Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae OP: Tsukihana – Nana Kitade


Since we’ve been getting so much requests to put in the single for Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae OP in here, I finally put it up ^^. Enjoy!

The single is Tsukihana by Nana Kitade. I’m not much a fan of her music, since the only songs I could remember liking from her is Antoinette Blue (from D. Gray Man), Kiss and Siren. I must say that Tsukihana is growing upon me though as I’m watching JSM3.

I’m a fan of her as a fashion icon though. I already saw her in interviews and ads on lots of manga/magazines I own and I love her gothic lolita fashion. But this time though, she goes as classy as a geisha in her album cover. I remember posting the PV of Tsukihana here somewhere too.

Here are some pics from her new single:


And about the single, just like what I’ve said before, it can grew up on you. It’s Nana Kitade: punky and sassy. She always add a touch of flavor to her songs and it depends on you if it can fit your tastes on music or not. But for me, I only posted this for the sake of sharing the download with y’all… LOL. So here it is XD:



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