Doubt: Ch20 – The Ending


The shocking grand finale of Tonogai Yoshiki’s Doubt [Chapter 20]


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Oh my God what an ending it is. I’m totally speechless on how Doubt had been detailed and suspenseful throughtout the whole 20 chapters of the manga. It is absolutely mortifying to read this chapter at midnight (which I did lol), and nnooooooooo Hajime and Yuu TT_TT!!!

The ending can be both satisfying and dissatisfying depending on how the reader wants to accept the series. For me to be really honest, I’m expecting it to have a very tragic end but even thought I kept that in my mind, I’m still filled with suspenseful feelings and I still find it hard to breathe on every page. It’s really one heck of a ride and it reminds me so much of the Saw movie franchise. There’s really no escape, no matter what you do. With that, I was really astonished by how genius this series had been throughout.


And so far with the characters, I adore so much on how Rei pwned everyone and be as much of a bitch she could ever be. Damn her hypnotism powers! I never really imagined that Mitsuki was still alive but it was so shocking and yet sad at the end that Mitsuki will still kill Yuu under Rei’s hypnotism and it looks like it overpowered the feelings she has for him.

I really love Hajime. I fangirl-ed him throughout the series for he’s the most level-minded and cool of all the male characters. I was totally “OMG NO NOT HAJIME!” When Yuu started calling him on the phone. Ugh I hate it when my favborite character always ends up being killed! <strike>repeated that statement a hundred times already</strike>. Mitsuki was also awesome but it’s really shallow for her to overreact at some small things without confirming it. It does not mean that I hate her, but she could be a little more wiser.

Yuu had been a really great awesomesauce lead character and he had been with us while reading this manga, and since the story revolves around him, we get to get attached with him. It’s still a mystery if he survives though, but I believe that he’s so dead from the hands of Mitsuki, since he’s cornered already inside the hospital room. Sad and a tragic way to end the series with the evil winning and the good losing bt it’s just so awesome. So one word to describe this series is awesome. Even though it never gives you a pinch of second to breathe because of all that suspense and horror, it’s a wild ride. Tonogai Yoshiki did a really great job. So yeah, that wraps up a great horror manga. I have a lot to type more but I’m feeling sleepy already, so that’s all for now. See ya!

*cellphone rings*


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6 Responses to “Doubt: Ch20 – The Ending”

  1. Omisyth says:

    It was a great ending to an okay manga. It seemed really stretched out, not enough dialogue on each page was my main problem (great ending had more dialogue than the previous 3 chapters combined.)

    I love it when the evil person wins :mwahaha:

    Omisyth’s last blog post..Momentary Magnificence

  2. vandakiara says:

    Nooooo :huhu:
    I so cried when Hajime died… I’m mad now 😡

    I didn’t like the ending at all… the story was being strechted and then all of a sudden it ends like.. like that :doomed:

    I’m too depressed right now :-_-:

    vandakiara’s last blog post..Doubt – o final mais WTF

  3. darkwater66 says:

    This manga is so cool. I approve of the scary and shocking end!!! :oha:

  4. anon579 says:

    I would definitely like to have a sequel for this. WIth new contestants and stuff… it would be very interesting.

  5. foomafoo says:

    I read this manga because of you Kan!!! :hypno: the action and the thrill is really fun but I don’t really appreciate the reason why Mitsuki was hypnotized and all… and most of all how Rei revealed her existence during the latter chapters.

    Mitsuki was also being hypocrite. She must kill herself then since I DOUBT she hasn’t lied yet.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..The three of you are stoopid.

  6. jeanny says:

    T.T T.T T.T
    I hate that they killed Hajime at the very last chapter of the manga! I was almost happy that my favorite boy still lives but wtf Rei is a biatch!!! Argh i hated the ending. Mitsuki is stupid too!

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