Icon Dump: Anime-NTM C2 and Persona 4




Icon dump~!!! Yeah, today’s been very boring. I failed making an AMV and I don’t know when will I get back doing that >.>… Also, I’m waiting for Phantom and Valkyria subs to come out (since I’m not in the mood to watch raw XD). So yeah, I ended up doing 76 icons to add on my collection instead^^. Lol, making icons had been my way to waste time and have fun at the same time~

This batch has:

– Anime’s Next Top Model [40 icons]
– Persona 4 [36 icons]

Total: 76 fierce icons ^^.

>>credit is love, stealing is lame.


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9 Responses to “Icon Dump: Anime-NTM C2 and Persona 4”

  1. vandakiara says:

    they’re all beautiful <333 I’m not taking any because I like using my own but still, hard to resist x)

    Btw, do you like Umineko? (random) because the preview for UMG 4 is already out and if you like it, I thought you’d have it posted by now or something 😉 Just saying, if you missed it…
    If you don’t even know what I’m talking about… well, let it be :XD:

    vandakiara’s last blog post..Umineko Motion Graphic 4 ~ Preview

  2. Xiao says:

    Am so taking a bunch laters. FIERCE! ANTM icons FTW! :kyaa:

    :aww: …gah, I totally got distracted from what I was suppose to do. lol xD;

    Ooo, but now I’m curious about Persona 4. Especially the cute twin-tailed girl and adorable-looking blue-haired boy. Curse you for your influential advertising! xDDD;;

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 79

    • kanzeon says:

      Persona 4 is a PS2 video game ^^
      “adorable-looking blue-haired boy”
      >>Teehee~ I don’t wanna spoil you about it but… ^__^

  3. WightKnight says:

    Wow, those icons are wicked AWESOME! Especially the Persona 4 icons (Just the Rise ones ~so cute~) :kyaa2:

  4. Ashelea says:

    Taking lots!!! ^^. I love collecting icons so much! Thanks for the FIERCE Ani-NTM icons that can only be found here XD!!! Heh, of course, it’s the fiercest home of the fiercest competition everr :omg:

  5. HEY-D says:

    adorable graphics 😀
    i save some to my laptop ♥

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