Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 10-11

Catch-up post! Tsui filling in for Kanzie!


Episode 10: A woman fooled by honey-coated words…

Kazuya may be a rich kid but he has a dysfunctional family. He is seen at the start delivering some newspapers, even though his father has a stable living. The truth is, his father is a very busy man who only pays attention to his son while his mother is a woman of vanity but in need of affection and flattery.

It is implied that his mother is very much attracted to the kimonos being sold by a man who often visits their residence. And that man always wins her heart(and cold hard cash) by complimenting her and saying how good she looks at in the kimonos he’s selling. Because of that, Kazuya blames this man of their family problems.

He already contracted the Hotline to Hell. Thinking that his disappearance would finally gt his family out of this situation, and it was confirmed on the upcoming school marathon. Kazuya finally witnessed that the man was only taking advantage of his mother to sell out his old kimonos. With that, he finally pulled the string. After sending him to Hell, Kazuya thought that finally, his life would be better, but nothing changed. His parents were still estranged and his mother had a moved to a new kimono salesman.


Well overall this episode was just like any other generic JS episode, the protagonist of the episode is just trying to figure out whether to send this guy to hell or not. But there’s so much symbolism though that I still don’t get… Like the goldfish, I even researched it and it says that Goldfishes imply sensual thoughts, harmony, etc.. heck. All I know is that goldfishes are ugly, except for their bodies… Lol at the Dragonball-fied punishment too XD…




Episode 11 starts off with a kid murdering a girl atop of a building by making her fall in it while her legs are tied in a fallin barbels. Probably the reason why he did this is because he got influenced by a currently-published mystery novel “Shadow of the Sky High Building”, which is very popular amongst the youth in the town as well as it influences serial killers in Tokyo. Kamisaka Rokudo, which happens to be the author, seems to be not happy about it and at the same time he can’t do anything about it.

Asaba Sumi, a reporter, interviews Rokudo. Rokudo tells her that he doesn’t want such things to happen while she also believes that he’s innocent and the author should be given proper judgement. A call then comes in, saying that the kid killer had been arrested. Sumi then says that she’ll support his side on the upcoming issue of a local magazine, but the truth doesn’t seem to come out and both ended up being disappointed because what Rokudo actually said didn’t came out on the magazine. Sumi became very angry to her manager too. Enter Michiyo Yui, the sister of the killer’s victim and the threesome begins.

The three talked to each others in a cafe and explained each side of their story. Sumi and Rokudo showed their disappointment and Yui said that when she visited the killer at prison, he blames the author, but Sumi had heard about how the murderer reduced his sentence by pretending to be incapable of distinguishing reality and fantasy. So finally, Yui thought that the one to blame really is the killer. Sumi and Rokudo had their targets as well, and the three planned to contact the Hotline to Hell.

Now here comes the main event, the three pulled the strings altogether for their different targets and lol at how the Jigoku Tsuushin had been so busy for a long time again. Yui’s target is of course the serial killer who killed her sister; Sumi pulled the string for her manager, for he hides the real truth for publicity; and Rokudo unexpectedly pulled the string for his officemate, who actually shows sympathy to him. After the three got thrown down the building as punishments to get sent to Hell, the protagonists thought that everything would be finally alright so Rokudo suggested that the three should hang out more often next. While getting a can of beer to celebrate, Rokudo got sent to Hell also and the culprit, the killer’s mother: for she thought that it’s his fault that his son’s got twisted.


Wow, just wow. This episode really is just extreme and Enma Ai’s Hotline to Hell is selling like pancakes in just a day! I really like what the writers had come up with on this triple tag-team contract but I guess Enma Ai just shows really no mercy (well, she does last time… but oh, she FAILED) at all which is AWESOME. And oh, Yuzuki? Will she ever do something?



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