Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 06 – The Girls Think Green!


Now it’s down to the final 6! Do you smell that fresh breeze? It is beause the girls would be having a photo shoot at countryside! Plus, if you think it would be all too easy-breezy, then think again, because the girls will be paired with each other!

Obligatory: Watch the OP!




Do you think you girls know each other well? Maybe this far in the competition you already have a hint of each others’ strengths and weaknesses. That’s why this round, I’ll pair each one of you to another girl! The set for this photoshoot is Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~‘s peaceful, countryside haven. So feel free to play with the elements of the peaceful countryside! I’ll give you guide tips for this photo shoot: maintain to look fresh, be natural and stand out! It depends on your strategy on how will you stand out. You can move, etc. Good luck girls and after this, the FINAL 5 would be left so give it all you’ve got and PWN your partners!


So now let’s proceed to the pairs’ best shots…










NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Which girl got PWNED by their partners? Which stood out? Now’s your chance to vote for the girl who do you think did best this round! Vote wisely!

Anime-NTM C2 Episode 6 Voting

  • Shana (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Sakura (15%, 13 Votes)
  • Amu (14%, 12 Votes)
  • Yuki (15%, 13 Votes)
  • Orihime (36%, 32 Votes)
  • Automatically Safe: Misa (16%, 14 Votes)

Total Votes: 88

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12 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 06 – The Girls Think Green!”

  1. Ashe says:

    OMG the best overall combination is Misa and Orihime they’re like playing happily on the meadow… So refreshing… So here’s what I say…

    Shana + Sakura = SAKURA pwned Shana. LOL the photo would have been better if Sakura’s wand hit Shana’s head XD

    Amu + Yuki = YUKI pwned Amu… Sorry to say that but Amu looks miserably falling…

    Orihime + Misa = They’re both so good! I love them both! Misa looks very pretty!

    Since Misa is already girl of the week and auto-saved, I’m voting for Orihime this round because she’s refreshing, and everything Nagi had said in her directions, great job for her… And good for her that she managed to stay longer (and do better) than Rukia from the first cycle ^_^

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    Hm. Hard to choose this week again. I think Orihime and Sakura are among the best. Surprisingly Yuki is up there too in my opinion. She feels awkward but her clothes and (usual) expression seem somewhat fitting. Only thing is the headphones don’t feel like they fit in the country setting.

    Shana doesn’t seem to fit at all to me (like she’s not even trying) and Misa feels like she’s trying to fit in, but not quite (her dress looks too fancy to me somehow, and her smile is just screaming FAKE). And Amu feels like she’s a little out of place. Cool & Spicy and general awwsomeness doesn’t really fit in the country so much.

    As pairings though things are different. I’d rank Shana and Sakura at the top, Orihime and Misa next, and Yuki and Amu at the bottom by the way they pose with each other. Part of me can’t help but feel Amu got lost because Yuki’s always in her own world and they couldn’t really pose to worth with each other like the others.

    Hmm…so because you totally threw me with pairing them up together I have no clue which way I want to vote yet. I’m guessing Sakura though, but (as usual) I want to keep thinking.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..SoraKake Girl – Kawai Honoka is awwsome.

  3. warriorhope says:

    I like Orihime the best this week. She just seems to fit in the country the best.

    Poor Amu. This isn’t a good week for her.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Doki!-Episode 15

  4. 53RG10 says:

    Oh, Orihime is still in the game? :sweat:

    If it wasn’t for this shoot I would have forgotten about her! XD

    My vote goes to Orihime! ^_^’

    53RG10’s last blog post..[Unimportant Post] MOAR Image Fixing

  5. Xiao says:

    Ooooohhhh~! I like this one! Hehehe! >:D

    Especially the countryside theme. It’s a nice break from all the FIERCE!ness of the competition. Of course, not completely. The girls still have to look FIERCE! while being relaxed. That = mark of a pro. ;D

    Ok, so how should I do this? Individually or in pairs? Hmm…I choose the latter but will still give each girl separate comments. X3

    Shana & Sakura: Yay! Warm weather~! <3 And one word to describe the mismatched pair: AWKWARD.
    Shana looks like she’s holding onto Sakura’s staff to keep herself from falling flat on her butt or like she wants to rip it away from her and start doing violent things. “I can’t believe I ended up with you! And what’s this?! A toy?! HA! Trying to mock me because you won SaiMoe and I didn’t?!. Oiya, oiya…
    Deduct more points for the school uniform (c’mon, girls, we’re already in the 6th round) and that pose. She doesn’t look comfortable at all. It’s so stiff and forced, I don’t know how she can manage to smile as if it’s not affecting her. Sakura clearly takes this photo.
    Hmm, suggestions for Sakura, though: Lose the staff and get a cute handbag or something, skirts look nicer than gym shorts, exchange the sneakers for sandals and a small hair accessory or sun hat wouldn’t be so bad either. The clothes, hun, the clothes. *snapsnapsnap*

    Amu & Yuki: Autumn walk. Nice~. |D
    They complement each other well. At least the clothes do. Very fitting outfits.
    But while Amu is looking nice and normal (kyaa, nice subtle flirty glance towards the camera, that’s just win!), Yuki looks like a badly tilted hologram or some cardboard cutout of herself. *checks* … :argh: Ok~, being late or having a stand-in really pisses me off but when you’re not even here for the shoot and use an object as substitute instead, makes me want to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!1one *tears “Yuki” to pieces* Dx<

    Orihime & Misa: Best shot out of the three. A really refreshing photo. I like the dresses. And the breeze just makes everything look lovely. Bee-yuu-tee-fuhl~. ^^
    The pair looks good but are they really? Hmm. Well, no doubt Orihime is the best this week. Why didn’t you show us this wonderful side of you sooner, huh? Chit. -_-;
    On Misa… :zsnap: What the hell is with up with that face?! Get back to being a bitch right now! I am not pleased! If you’re going to start out bitchy, then you’re going to end bitchy and make bitchy look good! UNDERSTAND?! >8(

    …Yea, I was more laidback for this round (lol, whut?). I don’t know who I should vote for, though, so I guess I’ll just wait until the end of the week again.
    Thanks for another awesome episode! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Tune in to

  6. latty says:

    I really like Orihime and Misa’s photo the most. I downloaded it to be my wallpaper ^^ Thank you 😀

  7. issa-sa says:

    I’s amazing, this is the first time Orihime looks anything like what I remember her from Bleach… and the picture’s great!

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Round (the) Shikoku Blog Tour – with Asuka! (Wut??)

  8. foomafoo says:

    Sakura – *Flame Haze card acquired!* 😉

    Amu is boring this week… what a shame I thought she was doing fine this last few weeks… :bunny:

    I like Misa and Orihime’s pairing very much :clap:

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Fox, Frog, and Fillers

  9. galactic_fairy says:

    :cheer: O-R-I-H-I-M-E! :cheer:

    Orihime has the best shot most definitely in this photoshoot. I just had to vote for her, especially since it’s from my favorite color spread from Bleach. (It’s really too bad Rukia couldn’t have used this picture. She really was ah-dorable in that picture too. )

  10. Can I vote for Nagi-sama?

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..An Anime Blog Without Anime Blog Posts!?

  11. I am new at this but I like the photos and the dresses

  12. lola sha na says:

    :aww: wow i love it its like a dream come true!!! :XD: 4 sho sakura is gonna win!!! she so cute :mwahaha: who said that anime can be as sexy as top model!!! 😡 :mwahaha: :glares:

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