Spring First Impressions ~Round-up


We round up our Spring first impressions!!!

Before anything else, listed below are the first impressions of some Spring anime that had been posted already:



Asura Cryin’

Phantom ~Requiem~

Valkyria Chronicles



Pandora Hearts

Sengoku Basara




Other Spring Anime Impressions:

Tsui: Hey, we also watch other animu even though we’re just too lazy to blog it!

Kanz: Well, it’s either that or it’s just too lame to be blogged. So anywayz, here are what we watched and a quick impression about them.


Hayate no Gotoku ~Second Season~

Tsui: The animation looked worse than the first season but I don’t care.  HINAGIKU IS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111oneoneeleven That’s all I can say this one. Will definitely watch it for Hina fix but not blogging it =P.

Kanz: Hinagiku~~~ But OMG what happened to her bright pink hair? I like the first season’s animation better. I don’t know if I’ll be continuing the second season though so I’m still undecided on this one.



Tsui: This is quite a disappointment for me IMO. The concept has such a huge potential to be great, too bad it turned out to be… lame. Everything cool in this show only lasted after the awesome OP by May’N. Besides from that, ugh. Everything was dull. Again, disappointed as usual from Gonzo.

Kanz: Yeah. I love the OP *May’N~~* but that’s about it. It’s so sad since I was expecting a lot from this one though after seeing all the character designs, the concept, and the awesome leaked OP. It’s really, ugh. So yeah, it seems like all of their budget was already used only for the OP.



Tsui: Another one from Gonzo, but this one’s really good! I don’t know what the fuck is mahjong but I learned a bit watching the first episode of this XD! This is fun and bouncy (really bouncy if you know what I mean). Fan-service is fan-service, who complains about it? It’s entertainment! Definitely looking forward for more of this show and possibly might make a post for it.


Tears to Tiara

Kanz: The quality, which I don’t know if it’s from the production or the raw I downloaded, is really bad so I can’t judge this show properly. I got annoyed halfway through the episode because everything’s sooooo dark and it bored me already.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Tsui: Of course, this is the most epic show this season (putting Valkyria Chronicles aside). Everything felt awesome and I never get bored knowing that this is only a remake. This one’s really good. But what? Why am I not blogging it? It’s because I want to give chance on new-NEW  shows this season to get blogged. I’m watching it though, but if you want to see it get blogged episodically, Random Curiosity’s your best friend!

Kanz: I agree. I absolutely love the remake, but I’ll give chance to other shows this season for me to blog. It’s really a good watch though, and it’s worth seeing FMA all over again.


Youth in Bloom

Kanz: Now where do I start with this one? It’s… forgettable. To be really honest, I’m not watching the second episode of this anymore because it didn’t really impressed me, or got me hanging to wait for the next episode. I like the character designs though *bishies~~~* and Kajica’s really pretty. And she’s kinda, bisexual? … But anyway, PASS for this one.


Natsu no Arashi

Kanz: I can’t believe that I just watched this one. I’m not expecting anything from it anymore and I’m glad that I’m not keeping my hopes up high. It’s MEH and it’s not even funny at all for me. Hajime sucks so bad. The girls looked scary and horse-faced (some though), and the 3-1=1 thing is lame and annoying that it annoyed for a lot of minutes the entire episode. Shaft-y as expected from SHAFT, the OP was ridiculous, the overall music was meh. Not watching the second episode, so pass. Bring back Maria+Holic instead.


Tayutama ~Kiss on my Deity~

Tsui: *sigh* This seriously has some issues with the animation quality but never the less, I’ll be checking this one out for the next few eps for some moe fix. Lolis are always win for me.


OP and ED Favorites


Kanz: this pic makes me wanna make another K-On! banner~ argh lots of pretty K-On! and Mio pics X|


Kanzeon’s picks

3: Valkyria Chronicles -Ashita e no Kizuna by HIMEKA

2: Phantom ~Requiem~ – KARMA by KOKIA

1: Shangri-la – Kimi Shinitamō Koto Nakare by May’n


Tsuiteru’s picks

3: Shangri-la – Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare by May’n

2: FMA: Brotherhood –again by YUI

1: Sengoku Basara – JAP by Abingdon Boys School


ED: [It’s humanimous…]

1: K-On! ED – “Don’t say lazy” by Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako




Other shows planning to watch this season:

Kanz: I’m definitely looking forward to Eden of The East of course. The trailer was just freakin’ awesome and the Honey and Clover roots from the characters are also another reason why I want to check this one out as well. And I also want to see Saki and maybe Polyphonica, which aired already.

Tsui: Yep. Eden of the East. Other than that, I’m honestly on how Hatsukoi Limited anime will turn out. So might be also checking that one for the slice-of-life fix. And for the others that had aired already, I wanna check out Cross Game, since the reviews about that looks good. Oh, and the second season of Haruhi too… Huh? Is that for Summer?


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7 Responses to “Spring First Impressions ~Round-up”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Shangri-la. ^__^ I didn’t have huge expectations like everyone else and enjoyed it more. (mostly because of Momoko).

    FMA:brotherhood. :kyaa2: So awesome. I’m mainly blogging because FMA was what got me into anime in the first place.

    Hanasakeru seishounen. :-_-: Mainly sticking with it due to a commitment to watching the only shojo show this season without crap animation in it.

    Everyone loves K-ON’s ED. :^_^:

    warriorhope’s last blog post..07-Ghost – First Impressions

  2. Veritas says:

    @kanzeon & Tsui:

    I’m new to this website. This is a pretty awsome place to read first impressions and summarys about anime shows. You didn’t say anything about Arad Senki ~Slap Up Party~, Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou, Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen on television, Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica crimson S, Konnichiwa Anne – Before Green Gables, Guin Saga, Souten Kouro and Ristorante Paradiso. This has to be the best website I ever been to in a long time. :oha:

  3. Pjal says:

    i watched recently new anime..

    well, most of it is disappointing.. i was expecting a great impact in very first ep of this 2009 anime..

    i agree to Hayete no gotoku!! animation.. WHAT HAPPEN!? but, the ED is quite good.. Hinagkiu~~ :kyaa2:

    Shangri-LA.. :huh: kinda confusing~~

  4. Ashelea says:

    I want to try watching Saki. Since it really looked good from the trailer, and to what Tsui’s saying. Lol.

    FMA is really epic, but I understood your explanation about not being able to blog it, and it’s nice to see some other shows in this site too besides of what’s regularly seen everywhere.

    Hanasakeru Seishounen, Shangri-la and Natsu no Arashi seems to be quite a disappointment.

    And yep ^^. No explanations or runner-ups becuse K-On! clearly wins the best ED of this season ^^.

  5. Xiao says:

    Waah, I’m so glad I read your impressions first cuz I really didn’t feel like watching any of these anymore (especially after seeing that trailer for Tiara…so boring).

    I want that May’N song so badly, though. =3=

    & Polyphonica is only slightly better than the first one (just looks better). Nothing else special about it.

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 77

  6. Amayalee says:

    I figured Shangri-la would be a disappointment…so I stayed away from it. Haven’t even watched the first episode yet. And as for the others…well, I watched all the ones you did individual posts on and liked them…but the rest are just…bleh. Why can’t we get a good season of anime? :-_-: I miss Soul Eater…. :orz:

    Amayalee’s last blog post..K-On! – Impressions!

  7. Kitsune says:

    I have not watched most of the shows you list.

    Shangri La was a disappointment T.T

    Basara was good in the vocal department :^_^:

    Natsu no Arashi was a trap: the first episode was based on chapter 18 and was absolutely horrible! :freeze2:

    I hope the next episode will provide a proper introduction.

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