Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 09 – The Girls Get Real


…And then there are four left… Now that the FINAL FOUR are up with almost everything they could think of, what would be in store for them this time?

Obligatory: Watch the OP!




*Pooof!* Now where are we? OMGWTFBBQ!!! We’re out of the screens!!! We’re in the real 3-d modern world!!! Now let me see how you look LIVE ACTION-style!!! Oops, before you enjoy, you’ll have to face a photoshoot! Now that you’r in the FINAL 4, we would like to know more about you!

Amu, since you’re the cool & spicy chick, we know you’re sassy and spunky, but we want you to show a more calm side of you! Misa, since you’re such a fierce stunner, I want to see another “BAM!” this time again! Sakura, you little carefree princess, I would like to see you flowing naturally! And Orihime, the clumsy bombshell, prove that you’re not a big-boobed hooch anymore and show cuteness and softness instead! Good luck girls!!!

Now let me see your live action counterparts!














AND NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!! Which girl would be in the Top 3 of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2… and most of all, which girl would you like to win??? You can also be a judge by comments and tell us what you think of the girls!

NOTE: There would be no more Girl of the Week next week, so that makes Amu an instant part of the Top 3!!! Congratulations Amu! Now you’ll just have to vote on who’ll join her!!! VOTE WISELY!!!

Anime-NTM C2 Final 4: VOTE!!!

  • Misa (33%, 69 Votes)
  • Sakura (39%, 80 Votes)
  • Orihime (28%, 57 Votes)

Total Votes: 206

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VOTING IS OVER. View the results here.


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19 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 09 – The Girls Get Real”

  1. Kitsune says:

    Amu: Too much pink and colors are too saturated.

    Misa: Too much bling 😛

    Orihime: Too artificial.

    Sakura: Yes!

  2. Rockfest says:

    Nagi > All!
    Amu – Not cool and spicy enough
    Misa – A bit random, should be focused on the character, rather than the accessories
    Sakura – Very nice, but it’s all about eye-contact
    Orihime – You sure that’s not Shirley in that last picture?

  3. Hotaru says:

    That is totally Shirley, not Orihime….

    Sakura looks very nice 🙂

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    Awesome! I love this idea~ It’s only downside is that you have to hope the cosplayers are doing a good job. But that’s not a problem here. I think it’s all well-done (cosplayers like this make me feel so inferior!). Once again though I suppose the credit is all owed to you for finding all the awesome pictures.

    Let’s see, as for me I think the best image is Sakura’s. I was thrown off by the hair for a minute, but then I realized it’s actually the color used in the manga and the OAvs not the anime (hahaha, good). She certainly did capture that carefree princess aspect I think.

    And I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to judge awesome cosplayers at all to explain why I didn’t choose them. Just…Sakura is the best.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..rabu~ is in the air

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Lol but pink is really the color of Amu, and lol at the Orihime comment XD

    @Rockefest and Hotaru: Thanks for the comments. OMG when I searched “Orihime cosplay” on Photobucket, this had shown up and I thought that it can be unnoticable and it really looks a lot like Orihime (but the outfit is so Shirley lol) I’m very sorry for that T_T…

    @FuyuMaiden: Yea lol, because I also have no idea how to do the next panel without hurting the real people who made this XDDD… But those really are the best cosplays I’ve found in every corner of the web for everyone so welcome ^^.

  6. Xiao says:

    Wonderful~ You really come up with the greatest ideas for shoots. *applauds you* 😀

    Kyaa~! Nagi looks so cute and pretty! I expected no less of a goddess! X3333

    Alright, so here goes:

    Amu: Loli gone wrong. That’s not Amu (though the cosplay does look nice). Where are my beautiful gold-brown eyes?! D:< And Amu doesn’t need rose petals to look calm! I’m glad Amu’s safe for this round cuz with that stand-in shoot, she would’ve been ousted out. NEXT!

    Misa: Sweetheart, we want BAM!. And cardboard toys won’t help you. Ugh, and your arms and all those things are blocking the outfit. And you have the best outfit this round and we can’t even see it. -__- Well, at least she’s making improvements on her face again. I want to see FIERCE! bitch, YEA?!

    Sakura: The hairspray is so obvious. Too obvious. There’s no flow! The wind’s blowing but there’s no flow! It’s the hair that determines the critical point in our lives and there’s NO flow! And what the hell? Did you get lost crossing dimensions? Are you even in Tokyo anymore? D8

    Orihime: Y’know I’m starting to understand why the dead are more appreciated when they’re…well, dead. Vote goes to stand-in (Shirley), not Orihime. God, how many photo shoots did this chit skip out on and she’s still in the race? And she called in Shirley (who’s so much better than her) from the grave to pose? D:<

    Aha~, sorry about the spoiler. Please cut that out if you think it’s necessary. |D;

    Man, I think the real bitchiness of the competition is finally getting to me. Is that a good or a bad thing? lol xD;

    Thanks for another great episode! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Valentines Banner and Theme Change!

  7. foomafoo says:

    Misa’s accessories are annoying
    :doomed: Where’s Orihime?
    Sakura is the most decent of all
    That Amu doesn’t look like Cool and Spicy at all.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Comparative Analysis: Minorin

  8. mikaino says:

    OMG Nagi’s hair is so cool!!! I wish I have a hair like that XD Okay, here goes my impression to the girls:
    Misa: Woot! Nice bling, The hands are quite fabulous! :zsnap:
    Sakura: That look was sweet :aww: But too much brightness..Hngghh..
    Amu: No Coolness nor Spicyness.. Just destroying a flower
    Orihime: I think that is Shirley from Code Geass, Look at the uniform :mwahaha:
    Sadly, I think Orihime will leave since Amu is automatically safe…

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  10. kanzeon says:

    @Xiao Jie: As expected from our resident judge, fierce critiques! Thanks again Xiao ^^. I’ll promise I’ll make something to get back to you helping me here ^^

    @foomafoo: Lol sry… Shirley replaced her XDD… just think of her as Orihime instead lol…

    @mikaino: Lol I also thought that the Nagi cosplayer is so awesome!

    @tsui: cheering much?

  11. amayalee says:

    They are all so good! I don’t know how you always end up stumping me, but I always have trouble on who to vote for… :huhu:

    amayalee’s last blog post..Palace of Stars

  12. La.La.La. says:

    OMG the Sakura photo is so beautifoooool! Voting her!!!

  13. Xiao says:

    Aww~, thank you but you really don’t have to. I’m very happy enough that you made me a judge for your fabulous FIERCE! competition. You spoil me! I feel so unworthy~! :huhu:

    lol But really, thank you. ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 69

  14. Zoe says:


  15. irem says:

    OMG! I’m gonna hang the Nagi on my wall.. So good tho I’m a girl I have to admit :heh:

    btw there will be a hot 3D guys contest? right, right ? :nosebleeds:

    irem’s last blog post..Stranger – Mukou Hadan {Sword of the Stranger} ~ "Filmin Kahramanı; Tobimaru!"

  16. Thats not Sakura! Doesnt look like Sakura at all.

  17. animecrazy124 says:

    i dont know…….. i guess sakura…. :bunny:

  18. Akina says:

    all so cute….. 😥 I wish I was cute :huhu:

  19. Indeed they are all cute. I like the eyes of Orihime and Sakura’s hair. I love them all.

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