New Banner: Utau Hoshina


New banner for the current batch!!! ^^ Yes, there are too many banners already XDDD but I don’t care.

This one features the ever-fierce/moe/tsun/awesome/cool/*insert more words of worship here* UTAU HOSHINA from Shugo Chara!!! Utau’s currently a participant in the Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament too ^^.. I-I’m not promoting her or anything! I-I just want to make a banner, gosh! It says “Keep it Fierce”. It’s because if I could describe Utau in one sigle word, that would be it, FIERCE. She’s the most awesome twin-tailed mahou shoujo tsundere idol of today^^. It’s also because the word “Fierce” is one of the words that I noticed I always say here, especially on Anime’s Next Top Model. I thought it had been my signature already XD~ But quite lately, I’m getting a new term to adopt: “Disgusting” or “Ugly Pretty (XDD)” in variation to “Fierce” but anyway, moving along…

I made the banner by extracting first an Utau scan (got it from the KK Gallery~ You should check it out for image resources and etc ^^, Kokidokom’s the coolest, isn’t it? I’m no suck-up, it’s true XD. The rest is the usual random brushes application, and added textures (which is really becoming my style lately for banners ^^). I had an idea of mystical/elegant for this banner and my favorite part in here (besides from Utau and here “I’M THE QUEEN!” pose of course) is the texture ^^. I love how it ended up looking like crepe paper and the effect of the natural brushes made it saturated, so yeah blahblahblah I don’t know how to describe it but I guess it looked pretty (plus dark banners are cool~). Again, it isn’t animated, sorry about that, and I’m still not contented honestly on the final outcome though, and I’ll make some changes in it if you have some suggestions ^^.

Now that I’ve mentioned the Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament held by the ever-fierce Xiao Jie above, have you already checked which girls got IN to the official top 30 of the tournament? Check the Preliminary results here on eksentrick!!! Shugo Chara totally dominated the competition because the top 3 most voted girls are from the show ^__^. Meanwhile, some shows had been wiped out since all of their representatives got the cut like PreCure, Library Wars and Naisho no Tsubomi.

So yes, that wraps up this post of 10% Utau worship, 20% banner blabber and 70% shameless promotion ^__^ (so it looked like my real purpose on making this one is to promote the gallery and SoMt~ XD see? Utau is the greatest promo material!!!) And I just noticed that this is the longest I’ve typed in anything for a banner post XD… So hope you like it!


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21 Responses to “New Banner: Utau Hoshina”

  1. Too many banners eh? Thats why I cant see your banner anymore. :d Or my computer is just so friggin’ slow? Amirite?

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..K-ON! Episode 3: The X and Y Chord

  2. Xiao says:

    *HUGS YOU FOREVER~* <3333

    UMG, YOU’RE SO AWESOME! I kept on getting your tweets late into…well early morning acutally (XD) and when you said you were going to make an Utau banner I was about to scream! :XD:

    & why yes, I would not have our awesome Utako described as anything less than FIERCE! or I will :zsnap: the person who disagrees with me…lol, j/k. I won’t maybe just pinch you very hard

    Oh, btw, hun, last letter in her name is “a”, not “o”. Gomen, I’m so anal about names and everything. ^^;

    Uwaa, and did I mention that is the best pose Utau has posed like evar? :cute: “I’M THE QUEEN SO GET ON YOUR KNEES AND KISS MY FEET, FOOLS!” xDDDD
    Hmm, I really should drop by KK forums again. Been too busy to log on. TAT

    As for the texture and brush you used, where’d you find it? I love it! XDD
    A dark theme is very cool cuz for shoujo we always get a lot of sparkly bright ones and I can never pull off something like you did.

    Ah, awesome.
    Thank you for promoting, too~ <3

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 79

    • kanzeon says:

      OMGOMGOMG SORRY!!! Fixed ^^.
      OMG… for all my life I thought it’s an “o”
      I deserve punishment from the Gods of Shoujo (or Sakura and Sailor Moon XD) for doing such an immoral act.. Forgive me Utau-sama, Xiao-chaan!!! T_T
      *gets shot*

      *lying on the ground in a FIERCE position*

      Glad you like the banner ^^. I’ll send you the texture files in your Gmail later ^^.

      • Xiao says:

        Aww, no no no! Don’t feel bad! Sry! Sry! Forgive me cuz I’m always like this (lol and so starts this forgiving war…xD; ). Actually, “Hoshina” is the feminine rendition of “Hoshino” so there really is no difference except the English spelling, I guess. ^^;

        No worries, the goddesses forgive you cuz you’re too awesome to stay mad at. Utau agrees…she’s just being tsuntsun about it.
        (SPOILER) Utau: “I-It’s not like it’s such a big deal since it’s only my stage name!”

        xDDD Oh, Utako…

        Anyways…lol, I can so see you doing that. xDD But *unshots you* you must be FIERCE!-ly alive cuz I can’t have my awesome fiercess! judge in the netherworld before SoMT has barely started! xD;

        And I got your email~ Thank you~! <333

        Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 79

  3. warriorhope says:

    Utauko~ How awesome.The picture of her with her arms crossed is especially cool and fierce. The high queen of Tsundereness.

    lol. Promoting SoMT is fun. ^__^

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Doki!-Episode 28

  4. foomafoo says:

    is it really hoshina? SOUNDS WEIRD to me. Anyway another priceless work of art kanz, I’m sad though that some of the banners you made previously are already at the retired section.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Baseball Anime Appreciation – Cross Game

  5. Minnie says:

    Awesome header! UTAU for the win!!! ^___^ :blush:

  6. Seinime says:

    That’s a sweet banner. Makes me want to try picking up photoshop again T.T

    Seinime’s last blog post..K-ON! 3

  7. FuyuMaiden says:

    AH!!!! Utau~! :kyaa2:

    I don’t even know what to say because it’s Utau and this banner fits the twintailed tsundere mahou shoujo idol perfectly. Surely there can be no greater compliment!

    …Though now I’m going to be filled with the urge to tackle Utau and carry her away whenever I see the banner.

    And Hell Yeah! She’s effing fierce! She’s the twintailed tsundere mahou shoujo idol of fierceness! Oh yeah and queen needs to get added in there somewhere too… (how much longer is her title going to get?)

    I don’t really have any suggestions on the banner though since I like it as it is. Even so, it still popped into my head to mention that purple is always the first color I go to when using Utau in graphics. But I like it the way it is with that nice elegant background that does not dare to try and outshine the goddess which it surrounds. (lol, I’m taking the Utau worship so seriously today)

    Anyway, wonderful banner as always. I spammed even more in a comment with all of my Utau love so I’ll stop before I get too carried away.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Weekly Extra – The Cold from HELL

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes, purple is really Utau… It fits her elegance, tsundere-royalty and awesomeness (*loves purple*… But I thought that that’s what everyone thinks already, so I tried a bit of a change using different colors aside from that so that it would be more unexpected and surprising ^^. Thanks~<3

  8. Pjal says:

    can you made me a banner for me?! XD

  9. Amayalee says:

    Utau! I now have a reason to come to your blog more than once a day! XD

    Amayalee’s last blog post..K-On! – Impressions!

  10. Ashelea says:

    Yes. This banner is screaming FIERCE from far left to righ ^^. Love it so much!!! *glomps banner* oops, gomen XD.

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