Kirepapa: 02 [END] – Single Daddies (Put A Ring On It)


Lol at the Beyonce song rip-off title XDD Second and final volume of Kirepapa!!!

[WARNING: BL/YAOI – Don’t continue if you don’t want to see guys banging the hell out of each other! Lol, I’m exaggerating XDD~]

Chisato can’t seem to accept Shin for his son Riju. No matter how much he looks like the star of his favorite drama show. With this, Riju elopes with his lover Shin and heads on towards the the inn of Chisato’s family. Then we meet the Chisato family. And oh look at the fountain of youth! Lol that’s a yaoi rule: you’ll still look hot no matter how old you are XDD~. Even the father O.o…

Chisato also reveals to his father that he’s currently dating Shunsuke but his father disapproves of it, since Shunsuke is way much younger than him, and he’s his son’s friend. Meanwhile, Riju and Shin gets lovey-dovey as usual.

At the end, Shunsuke proves that he’s worth Chisato, no matter how Chisato’s father tests him. Riju seems quite happy that his father is happy as well that his relationship with Shin is alright, even though his father still show some signs of overprotectiveness.

So here goes the photo spam (click the images for full resolutions):

Kanzie’s thoughts…

Although Kirepapa had been flooded with overused cliches, I still appreciate it’s light humor, which makes it a good watch to pass time. It’s light, sexy and very funny (plus ponty-teeth-chibi is win!). It never fails to give a couple of giggles. This episode was not much as better than the first one. The downside of this episode is that it has less smut (real ones, since all smut only happens in Chisato’s hallucinations lol), and the quality dropped a few notches. But overall, it was nice and still entertaining.

P.S. – Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. raspberryfudge says:

    :nosebleeds: OMG some pics you posted are so hot!

  2. kanzeon says:

    Lol *gives tissues* to raspberryfudge

  3. Nana says:

    I just died and went to heaven *nosebleed* *Runs off to watch OVA 2*

  4. ANITRAM says:

    I LOVE IT SW MUCH :love:

  5. ANITRAM says:

    i love it :love: cant it cotineu ? :aww:

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  7. Ladiee101 says:

    ….I need a tissue :nosebleeds:

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