Eureka Seven the Movie: Pocket Full of Rainbows [Trailer]


One of the most awesome anime ever having its own movie? This is gonna be bloody awesome. Just the trailer looks good already. Premieres April 25th on theaters… (in Japan ;_;) F*CKING BLU-RAY WHERE ALREADY?!

Plot [Wikipedia]:

The war between humanity and the “Image”, a mysterious life form from space, has already spanned half a century.

In the year 2054, there is a boy on board the Gekko, the mother ship of the 303rd Independent Horde under the command of Holland Novak. His name is Renton and his dream is to ride into battle on his Nirvash. He has resolved to one day rescue Eureka, his childhood friend who was kidnapped 8 years ago, and to return home.

But fate decides to test the love between Eureka and Renton and puts them through many trials. Duty and emotion, truths and lies, past and future, life and death, reality and dreams, and Holland. The entire world blocks their path. As the final battle with the Image approaches, the pair open the doorway to becoming legends.


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5 Responses to “Eureka Seven the Movie: Pocket Full of Rainbows [Trailer]”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    :oha: :runs: :kyaa2:

  2. kanzeon says:

    I also love this anime before, and since there would be a movie, that means more DominicxAnemone ^^!! (luv that couple so much XD)

  3. whoever says:


  4. whoever says:

    T.T :oha:

  5. carl granville says:

    fuckin awesome. the best anime ever has its own movie?!!!!!!! fuckin awesome

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