First Look: I ♥ HS


I have a new favorite manga!!! It’s by one of my favorite authors, Mayumi Yokoyama, who’s behind Bijo Juku and Aitsu ni Koishita Yottsu no Wake. Yeah I know that it’s bias to name a manga a “favorite” already only for its first chapter but I must say that Yokoyama-sensei did it again.

What I really love about her works is because of course, of the plot. It’s simple, yet cute and it’s something that could be related to. Plus I’m such a huge sucker from school life series with cool students. Next, the characters itself. I mean, they’re cliche’d but whatever…I totally dig the fashion and the bishies ^^.


So here’s the story: 5 kids, 1 huge bully. The bully, Yamato, definitely made the lives of his “pals” miserable so when they grew up, they’re traumatized of their pasts. Kiyomichi was bullied by being showered by a basin of water while cleaning. Marika, was an overweight who got tied up while Yamato ate her precious snacks. Uran got chased by a snake, while Shouzo had been made like a punch bag on a tree. Probably the worst of all was Megu, since she was bullied real hard, that any kid grown up would still be traumatized.

Suddenly, Yamato was separated to them, and for several years until high school, the 5 kids grew up as cool students at Niji High School.


Megu had been the resident cool girl in school while Shouzo does not wear his glasses anymore.


Shouzo saw something in the train station that made him, and would probably his other childhood friends unhappy: Yamato is back on town. Megu was shock too.


Megu gets home and encounters a thief but…


It’s Yamato!


If I were Megu I would have called the police and have him arrested for both trespassing and sexual abuse… But Yamato is so hot that I’ll let him by XD Muwahaha lol.


“Good Friends” for you = “Bad Bully” to them XD


What the hell? You didn’t even confessed to her or something Arrgh!!! Well it’s too early for that lol…. Anyway, moving on to the next day we get to see how Megu and Yamato’s other childhood friends are doing and have become…


Marika Banzai became a high-class girl who loves music…


Kiyomichi became the resident playboy while Uran gained figure and captures a lot of guys’ attention. Megu called upon all of them, including Shouzo too, to conduct a meeting.


The childhood reunion was cut off shortly when Megu breaks them the news that Yamato is back… And Megu wants their help to prevent Yamato’s departure to America tomorrow and to at least make him see them again after several years.


Uhh… they don’t seem to be interested..


But they came along anyway…


And now to raid over Yamato’s apartment, it cannot be that easy. So each of them proves their “abilities” to progress…


Uran used the “Teh Seduction” technique and pretended her puppy is missing but her own “puppies” caught more the interest of the guards… Kiyomichi proved how stud he is as he tried out his “Teh Seduction” technique too to the old lady lol being an Uran or a Kiyo in real life can be pretty much handy XD May I try it sometime too XD… Oh, and Shouzo failed… Poor tsundere tsk tsk..


Megu now got off to Yamato’s room but she noticed he isn’t there…


Uhh… Whut?


Megu would almost got raep’d caught but well duh cliche Yamato came to the very last minute to the rescue!!!


Uhh… so he was just watching her all along XDDD…


Love this picture ^___^!!!!! And I love Uran’s boots! Can I have ’em? Pretty Please?


So they escaped… Ooh I see potential pairings…







So that’s the first chapter. I honestly love it so much I re-read it 4 times already XDD… I love each and everyone of them and it looks so much interesting to know some developments since I see Yamato x Megu, Shouzo x Marika and Kiyo x Uran in here!!!


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11 Responses to “First Look: I ♥ HS”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Oh wow, a favorite already? Well then, I’ll just have to be adding this to my reading list. From this post it really does look like an awesome manga.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 71

  2. Hotaru says:

    Just read it!
    Seems like a promising series…for my tastes at least.

  3. kitari says:

    OMG. I have been a bad girl. :huhu:
    I actually saw this being uploaded at mangafox one day and decided to skip it because I didn’t like something about it but I’ve misjudged!

    I think I’m going to put this on my reading list~

  4. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah, it’s quite unfair to favorite a manga already but I lovelovelove it to bits ^^

    @Hotaru: I agree. It fits to my tastes too ^^

    @kitari: Hope you’ll like this one when you read it ^_^

  5. Ashelea says:

    :blush: Oooh must definitely read this one! Based on this post, you really got me interested on a mangaka I’m not familiar yet with!

  6. Dubby says:

    I’ll be honest and say I seriously did NOT expect this series to be so popular when we [yeah, I’m the brains behind the group ] decided to pick it up. XDD

    I’m really really glad. You just totally motivated me to scan chapter 2. >__<

    • kanzeon says:

      :aww: Oh my god I’m seriously happy that this really motivated you more ^^. Thank you for scanlating this nice series and more power ^__^

      • Dubby says:

        What most leechers need to realize is that for most of us scanlators, a simple “thank you” can do so much. Whenever I see people pleased with the scanlations I help produce, it gives me such a great feeling. The hours I slave to get this done actually feel worthwhile! T.T

        I will say a bit of a teaser though… chapter 2 is amazingly hot. Don’t be surprised if there are white stains on the page when you read it! (hahaha, I’m totally kidding XD)

        The unfortunate thing is I’ve only got up to chapter 2. I have to order the mag issues for c3+, and just seeing posts like this totally motivate me to do it ASAP!

        You’ve no idea how great of a feeling it is to have just a simple “thank you” reply. :omg:

        So I thank YOU!

  7. Jenny says:

    I read it on your recommendation and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Thanks. 🙂

  8. lilly says:

    this is a great manga!!! i love it!! :kyaa2: :oha:

  9. Amanda says:

    OMG! I just read it and WOW! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It’s cute and funny =) Especially the last bit in chapter 2 :ohohoho:

    :cute: :aww: :oha: :oha:

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