My Much-Awaited Games of 2009

PhotobucketHere are my much-awaited games for this year. Most of the games in this list are PS3 and Xbox 360 games only because that’s all I have lol. Keep in mind that they are only based by my own taste of gaming and opinion. Yeah, I’m more of an Action/RPG/Survival freak XD.



Release Dates:
JP – March 5, 2009
NA – March 13, 2009
PAL – March 13, 2009

RE5 is set to debut for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will be developed and published by Capcom. Resident Evil 5 is scheduled for release on March 5, 2009 in Japan, and March 13, 2009 in North America and Europe. The main playable character as Chris Redfield and the game takes place roughly ten years after the events of the original Resident Evil. The story will explore Chris’ life during the ten year interval between the two games. During the game’s events, he is a member of a group known as Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), and sent to investigate an incident in a desert area that serves as the game’s setting. Sheva Alomar will follow Redfield, while supplying him with ammo and support. She will also be able to engage enemies, and will require the player’s assistance from time to time.

I really like on how Resident Evil provides background for different characters now, and this time it focuses on Chris. Cool action going on so definitely looking forward for this one. Lol at the racist comments Capcom gets too with this trailer XD.




Release Dates:
JP – February 19, 2009
NA – March 3, 2009
EU – April 24, 2009

This is the next installment in the Star Ocean series and an Xbox 360 exclusive. Famitsu has revealed that the battle system will now feature 4 party members, and be more team-oriented. The hero’s name is Edge Maverick, while the heroine is named Reimi Saionji. The game will also feature more of a sci-fi emphasis than past titles with the ability to control your own ship. It’s been said this ship is quite large, and will be able to land on at least 5 planets or other space-based destinations. One will be able to travel through the “star ocean,” jumping across planets. The game will also take place a few centuries before the original Star Ocean (around S.D. 10, or approximately 2097 AD).

Man, I hate it when I can’t settle between two consoles. I would have kept my XBox 360 not only for this game. Gah I hate “exclusive”-titled games.




This game is PS3 exclusive and is developed by French studio Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3. Director David Cage noted that Heavy Rain “will be a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes”, without any supernatural elements. The game will feature a story that is interactively “bendable”, similar to Fahrenheit, his previous creation. It’s been told by the creators that “the character control mechanism is an essential part in playing Heavy Rain“, and is different from the system used in Fahrenheit.

[Btw, the video is the actual gameplay footage] This is like a movie! Lolz. The camera angles makes me dizzy for it switches too much but what I really find interesting is the movements and the interaction. And since I liked Farenheit, I’m definitely looking forward to this game.




The concept for Final Fantasy XIII’s battle system is to maintain the strategic nature of command-based battles. The system stemmed from a desire to create battles similar to those found in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Like those in Final Fantasy XII, battle sequences are integrated into the world environment. The Active Time Battle (ATB) system will return, but is expected to work differently from its predecessors.The plot focuses on the fal’Cie, a race existing beyond humanity. The people marked by the fal’Cie for a greater purpose are named the l’Cie. Some 13 centuries ago, a mythical Crystal told the fal’Cie to construct a paradise for humanity. In present day, the wilderness of Pulse has strange effects on people, and the Holy Government of Cocoon quarantines and exiles from the city anyone who has been influenced by Pulse. A woman codenamed Lightning is chosen by the Crystals to be the enemy of humanity and bring about the downfall of the world.

Well, I hope this brings up the very disappointing Final Fantasy 12. But so far everything reeks of awesomeness. The battle scenario looks cool and interesting, plus Lightning’s smokin’ hot. Btw, Final Fantasy Versus 13 (the one kanzeon’s fangirling for like, the whole last year..) is a different game compared to this one, with different worlds, and diferent characters.




Exclusively for the PlayStation 3, God of War 3 is the fourth installation of the God of War series. The tagline for the game is “In the end, there will be only chaos”. God of War director David Jaffe has said that, “God of War explains, or ultimately will explain, why there are no more Greek myths.” He has also stated that it will be “hell on earth” as the gods and the titans battle each other for domination, and that the series will explore the question of whether “man needs god”. Though Jaffe and Barlog left Sony for other opportunities, they are still credited for the series and will possibly be involved in this installment.

Hahaha! God of War addict here! Definitely dying to play this game!




This is an upcoming action and survival video game by Ubisoft to be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in Chicago after a major-scale disaster with a yet-unknown cause, and tells the story of a man named Adam. The gameplay is said to focus more on character interaction and problem solving. The game will also challenge players to make “life-changing decisions”. The game was announced at the end of Ubisoft’s E3 2008 conference. The game is said to be released at Spring 2009.

Lol looks like there’s not too much water in the world XD kidding… The trailer looks promising. Plus, I had gotten some I Am Legend/ Cloverfield vibes in it with its apocalyptic themes.


I also had more in my list. Like KillZone 2, Street Fighter IV, Afro Samurai, Infamous, and Prototype. So much good games coming out next year so I better save on some moneyz NAO!



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9 Responses to “My Much-Awaited Games of 2009”

  1. 67 says:

    Helpful Nintendo
    Material Resources

    Taken from the video: […]…

  2. 7 says:

    There goes my savings for the year 2009. 🙁
    Can’t wait for FFXIII and FFXIII versus.

  3. Kitsune says:

    Final Fantasy looks nice 🙂

  4. mikaino says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that you’re a huge fan of RPG and Action games. Why me too, I’m a fan of ’em, but not those Survival games 🙁
    I’m also looking forward to Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy 13, the game “I am alive” is kinda interesting, since the trailer is amazing.

  5. Xiao says:


    The narrator in the Star Ocean trailer made me laugh a little. Trying to sound intimidating and mysterious at the same time while remaining calm doesn’t seem easy after all. ^^;
    Ooo, but I like the character designs. Hmm, too bad I can’t sit in front of the TV playing video games too long. It gets me dizzy and nauseous. 🙁

    *gasp* OMG, FF 13! 8DDDD
    Lightning looks so f***in’ awesome and the music and the animation quality are just excellent (from trailer anyways). O.O
    *sigh* Really sad now that I won’t be able to play it. Dx

  6. foomafoo says:

    I’d like to see Star Ocean iv. It has very nice cities and maps. It reminds me of RF Online lulz.

    -FFxiii!!! . Who is not waiting for FF anyways… Too sad its for PS3 T_T

  7. kanzeon says:

    Lol I honestly don’t know anything of them except for Star Ocean and FF3… But I’m more looking forward to FFVersus 13 :3

  8. I seriously need a Ps3.

  9. Paul Andre says:

    What a nice theme


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