Persona 4: Ch 1-2 – We are living our lives~~~

This is the manga adaptation of the PS2 game recently released last year, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

The protagonist is another transfer student. But this time, he looks like he has signs of having a family background, unlike in Persona 3.

Doujima Ryoutarou [Hierophant Arcana] – Too hot for his age.

So in the manga, the name of the game’s protagonist is Seta Souji. Just like in the Persona 3 manga, the protagonist was also given a name and it was Minato Arisato. I also noticed that Seto talks! Yay! That’s something that we couldn’t find in the game lol.

You’ll meet these people as the series progress 😉

…And encounter a weird kind of murder case: with corpses hanging on antennas.

Chie Satonaka [Chariot Arcana] – The energetic girl with a passion of Kung-Fu flicks.

Yousuke Hanamura [Magician Arcana] – *fangirl spasm* Awkward, clumsy, yet outspoken. 1000000000 times better than Junpei [Persona 3]

Tsundere Yousuke is so moe~

Chie seems to heard about the rumors about the urban legend of the Midnight Channel. When you look into the TV screen on a certain TV channel at midnight, you’ll see your other half.

And they tried…

And saw something…

Seto gets sucked in the TV

The trio suddenly realized that they all saw the same thing last night, and the person that much likely looked like the one they saw was Yousuke’s senpai.

They investigated more. And they ended up on Yousuke’s family appliance store, in which they try to get inside the television just like what Seto experienced last night. But since it was ineffective, they try it on a much bigger screen.

Seto gets sucked in again.


To be continued.

Kyahahaha~!!! This gave me a more better impression than the Persona 3 manga. This time, the main protagonist talks, and I think that the art is neat and fine. I think I’ll continue eading the manga, since I want to know how would they make it stand as a “manga adaptation”. I also wonder how they could handle the arcs and the routes of the storyline. Plus I’m a huge Shin Megami Tensei: fangirl so I won’t miss this one up.

I wanna tell everything on what would happen next since I finished the game already but it would spoil everyone lol so I’ll just keep my mouth shut for now XD. For those who haven’t played the game, it’s also a recommendable read for a modern mystery/adventure story with a dash of fantasy and mythology elements.


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7 Responses to “Persona 4: Ch 1-2 – We are living our lives~~~”

  1. meganeshounen says:

    First of all, BROsuke >>>> Junpei. 😀

    Secondly and unfortunately, the scanlators for the P4 manga aren’t fast enough churning out the chapters… or perhaps the raws are harder to find still.

    Anyway, Souji in the manga starts off being the “cool, aloof, distant transfer student”, but seeing that you’ve already finished the game, then you already know what’s he capable of turning into…

    I’m waiting for Risecchi’s eventual appearance… even if it’ll take a few more chapters or volumes… *sigh*

  2. foomafoo says:

    Idiot Chie and Yosuke. They really bothered to try touching the screen lolz.

    I was actually waiting for Nanako’s — Everyday’s great at your Junes~ but the tv is all about that announcer!

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Birdy Decode 02

  3. NyaChan says:

    For some reason it’s weird seeing the protagonist talk. And is it just me or is Saki-Senpai much more recognizable in the manga? xD;

    And there are so many things reading this/replaying P4 that I WISH I could do. *coughkickthegasattendantcoughcough*

    NyaChan’s last blog post..Gamer Talk [02.01.09] — Going IMAGINE Crazy!

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  5. pratiwi says:

    the game is harder than p3 omg………. i can’t deveat the shadows…………… T.T :dead: 😆

    but i love it……….. :kyaa: :cute: :glares: :cheer: 😳

  6. batrisyia says:

    hai 🙂 bila nak main 😳

  7. Lightning says:

    The links…..DIED!!!!

    I cannot see anything!!!!!!!

    Plz fix it!!!!!!!!!

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