love her character. She seems also really interesting for knowing a lot of stuff in regards to computer programming at her age. She’s so awesome ^^.

Meanwhile, Hirasawa gets a phone call from his friend in regards to how Ousugi’s been. They realized that he might be a victim of a “Johnny Hunter”, and that guy posted pictures on a board that he’s been under confinement by a woman. It’s probably Ousugi as he takes pictures with his phone a while ago.


20,000 Johnnies cut off?! Nah, that’s probably mistaken and confused because there’s a possibility that the count of the NEETS taken to Dubai by Akira was mixed there. But still, EW and *pukes at Shiratori* if that’s true.

Eden of the East continues to be intriguing, disturbing and interesting all at the same time and I really can’t wait for the next episode. There’s so much mystery being squeezed on and there had been lots of questions and speculations popping up here and there. Probably the apple is a possible symbolism as well, since it’s basically given attention on the pre-show promo, as well in the ED also. OMG I simply can’t wait for more~!


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  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Shiratori is obviously a post-op transsexual who has a Johnny complex because his was cut off. You can tell because his voice isn’t irritatingly high-pitched like practically all female anime characters.

    Baka-Raptor’s last blog post..A Game? Why Didn’t You Say So?!

  2. tranny freak says:

    You need to seriously write some more about this topic. This last post makes me really mind blowed thank you !

  3. Naught shemale posts are the best thing ever , post more please!

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