Kuroshitsuji Ch 27-28 ~a tale of misleadingness

Trust me, this isn’t from a doujinshi or somethin’… but SOMETHING happened to poor Ciel (twice ;P)…

(lol think I said that line way back ago… XD)







You’ve been tricked! XD [lol how I love misleading posts]

Nothing really happened like what’s in your head (unfortunately) because I just cropped and put altogether the misleading situations on Kuroshitsuji manga chapters 27 to 28 XD… Now go and read the manga because it’s just awesome. The anime’s awesome too ^_^ but the manga’s ahead of it, though lol.

Lol for sure I would be in Santa’s “naughty” list with what I’ve done XP…


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5 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji Ch 27-28 ~a tale of misleadingness”

  1. issa-sa says:

    Oh, you just reminded me… to go watch the anime, lol.

  2. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: The anime doesn’t follow the manga though for at least a couple of episodes (but it’s still good! ^_^)

  3. irem says:

    In the last two chapters, Sebby was scary for real O_O! And we saw a smiling Ciel, though it was fake :lol, still cute ^_^

  4. Seconded.. Totally misleading.

  5. PheiChi says:

    WOOOOW I love you *A* You totally screwed up the manga and made me reaaaally wanna read it XDD

    Although, I did think some parts were… somewhat out of place… XDD

    And… that other post with the corset…
    The mangaka got turned on while she drew that. Her dream is to do a yaoi manga.
    And also to make her fangirls squeel.


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