Quick Bits [12/11/08]


  • Valkyria Chronicles anime website had been updated.
  • KuroKami second PV [DailyMotion link]
  • Eureka Seven movie: Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN: Pocket ga Niji de Ippai will open in Theater Shinjuku and Theater Umeda during Japan’s Golden Week (April 29 – May 5).
  • The 2nd ED of Kuroshitsuji will be “Lacrimosa” by Kalafina. [source] [Kalafina’s upcoming single – fairytale]
  • New Kara no Kyoukai DVD 4-5 Promo Trailer here.
  • Ani-NTM 2 update: Shana is still on the lead, followed by Nanoha and Rika. Finished making all of the girls’ photos for the next photoshoot, so I’ll just cancel the photo of the girl who would be eliminated. Tomorrow will be your last full day to vote, so for those who still haven’t voted, VOTE NOW!!!

Song bits: Perfume – Dream Fighter


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5 Responses to “Quick Bits [12/11/08]”

  1. Kitsune says:

    Nice Kuroshitsuji image and Perfume song 🙂

  2. nazarielle says:

    Hmm.. that Kurokami PV shows promise, but I’m still rather wary, because it’s Sunrise D:

    Also I swear the male talking there is a seiyuu I know from something.


  4. Xiao says:

    Kurokami looks guuuud~. 😀 And the main guy’s seiyuu voiced for Fai. Awesome.

    & the MV was very nice. ^^ Though I’m wondering if your snow is making the video all wanky or not. It keeps on stopping itself for some reason. :/ Or maybe it’s just my old comp. Hmm.

    …*goes on youtube to listen to Perfume now* 🙂

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: I really love the Christmas Kuroshit image and I’m excited to make a banner soon 🙂

    @nazarielle: As what xiao_jie said, the seiyuu for the lead guy here was the one who voiced Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles ^_^

    @Kairu: Hell yea~

    @xiao_jie: Does the vid encounters problems up until now. Seems to me it’s alright even with the snow. Anyways, I really love this song 🙂

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