Kuroshitsuji: 24 [END] – The End of the Contract


I’m a sad, yet happy fangirl at the same time after watching the finale of Kuroshitsuji… Commentary and final impressions ahead!


Oooh an angel with a shiny sword!!!


But once you’ll see Sebastian’s arm flying off because of that, you’ll change your mind =P


Don’t worry Sebastian, you still look hot one-armed :D.


[*scary yaoi fangirl mode was turned on, that it urged me to take the most accurate screencap that will look like Sebastian is kissing Ciel*] Muwahahahaha!!! Ehem. Gosh! :nosebleeds:


LMAO. Work those stilletos, Sebby!


Let’s enjoy the view of Sebastian destroying and ripping that Angel apart…


I really love the view of a burning city while the background instrumental of London Bridge is Falling Down ~Falling Down~ Falling Down~~~ is playing. Just epic. Oh anyway, let’s go back to the bridge, looks like Ciel’s about to fall… FALL?!


No Ciel don’t fall! Don’t freaking fall!


Wow. Boy sure knows how to listen..


*slaps Ciel while he’s falling* Stupid!!!


I’m really crying in this scene right now. WHY CIEL!!! MY POOR CIEL??? :orz: Still keeping that calm face in his death is so heartbreaking.


Aww… Being his loyal servant, Sebby still gets Ciel underwater and takes him to his…


…NICE BOAT. Hey where did you get that? But on a serious note, it was so sad to see Ciel die. Nooo… It’s heartbreaking for a fangirl for an ending like this…


But anyway, going to the people who are still alive, the Slumdog Millionaires Indian duo invented curry bread, and IT WAS A HIT!


And there’s the Queen. Oh, come on Queen. That’s a fake face you’re making!


Oh, and Lydia shoots a sequel to Hakushaku to Yousei. Coming soon on your dreams maybe?


O WAIT. Does this scene with a sailing boat in a dark river looks familiar??? Hmm…





Oh yeah! It’s Jigoku Shoujo. Sharing much? Looks like Enma Ai’s retirement (oops! sorry for spoiling the third season for you!) will lead to Sebby taking her place (sorry Yuzuki! Ooops! sorry again for spoiling!). So anyway, here’s another similarity:



See? I really knew it. The only missing parts are the cute little lanterns and that ginormous jellyfish spotlight thingy.


…But who cares about cute little lanterns and a ginormous jellyfish when you have special effects underwater??? Right? RIGHT?


*jumps back from Jigoku Shoujo to Kuroshitsuji again* And so they finally arrived to the stop where Sebastian will finally take away Ciel’s soul. No please don’t, Sebby. Pretty please? No? It’s a contract? Contracts suck! CIERRUUU!!!

:huhu: :orz:


Sebastian will finally take Ciel’s soul. When Ciel asked on how will it feel, Sebby said that he”ll make it gentle. Ciel then said that he should make it painful (wow what a stubborn uke) so Sebby has no choice… Sebby then says his sexy line “Yes, my Lord.” ~for the very last time.


Nuh-uh~ You’re the one who said that Sebastian should make it painful!


Itadakimasu. :nosebleeds:


Last look on Ciel’s face before Sebastian will “eat” him up.


And Sebastian will finally indulge himself on Ciel’s soul. SCORE!!!


LMAO. Ooops! Sorry for misplacing this pic in here XP. Can’t help it~ It really looks fitting XP


Uh, so that’s it? They did not even show how he ate him? Lol, yeah I know it would be too painful for me to watch XD… So this ends Kuroshitsuji. We should all know before that this has a dark and gothic theme so it’s usual for it to have a tragic/dark ending. It’s quite sad for Ciel to die, but I still think that it’s the contract, and he has no choice for it. Ciel’s stupid though for breaking up his promise with Sebby that he would still continue to live when he counts up to ten. But no, he let go of the bridge and fell instead T__T. Sad though, but still happy for my scary yaoi fangirl side because Ciel is finally with Sebastian now forever in hell and they can “play” with each other as long as Sebastian wants XD~.

Kuroshitsuji sure broke my yaoi shippings though. I still have to screencap accurately like crazy for that image of Sebastian to make him look like he’s kissing Ciel, I mean, there’s not even a freaking kiss even on the forehead shown T_T. But overall putting aside those BL shippings, the series had been an enjoyable ride. I never experience any minute of boredom from from it. It also shows light moments in some comedic scenes. As for the characters, I feel so bad that the helpers dies, and the dog, but at least the Shinigamis are alive ^^. The scene on where Ciel’s at the river showing old memories from different characters was so touching too.

Since the anime had finished first than the manga, I expect that how the manga will change things up, if they would. The anime suffered though on a weak plot, and I thought it should have ended sooner or extended more to fit things perfectly. But overall, I had enjoyed watching this. And to Ciel, I bid you good night ^^.


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30 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji: 24 [END] – The End of the Contract”

  1. kirapika says:

    Oh? It ended already?
    I’m a stupid girl who put Kuroshitsuji on-hold on the 13th episode because of lack of time. :huhu:

    Gosh. Yaoi is scary. No offense but that pic there creeped me out. But anyways, NOOOOOO! Why’d Ciel have to die? Now my life’s over.. :despair: I seriously need to get my butt working and watch it tomorrow. Thank God it’s summer vacation here at the Phil. And to death, Ciel is still so adorable~♥

    kirapika’s last blog post..New April Banner Up!

  2. kelakagandy says:

    I think it was really a perfect end to the anime, I’m not sure they could have come up with a better one…

    “LMAO. Work those stilletos, Sebby!”
    lol, my first thought was, “Oh shit, Sebastian’s a trap?!?!?” But then I realized I was wrong (…or at least I don’t think he’s really a trap…).

    kelakagandy’s last blog post..FAUST Volume 1

    • kanzeon says:

      Lmao. If Sebastian would be a reverse trap it will ruin the yaoi feel XD it will be very…shocking XD. But at least he’s a guy who can make those stilletos werk!

  3. Auntie Heng says:

    theres going to be alot of fan-service for the YAOI portion!!

    CIEL!!!!! :dun:


  4. farahstone says:

    I went like this…
    :omg: :kyaa: :sweat: :freeze2: :-_-: :kyaa2:
    You made my day better with that “almost kiss” pic XD

  5. anon says:


    NUUUUUUUUUUU! NOT CIEL-KUN~ :doomed: ::O: :orz:
    I hope he doesn’t die in the manga. :dun: :huhu:

  6. Enzeru says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :orz: :dun: :huhu: :doomed: THAT’S SO SO SO SAD!!!!! WAAA!! Ciel and Sabastion make the bestest couple though… :<3: but now i feel sad… :dead:

  7. kanzeon says:

    Yeah TT___TT I feel you all. So now let’s commemorate Ciel and Kuroshitsuji as a whole by staring at the “almost kiss” yaoi pic ftw!!!

  8. Kitsune says:

    Yes, it was a great series I enjoyed very much 🙂 The ending was quite sad, but expected from the beginning. Now we need fanart of Sebastian’s true form 😛

    Kitsune’s last blog post..Hanasakeru Seishounen – Episode 1: Bishi Attack

  9. Raphaella says:

    Nooo…!! > last part when Chrno shared the remaining time with Rosette…

  10. Monique says:

    :-_-: 😥 im so sad that it ended like that… and also sad that we couldnt see sebby eat up ciel XD :omg: !!! i hope they make another season!! but that probably won’t happen :huhu: :doomed: :rage:

  11. Ian says:

    There will be another one (season), they announced it on the blogging website and before that at a get together event. ;P I’m sure it’ll be a sequel, the ending didn’t seal things, just brought up the idea that he died so that in the second season it’ll hit you and surprise you (is what I think). I refuse to watch the second season if I find out Ciel is dead and it’s all about the Black Butler (Sebastian) serving someone else that copied Ciel with another contract. The whole point of the Black BUTLER, was Ciel’s idea and was all done to his wishes and gut to bargain his soul with something so odd. So, to me, no matter how much I’m in love with Sebastian and his talent, I will not watch season two if Ciel isn’t there somehow. Because if we looked a bit closer, Kuroshitsuji isn’t Kuroshitsuji without THE main character. And to explain how I got that Ciel was the main character is because it’s all about Ciel, the story, the plot, all Ciel. But back to the clues to bring up hope (to me it’s hope, maybe disappointment to some) that Ciel is still alive. In the end, Sebastian spices up the anxiousness when he says “Then Young Master..” slowly, then it blacks out. There’s a 50/50 chance he died after that and then that Sebastian says something else and does something else. You never know what to expect from such a talented director and author.
    Even if the translating might have not been as accurate, I’m sure they would’ve made sure to give a hint in the last chapters that Sebastian’s plan to eat Ciel’s soul remains.
    For example, the thing that caught my attention when was Sebastian was playing trapped for Ciel to find out the case behind the drugs replacing the Phantomhive candy. (I don’t remember most of it correctly but good enough) The Angel tries to make a deal with Sebastian, and IT offers him a bunch of souls to eat and all that for the boy (Ciel). You’d think a demon who only eats souls would have to hesitate on it, but no. He simply rejects IT and says “The old me only knew how to eat. I only want my young Master (Not the “my Young Master’s soul”), and nothing besides him.” To me, it seemed there was his point that he didn’t want Ciel’s soul AS MUCH at that point. You could notice throughout the episodes, Sebastian seemed to care for Ciel more and more and whenever something would happen to either one, the other would have a distressful expression pulled across their faces. I believe they cared for one another more than they began with.
    Another thing I wanted to point out, according to Sebastian (right before Ciel tells the three servants to kill Pluto and he’s on the rooftop watching England burn down with the Angel) Ciel isn’t his master at that point, and he isn’t going to move. The Angel states “(something something)..The you who wouldn’t give up on trying to save your master is now standing here watching as I kill him.” (or something) then Sebastian says, “I will not move unless my master orders me to. And I have no master”, if that’s so, why’d he show up at the palace to save Ciel. ;P There’s a lot of things left untold children, you suspected way too much of a black out at the end. I have a strong feeling Sebastian doesn’t kill Ciel at his own will, or someone will stop him. I don’t know. I’m barely awake but I’ll comment the rest of my opinion later. ;D

  12. Ian says:

    8D Aha, before I went to bed I thought I’d search how Ciel “died” to see if I just missed out on it. On the way, there was nothing on official sites that claimed he did.
    Also, another sign:

    24 “That Butler, Fluid” March 26, 2009
    Ciel heads to the Tower Bridge that is still in mid-construction with Sebastian, where he finds the angel Ash. Ciel commands Sebastian to kill the angel. Ciel’s servants have taken down Pluto, the Shinigami cut off the supply of souls that fuel Ash’s strength, and Sebastian reverts to his true demonic form to defeat Ash. In the aftermath, a fake Queen Victoria emerges and urges London to begin rebuilding. Ciel wakes up being ferried by Sebastian on an ominous river to an unknown location. Sebastian hands Ciel Tanaka’s diary, in which Tanaka details the former Lord Phantomhive’s knowledge of his impending death. Sebastian and Ciel land at the rubble of a mansion, where Ciel calmly waits for Sebastian to take his soul. ”
    Fact one: Nowhere does it say that he does take his soul.
    Fact two: See the little episode title? “That Butler, Fluid.”, They use it to describe how the butler acts in each episode.
    As an adjetive when someone is “Fluid” the definitions of it mean:
    “.Of, relating to, or characteristic of a fluid.
    .Changing or tending to change; variable: a fluid situation fraught with uncertainty.
    .Characterized by or allowing social mobility: a fluid society.”
    Leaving us with that they meant Sebastian is fluid, as in he changes his mind easily without making it too obvious.

    Take the hint. ;D

  13. Dorenes says:

    The anime of kuroshitsuji is very different from its manga, although I’m thinking no matter what, Ciel will die (which I’m somekind of hoping that Sebastian will decide not to have ciel’s soul in the end..)
    Like a lot of people said, pretty sure there will be a season 2 for this, but I really don’t know how can they pull off with this kind of ending, even the queen had died..
    Anyway, I’m still really excited for the story afterwards no matter what :omg:

  14. riniature says:

    :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds:

  15. menasuvariyaoi says:

    noes!!! why?!!!,,,, :baww2:
    but i still loving kuroshitsuji :kyaa2:

  16. Neko fan yaoi says:

    I AM YOUR FAN!!!!! you’re comens are the best! X’DDDDD

    in our dreams, ciel is alive yet ;_;


  17. Terri Lindley-Jones says:

    i’m sure love of yaoi 😉
    Love black clothe man made look good but love will be yaoi :kyaa2: Then i’m have dreamy about love yaoi to boyXboy be love heart and someone girl or woman have love read about book is yaoi :cute: !

  18. Couryielle says:

    at least there’s an upcoming season 2 this January 2010
    i guess sebastian didn’t eat up Ciel after all 🙂
    :cheer: kuroshitsuji forevah!!! :cheer:

  19. amenis says:


  20. Andureo-Sama says:

    Sebastian With Demonic Heels ._.?
    That give s a new sense to The Devil Wears Prada <_<

    It was a great Anime and your review made me LOL XD
    I am hoping for a second season 😀
    I don't have any anime related shops here =_= and it bugs me to read manga online so I'm stuck to watching Anime online
    This one was amazing (*-*)

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