07-Ghost: 07 – So that makes it 14.


Calling this one 07-Ghost episode 07 is just funny.

First in line of fangirling…


:kyaa: RAZETTE + CASTOR = LOVE <3!!! :kyaa:

*glomps both of them*

Lol sorry but I’m such a shameless shipper of Castor x Razette~ Kyaaaa~!!!! I just love them together! More Razette & Castor love in the anime plx!!!


OMG and Razette is sooo stunning as a nun ^^. And she’s also good at the organ!!! Kyaa~ she’s so adorable and talented!!! :runs:


Here’s our filler character of the week. He’s a boy. Lol because I really thought it’s a girl when I saw it on the previews XD. And he totally reminded me of Taiga with that height and messy hair XD. So anyway, Mikage seems to caught some interest in him since the kid reminded him of Teito back then. I also noticed that the kid has emerald eyes like Teito too ^^.


Poor kid seems hungry so he tries to steal a bread from the local shops around the church. When the owner tries to chase him, he tripped on a foot and he lost the kid. Guess whose foot it is? *whisphers “Frau“* Hehe, Frau is really kind~


:kyaa2: FFFFRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! He’s such a bishie like always in this shot! And he’s making a really tame and nice face!!! Kyaaa~~~!!!!!!! :kyaa:


Even though the kid ran away, Teito and Mikage still managed to find him. Mikage’s so cool when he taunts the kid with the bread XD. Nah, stop acting like a bully~ XD! So the two get to know more about him as they sat under a tree while he’s quite very busy eating.


😆 The nuns are full of crack in this episode XD. I have no idea what are they trying to act to but OMG they’re pretty horrid actresses and it’s really entertaining. Lol at the crowd though that got carried away by them. And looks like they’re so carried away that the kid even interrupted the one with the knife XDD… Lol and Mikage’s awesome at inserting themselves there too XD.


After that, the kid looks like he finally saw his guardian, and it’s a really touching considering on how they reunited. But when he shook hands with Teito, it fels like that guy’s up to something not good.


Moving on to Aya-tan’s subordinates, two of them, Kuroyuri and Haruse, were tasked by Aya-tan himself to clean up those punks. Speaking of them both… They totally reminded me of Ciel and Sebastian XD!!! Lol. Haruse’s calling Kuroyuri with a -sama and it’s so cute~ Plus Haruse has freaking gorgeous blue eyes :cute: *gets lost in them*


:heh: Looks like those hundred freaks are no match on Kuroyuri himself only. That kid’s something to watch out for, he’s scary ^^.


Back to the kid and the old guy, seems like our instincts are right. That guy’s up to no good and he seems under control by Aya-tan as well, just like the other poor souls in the previous episodes. When Teito follows them and he gets caught, he finally unleashed his wings.


Fancy CG wings are fancy.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get to see Show ▼

gets slightly awakened!!! OMG again, it looked so awesome!!! The red sparks are so cool and Teito’s eyes turned red! OMG RED!!!


But yeah, seems like Teito’s power only did its purpose on protecting, and the bad guy is still moving, not until someone PWN’d him!!! Guess who?


Again, it’s none other than the knight-in-shinig-sexy-armor Frau!!! :kyaa: OMG he’s totally like, PWNing every other baddies that gets in Teito’s way XD. He’s just so undeniably awesome. Lol at him for always being there when Teito just needs help XP. I smell something~ XD. Plus OMG I love this screencap above! So perfect for an entrance XD. Falling feathers ftw~!!!


And so both of them left and lived happy ever after (and we won’t probably see them again since they’re just fillers, lol XD). And Aya-tan looked very disappointed, but scheming at the same time because he seems to plan something more dangerous. Nuuuu~~~ T^T Why so evil Aya-tan!? *calls Hyuuga-tan to hug you~*

Preview for Episode 8: NOOOOOO MIKAGEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T


You know what? Even though it’s just a boring filler episode, at least there’s something interesting that we would really want to see. That’s what I love in here, unlike some other shows out there that mostly keeps on putting not just boring fillers, but useless as well in a sense that the characters haven’t been fleshed out a bit.  We get to see Teito’s “hidden power” got slightly awaken, and it looked so cool now in the anime!

What I absolutely love in this episode is FRAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again, as always) 07-GHOST doesn’t show any luck-decided fights and Frau PROVES that. He can totally PWN anyone planning to lay their hands on his Teito! Omigod he’s like, the knight-in-shining armor rescuing their asses each week XP. Go Frau!!! Ha! Aya-tan better go back to the drawing board with his plans!

Looks like next episode will be “it”. I’ll prepare tissues now (and eggs as well to throw on Aya-tan) because I feel that that part is finally coming. OMG it’s gonna be dramatic!!! Storage Cleaning on Hetalia then this one!!! Studio DEEN really knows how to schedule to make us crazy!!! T^T Argh, I really can’t wait for next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show ▼

90+ Screenshots are on the next page!!!


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19 Responses to “07-Ghost: 07 – So that makes it 14.”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    Yay~ Thanks for the post and the screencaps as always ^^. I’m really happy for the fact that the ghoul-possessed people ends up still safe and alive after Frau pwning them lol.

    And omg at next episode’s preview…Next week’s gonna be a tearjerker for sure. I really appreciate where the anime’s going at though.

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol always welcome ^^. Haha yeah, or else I will really hate Aya-tan more XD. Frau just pwns~

      Haha yeah, I love how we’re out of filler hell XP.

  2. Ashelea says:

    I’m so glad you love Razette and Castor as well because I find them both cute. They need more love! And I can’t wait for their backstory soon to be animated. :kyaa:

    Lol. Frau is so awesome for always knowing when Teito’s in trouble and going to rescue him like a knight =P. And yeah, I agree!!! Frau can totally beat the crap out of everyone and he breaks some shounen cliche where they only win because of luck. I :love: Frau!!!

    And I’ll better get all those tissues for next week. Gah!!! :orz:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yay for another shipper~!

      Haha yes, at least Frau uses his own power, and not luck, unlike those some other shounen shows that’s ugh. Anyway, glad that this one isn’t shounen anyway ^^.

  3. Gemini14 says:

    I don’t read the manga.. :bunny:
    Will Mikage turn evil next episode? :doomed:
    I hope not T.T

    • kanzeon says:

      Ok, I don’t wanna spoil it for everyone so you just click this with caution… Show ▼

  4. trisha says:

    OMG I really can’t wait for Kapitel 8!!!! Even though Mikage… ARGH!!! Baka Aya-Tan!!!!!!!!!!!! :orz:

    I hope the animation will be good, since there’ll be plenty of action for sure :blush:

  5. Caramel_Candy says:

    Studio DEEN will probably end Kapitel 8 with a cliffhanger like Hetalia that will left us crazy (you know how they work) and probably the climax will happen on kapitel 9. I think they’ll make it that way to keep the suspense and everything. It’s just me though, and I still want to see more Mikage T^T!!!

    • kanzeon says:

      OMGOMGOMGOMG you’re sooooo right!!! Damn, I must prepare tissues supplies worth of two weeks!

  6. Auntie Heng says:


    aya-tan’s subordinates are HAWT!!!
    *foams at mouth* :blush:

    something happening to mikage?? :-_-:

    hopefully studio deen dun continue along with the weekly ‘Frau-saves-the-day’ thing… :bleh:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^. Aya-tan really has an eye on picking his subordinates ^_~.
      Yeah, as also seen in this episode, something is up to him T_T

  7. faer1edust says:

    I absolutely loved the scene where the kid interrupted the nuns on their play because he got so carried away with the drama and then Mikage and Teito also interrupts to get him but Mikage used his acting skills to escape in the situation XD!!! Lol Mikage’s bad at acting but it’s funny XD.

    Frau’s awesome as always, and he’s totally like, the knight in every (filler) episode. Without him this show is boring XD.

    I’ll be collecting eggs as well to throw on Aya-tan next episode. I can’t believe it’s totally happening next week T^T.

  8. aniay says:

    I read your entries about 07 ghost every week. Thank you for them *bows* You make my day with your funny, witty comments and I’m Frau’s fangirl as well. :blush:

    As for The Moment it will take place in 9th ep from what I red.

  9. miken-chan says:

    Ugh, I REALLY want to see the next episode, but at the same time, I’m also loath to think of it. DDDDX T.T

  10. Auntie Heng says:

    hmmm… saw the short preview for the next episode at the end of this one..

    a rugged mikage looks good too ^_^

    MOEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :kyaa:

  11. kawaii says:

    Kyaaa~!!! I also love Razette and Castor~ They’re so sugoi when together!!! Thanks for the post an dthe lots screencaps ^^. :kyaa:

  12. MiKaGe says:


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