07-Ghost: 01 – It’s A Bro-mantic Promise!


Warning for mild, intolerable fangirling.

So… YAY!!! *parties hard* 07-Ghost is finally here animated by Studio DEEN!!! I’m waiting for this series for two years since I started reading the manga XD lolz. This one’s a really decent first episode. We get the main characters, the Frau (yes, the), the antagonist, action and a brewing deep plot. So here we have the second anime that I’ll be blogging this season ^^. Yes, it’s all ready and first on the list ALL-CAPS in the [:Anime:] portion of my categories in the sidebar ^^.


OP: “Aka no Kakera (緋色のカケラ)” by Yuki Suzuki

Ok, to start things first…



He is effin’ cool and smexy. Probably the major reason why I’m anticipating this one is to see Frau getting animated. Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 *faints already before even starting the actual episode*


Mikage wins the Best BL Friend Awardee of the year already. And I literally cried when I saw him for the very first time in the anime because of both excitement and because I know what will happen to him later in the series X(. His wink is just win. He’s that genki guy (quite similar to Tamaki of Ouran in looks too) that’s always by Teito’s side.


Aww Teito! You’re thickheaded arrogance will be animated now by Studio DEEN and we’ll be seeing more of that~ You could have at least given Mikage another second of his winking cuteness~


Teito seemed annoyed by the Baka-Trio behind his seat on the class, and Mikage has something to do about them to make them stop.


You go Mikage! Save your friend from that arrogant idiot!!! Nothing makes bullying cooler with the use of magic… and porn mags~


Mikage doing his signature wink~ again… *faints*


Awww~~~ Teito’s so cute when crying and smiling at the same time.. Actually, he’s always cute~ But anyway, he really values his friend so much. Really cute! Tears of happiness, I must say, and I also cried at the same time watching this scene. Mikage~~~


Die together ok? Yep! That’s a bro-mantic promise and both of you shall keep it! ok? OK?  even though lngjhfnjgenmswepinkhfm *prevents spoilery*


Rofl~ Mikage crawls up in Teito’s bed and sleeps beside him. Mikage, you… you snuggly little hog! XD And somewhat this scene/situation reminded me of this:

[pic stolen from FuyuMaiden without permisson -_- gomen X|]

…Though the difference is that Teito is safe from underage? pregnancy if Mikage ever does something when sleeping right next to each other…~


Teito’s amnesia seems to be cured a bit when he saw the face of Ayanami. He’s the one who killed Teito’s known father. Argh that merciless beyotch! *throws eggs at Ayanami-san for being merciless T_T*


Surprise sneak attack!!!


Aww man! Teito got pwned… Looks like the shades dude is a strong force guarding his target. But all’s forgiven because he has a nice smile~


…My happiness is shallow~


Teito bringing up the yandere face covered with blood from all the guards he killed when escaping.


OMGZ! RUN!!! DON’T LET GO OF HIS HAND MIKAGE!!!!!111 You hear me? Don’t let go of his hand… and don’t make him lose his slippers… Ehem.. sorry I got a little too carried away -_-… But really, running scenes and holding hand with a matching big moon shining beside them are really dramatic.


Hostage taking ftw~ Why can’t us fangirls be the ones hostaging Mikage instead? XD… Baka-Teito for using him as a prop, but it’s a good plan anyway, and Mikage knows it.


The way Teito escaped is really cool~ He immediately crashed in to the giant-thingy-flying-thingy (so dumb~ doesn’t know what’s really called XD). And don’t worry because Mikage’s all ready to get some explaining to do ^^.


But nuuuu~ The antagonist strikes Teito as he’s flying… Argh!!! *gives him a slap for ruining the great escape*


Nuuuu~ Teito looks hurt!!! And he also falls from the moon giant-thingy-flying-thingy…


/gets distracted because of… FRAU!!!  :kyaa2:


…And Teito is falling down like an angel from the sky to be catched by the smexy Frau. Oh hell yeah.


Your uke face begs for it XD;;


ED: “Aka no Kakera (緋色のカケラ)” by Yuki Suzuki

Screencaps [click for full resolution]s:

Next Ep: Uh, which out of the three screens will I look at?



On the animation, it’s not the best DEEN one, but it’s still decent. I love their eyes O_O, especially Teito’s which are like emerald gems embedded in his face. I’m pretty sure we will be having more magical-power-effects in here because of its Final Fantasy-esque concept.

And then the voice acting… I’m really excited for Frau’s seiyuu to work his tng! He better not disappoint me~ And I’m also glad that Daisuke Namikawa (who’s also voicing N. Italy in Hetalia Axis Powers~) did quite nice on Mikage. He really has the genkiness and the moe-ness that’s good for Mikage.

I’m obviously satisfied with the first episode. I’m really glad that Studio DEEN is doing both great at Hetalia AND this one both at the same time!!! Another good thing on this show too is that it airs on Monday, where almost nothing interesting is being aired and it’s  great sign! This makes me get excited on Mondays ^__^.

Screencaps are on the next page~


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20 Responses to “07-Ghost: 01 – It’s A Bro-mantic Promise!”

  1. Ashelea says:

    Lol, I knew you’re gonna be very excited about this one~
    I’ll join your Frau fangirling for a second:
    FRAU!!! <3
    Zomg I haven’t watched this one yet (waiting for the frikkin’ subs DX!!!) But it really looks promising!!!

    Mikage is love~

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  3. kirapika says:

    I soooo knew it.
    I am going to die of bishie heaven when I watch this. :kyaa2:

    ..and that’s precisely why I’m so excited to watch this :mwahaha:

    kirapika’s last blog post..First Impressions – K-On!

  4. […] thanks to Kanzeon comparing this scene to episode 76 of Shucgo Chara, I’m going to think of Amuto whenever I […]

  5. warriorhope says:

    Arg. Now everytime I see Mikage and Teito I’m going to think Amuto thanks to you.

    I love Frau. But I also love Mikage. * is torn on who’s her favorite character * :kyaa:

    Dai-kun is to go to guy for Moe voices for men. :kyaa2: (heh moe for men sounds like an advertising phrase).

    Teito’s eyes are pretty fantasic. * keeps staring at them *

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hanasakeru Seishounen-First Impressions

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. It’s really hard to decide between Frau and Mikage but I’M SURE you will finally come to a decision later in the series when something happens :despair:

      And yep!! Daisuke Namikawa’s moe voice is so adoable~~~

  6. Minnie says:

    OMG KANZEON!!! Thanks to your post entry, I want to watch this so bad. >____< Bishie dosage ftw~ :cute:

    Minnie’s last blog post..Tears to Tiara Episode 1: Priest Summoning a Demon God… The Irony~

  7. mikan-sakura says:

    :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds:
    The anime’s finally out!!! Kyaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Mikage!!! Teito and Frau!!!!!!!!! And I lol’d at the Shugo Chara reference :3. Thanks for the post ^^.

  8. I lol’ed a lot on your screenshot comment. I barely fangirling over an anime, but this one make me totally it . So yeah, this anime kills :blush: Mikage <3, Frau <3, Castor <3, Labrador <3, Hyuuga <3 (poor Labrador and Castor, no one mention them so I’ll do that and Hyuuga, is okay to forget you XD!)

    I guess is only me that notice that the OP would change when Hakuren show up since he wasn’t in this one XD!

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..07-Ghost episode 1 [raw]

  9. jocelle says:

    :kyaa2: :kyaa2: MIKAGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

  10. Auntie Heng says:

    finally found a place where there are fellow bromance fan girls!!


  11. Xiao says:

    All I have to say for Frau is…he’s one smexy bishop. Nyahahaha~! xDDDD
    And we ALL want moar smexy bishop. Yeshyesh. |3

    KYAAAAA~~~!!!!! MIKAGE~~~~!!!! <3333333
    He’s so awesome, so emotional and playful and…GAH! I wish I had him for a big brother. I would totally have a bro-con just for him! LOL xDDD;;;
    Oh god, when they reach that part of the manga, the pillow I’ll be hugging will probably burst and explode. Mikage~ ;A;

    But grr, seems like Tei-kun already stole that place as Mikage’s most special person…not that I’m complaining cuz bromance is fine and lovely~ Lawl~

    And you naughty girl. Very, very naughty. Bringing my pure, beloved OTP into the complexities of bishie armyhood snuggling even if only for reference. xP;
    …But I am all for Mikage being seme. Yes, I am. Ahahaha~ 8D;

    Pfft, Tei-kun’s attack on Aya-tan (even though I don’t like him as of now but his character is too serious for me to take seriously! xD; ) made me choke. Studio DEEN got all their pretty faces right but not so much for several action scenes. I hope it gets better later on. :/

    Megane dude has cool shades.

    …haha, I’m staring at Mikage dragging Tei-kun by the hand and think they’re about to elope or something. Damnit, Mikage, why didn’t you do it~? Coulda just jumped on with Tei-kun and go fetch your family that way. And then go get marred in that nice big church with all of them present and have the smexy Frau do their vows! xDDD;;;

    …argh, but guess not. Huu huu~ Xiao ish sad. :’(

    Ah, but really can’t wait for the next episode…which is today~! Lol, sorry about this comment being so late but just had to comment because the first episode was awesome. Thanks for the review! Can’t wait for your second ep one! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 78

    • kanzeon says:

      Wahahaha Frau’s really freaking hot as hell, isn’t he?

      Yeah, when that part comes, I don’t think that I’ll take it T_T… Nuu… That’s why I almost tear up when I’m watching Mikage here. He’s so damn perfect, and I also want him as a brother too… *is a lonely girl without any brother T_T*

      Yeah, and Tei is being all stubborn about it T_T… Dude, why are you resisting such a cuddly, genki bishie! XDD Yep. Bromance it is ^^.

      Lmao! Mikage’s definitely seme! (But Frau’s seme-er XD …why did I just inserted his name here? XD) Teito screams uke throughout ^^. And rndomly speaking, Aya-tan is definitely an uke too XD. Megane dude is good-mannered-evil XD hmm, lol I don’t know how to describe it XD.

      And yesh! The eloping running scene could have almost turned that way XD. Damn, *slaps the writers*

      Lol, no apologies ^^. And I’m cureently searching for raws right now ^^ so post will come up later :D. Thanks for the fabulous comment ^^.

  12. Akari says:

    :cute: Random passerby here. Watched the first subbed epi yesterday, and darn, I am hooked. Cannot stop thinking about the lovely er… bromance of Mikage and Teito. I’m always weak to those genki types. D: Elope please! (But I did read up on the plot summary… T_______T At least little pink dragon is cute.)

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was, great job on the recap and zomg~ Screencaps galore!

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^. Mik-eito bromance is made of win ^^. The story’s really hooking so glad you enjoyed the first episode ^__^. Lol I also love genki-type bishies since they’re the ones that makes my knees weak because of their moe-ness ^^.

      (OMG you got spoiled by the summary! Noooo~ T___T….. but lol at least you showed the positive side of that XD)

      Thanks for the comment ^^.

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