Kuroshitsuji ED2 – Lacrimosa by Kalafina

[:Download Lacrimosa TV Size Mp3:]

The full single would be released on March 4, 2009 under their first album, Seventh Heaven.


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5 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji ED2 – Lacrimosa by Kalafina”

  1. Lunatique says:

    T.T March 4th….

  2. YuaXIII says:

    OMFG the song is so pretty, i love it ;;;___;;;;
    wuaaaaaah I cant wait for Maaarch

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Lunatique: Yeah T.T it’s sooo… far ahead…

    @YuaXIII: I agree ^^ the song is so pretty.

  4. Aya-chan says:

    :blush: Sankyou for sharing!!
    but im agree as well..
    MARCH 4!!! OMFG!! >.< i don`t know if i can wait that far!! :dead: :dun: :bunny: :-_-: :fly:

  5. LuluChan92 says:

    The good thing when being late watching an anime series is that you don’t have to wait for the OSTs and other things to come out… I LOVE IT!!!

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