Doubt: Chapter 17 -「PHOTO」


Doubt chapter 17 is out! And it features a surprising revelation and tells about the lie which Yuu made, that all started this game. [Horror/Morbidity, and HUGE spoilers ahead!]




Mitsuki returns as she was talking about she knows everything about Yuu and she’s been watching him so he should not play innocent. She’s was going to kill Hajime now in front of Yuu while he’s being strangled but she was surprised to see that Yuu and Hajime weren’t there anymore. Yuu and a weak Hajime are hiding under the staircase after Yuu took Hajime’s scalpel and cut the ropes that tied him.




Yuu and Hajime are running for escape but they figured out that all the doors are locked. (OMG it’s really hard to breathe while I’m reading this XD) Until they hear some banging of Mitsuki’s axe, they got more in panic. Yuu heard Mitsuki mentioning that Yuu’s running away again like what he did to that woman, which really intrigued Yuu.



Come out, come out wherever you are!



Mitsuki finally sees Yuu, which is ready to fight for everything that Mitsuki’s done. But Mitsuki suddenly brought up the truth on Yuu’s lie.


Kan chats…

Finally, Mitsuki reveals Yuu’s lie. Who’s that girl? Is she someone which made Mitsuki jealous? This manga is TOTALLY becoming unexpected and suspenseful every chapter! Every revelation opens up to a lot more questions. I don’t wanna guess anything at this point anymore because it’s becoming really twisted and surprising. I really can’t wait for frikkin’ December 12 for the next chapter to come out. Do you have any speculations about Doubt at this point? What can you say about this chapter?


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5 Responses to “Doubt: Chapter 17 -「PHOTO」”

  1. ffviiknight says:

    I’m surprised that Yuu got away in the first place. Mitsuki going all Oyashiro-sama crazy is nice 🙂

    As for that new mystery girl, your guess is as good as mines…

  2. kanzeon says:

    @ffviiknight: Yanderes ftw!!! She’s so scary when she’s chasing Yuu and Hajime that I really find it hard to breathe!!! (I was cheering for the two guys lol *Go Yuu-kun! Go Hajime!*)

    Anyway, what are your guesses for the new mystery girl??????? Tell me, tell me O_O *very curious* O_O

  3. Matt says:

    Amazing manga… I picked it up over sumer break and i was jumping out of my chair at some moments… First time a manga got me high strung… God, if they made this into an anime, wow, talk about intense…

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Matt: Yeah, this manga is really amazing. It’s really full of suspense 🙂

  5. Jac says:

    Does anyone know if the Rabbit Doubt cell phone strap was ever produced? ‘Cause how awesome would that be if it was!

    This twist was amazing! I never saw Mitsuki as the wolf, and I can usually figure these things out! I hate that onemanga only has a month to month update rate for this, because I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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