Sengoku Basara: 02 – She haz orgasmz!


Seeing gravity-defying horses, evil mustache of evil-ness, and an orgasmic ninja girl made me watched the second episode of this one.

Not much better than the first episode but it was “good” nonetheless. There’s till action, but this time in some scenes, they make a more artistic effort, which I don’t feel at all if it’s working.


Orgasmic Kasuga is orgasmic.

As usual, we have the big-mouthed Yukimura babbling about everything since he gets his appearance. Other than that, we see orgasmic ninja girl Kasuga, that really does have orgasms when being touched by Kenshin. I enjoy her screentimes too, and that outrageous (in a good way) ninja outfit is a part why.




Epic gravity-defying horses.

As for the battles, we have lots again, and it’s entertaining. The Houjan clan was attacked by Shingen. I was amazed though by his epic gravity-defying horses but too bad they got cut off literally by that lame warrior which deserved a huge punch in the face.


We also have the introduction of the primary antagonists of the series as well: Nobunaga and his minions. Nobunagas the one with the frikken’ evil short mustache that looked… funny for a villain. So far as his minions go, I must say that Mori’s the most threatening on them all because he just literally flooded the forest with his arrows.

So yeah, why not continue this one? It’s funny and entertaining.  Really something for the lulz this season other than fan-service shows (but I guess Kasuga’s fanservice enough in here XP). Definitely watching the next episode in hopes of more orgasmic Kasuga (wow, how many times did I just said “orgasm”?).

Screencap spam:


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