Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 03 – Santa Girls Are Coming To Town!


You better watch out, you better not cry! You better not pout I’m telling you why… The AnimeNTM girls are coming to town!!!!!

Nagi greets you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Hohohoho~!!! Merry Christmas to y’all! Now there’s only nine girls, why won’t we just take a break from fiercedom and to some fanservice? Tee hee! A little fanservice doesn’t hurt much here on Anime-NTM right? And that’s what this photo shoot about, but since Christmas is added, why won’t we dress up as smexy Santa’s Little Helprers? Yep!!! Good luck and again, Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

Here are the girls’ best shots:



Girl of the Week: MISA


























NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Christmas is coming but everyone still has no escape from being eliminated. Which of the nine remaining girls would get the cut and have a sad Christmas? Vote wisely!!!



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20 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 03 – Santa Girls Are Coming To Town!”

  1. nazarielle says:

    Oh my god Shana looks absolutely adorable :3

    Amu also looks really amazing, but Shana just fits so perfectly into Christmas attire, with her hair matching her clothes and her pendant. /swoon

  2. Kitsune says:

    Fanservice is a vague term… Sakura looks somewhat cute. The worst picture is for Nanoha – poor girl is freezing! 🙁

  3. biankita says:

    i’m still unable to get over the fact that misa is the girl of the week. -_-

    there’s something off about ranka. i can’t tell if it’s the breasts or the hat ^^ voted my usual girl!

  4. revolemina says:

    No matter how i look at it, Amu’s shot seems inexplicably weird, and Ranka’s flat chest is, er, painful to say the least. Shana’s primed for the semis, i’m sure of it..

  5. Xiao says:

    The fanboys will have a very happy Christmas. xDDD;;

    Nagi, you look so cute! <3


    Misa – Hot. So hot I’m surprised she didn’t melt the snow around her. xDDD;; I sound like a pervert but w/e. Awesome pose. Lovely expression. The outfit just screams “Santa’s “lil” helper” (LMAO). Thank god she is girl of the week for this week. The others wouldn’t have stood a chance (I’d still vote for the lolis, though, haha).
    Yep, much better than last week. Keep it up Misa! ^^

    Nanoha – Cute. But not enough adorableness and too much view of your panties. DO! NOT! WANT! ):<

    Orihime – Another stand-in?! =_=; This girl models better than she does! And no points even though there’s pocky! NEXT!

    Amu – Wonderful. At least she has some decency to use her leg to cover her undies. Nice smile. I like that outfit. It fits her character so well. Cool & Spicy. Hehe And she has her own mini-little helpers, too! Extra points for adding Ran, Miki and Suu in there! ^^

    Rika – Hmm…I can easily see that gift as a substitute for a donation box. *gives ten bucks to the real thing* Outfit is not original. The blushing is nice, though. Average.

    Sakura – Oh, you look adorable! & the teddy bear! X3 But the hat totally throws me off. D:

    Yuki – O.O What in the world happened to you?! …Bravo. This was a very nice shot except the extra appendages shooting in from the side are very distracting and maims the image. And not looking for sex appeal. =P

    Ranka – …I’ll be blunt. Are you her identical twin brother who no one would ever think of ever existing?

    Shana – OH! Oh oh oh! This is it! This is the one! It has everything “Santa” packaged! The cute outfit, the beautifully wrapped present (yes! No freakin’ sack!) with kyaa~! an angel Yuji charm (XD), that charming pose, and that very cute wink! 8D
    && there’s gigantic snowflakes in the background! And she turned her hair red to match!

    The next girl of the week is obvious. Two times in a row! Awesome, Shana! xDDD

    And since I’m assuming majority of the voters will give their votes to her…I’m going for Amu instead (though I’m going to hold off until actual Christmas day). Shana will be safe so I’d like to use my vote to help my other favorites if I can. ^^;

    Yay~! Thanx again for another awesome ep! X3 Can’t wait for the judging.

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    Are girls of the week cursed, because Misa didn’t pull of Santa-style very well (I think). Santa-style is more about fun and while hers is different, it makes me frown. I’m a Santa-style enthusiast and there’s just some classic styles you don’t mess with! MOAR CHEER! Less black!

    Outside of Amu, Shana, and Sakura, I think a lot of the others aren’t up to par. Rika especially (I feel bad for having to think she might be the worst again, but I don’t like her picture at all).

    I’m disappointed in Amu though. I know she can do a better Santa-style than that! Mahou shoujo are practically made for Santa-style! She has one of the best Santa images I’ve ever seen too! Of course it’s not available in quality because no one will scan it and I’m not willing to take a 1/3 chance of getting it with a $50 game. Ah, but this would be a great image if Amu’s face didn’t look so weird. Oh well. Popularity works to Amu’s advantage, probably even more than Rika.

    So…um yeah. This week it’s Sakura! No doubt. The best mahou shoujo ever is the best Santa-style. If she doesn’t rank highest this week, I go on the rampage. Of course, I couldn’t complain too much if Shana wins, since she’s my second favorite this week.

  7. mikaino says:

    Misa- She’s the most modelesque Santa I’ve ever seen (and her costume, is she not feeling chilly?)
    Sakura- Adorable! I hope that teddy is for me since I’m nice today, just kidding!
    Orihime- She’s blonde this week 😀 I’m jealous, she has pocky sticks. That’s my favorite snack!
    Shana- No background? o_o
    Ranka- I think her costume isn’t a Santa costume >_> Plus her flat-chests are scary O_O.
    Amu- o_o I remembered that pose.
    Rika- Her smile is freaking me out.
    Nanoha- Ugh.
    Yuki- The Santa alien. Still, her photo’s boooooringgg!!

  8. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: I also think Shana looks amazing ^_^

    @Kitsune: Christmas fanservice 🙂

    @biankita: Lol XD it’s the breasts. Nevermind that photoshopped hat though XD…

    @revolemina: Good thing that Ranka’s A-cups get more attention than that poorly photoshopped hat XD

    @xiao_jie: All of the Santa photos I’ve seen of Nanoha really had panties in them (and trust me, this is the only that doesn’t show much. Oh lol at the donation box thing for Rika, she really need some (but I think those fanboys would still vote for her and cause more controversy -_-) And If Shana would ever be GotW, it wouldn’t be twice in a row because Misa is the current GotW ^_^. About the coming panel, I’m still thinking of the next guest judge though.

    @FuyuMaiden: Misa is like a gothic Santa (lol). I found two Christmas images of Amu but the other one was more of a close-up so I just chose this one 🙂 And it seems like Sakura and Shana are head-to-head this week because they’re currently tied for the votes ^_^

    @mikaino: I really like it that you’ve mentioned “modelesque” in Misa because I also think that she also shows fashion other than just plain Santa 🙂 And Santa-alien O.O that’s mean XDDD but I likey.

  9. Whats wrong with the picture of Nagi? Somethings… wrong.

    Voted for Shana.
    Wait.. Some of the pictures are photoshopped?
    Wait.. Rika is the most boring pic ever (again).

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  11. 53RG10 says:

    Nagi’s head/face look too big for her body…

    I was jumping from Shana and Nanoha for a while…but I just had to give it to Shana since that image was a candidate for my PSP wallpaper! ^_^

    IMHO it really is the best of them.

  12. Xiao says:

    *sigh* That’s almost depressing. That’s where Nanoha fails and the producers just love captilizing it, too. =_=;

    As for Rika, I’m a fan of hers and kinda glad she’s still in the race. She really does have some good images but lately, she’s been letting me down. If her next one isn’t good, I might have to cross her off my backup list.

    lol Yea, I just realized that. Stupid me. =P I meant just “two times” (just came back from a party then, that’s why I can’t do anything right xD; ).

  13. FlareKnight says:

    Well feel bad I missed out on the last round. But hope to at least make some posts in this one.

    Misa – Definitely has a great picture for this week. Going after the hot category which actually works well in contrast to the winter weather. If we’re talking about sexy fanservice than Misa definitely is one of the best if the the top girl this week.

    Nanoha – Nanoha definitely went after cuteness this time around. Really liked this one as well. Think the thing standing out is how sharp her eyes feel on this one. Wouldn’t call it as the best though.

    Orihime – Will at least give Orihime points for variety of appearances :). She’s really going to have some trouble if people struggle to recognize who she is :).

    Amu – Now she did a nice job this time around. Managed to put together a nice pose, outfit, smile, and brought in some group support. That’s definitely a nice look she’s using for the holiday season. Definitely right up there in my opinion with how the whole thing comes together.

    Rika – Well sadly not her best though still cute. Maybe it wouldn’t fit for the holiday season but think she needs to get her darker side into this to have a chance. It felt off this time with her.

    Sakura – That’s definitely cute. A soft feeling that reminds you its the holiday season. Just a really peaceful feel with this picture.

    Yuki – Well definitely a different outfit type that’s for sure. Though was never that fond of Yuki so probably the appeal is lost on me. Feels like she strayed out of her element.

    Ranka – Oddly an opposite kind of feel there. Definitely sticking with it having stars on the outfit and going with the standard pose. Just not feeling anything from it and may have to do with it not looking too smooth either. She’s trying but definitely in a bad spot this time.

    Shana – Shana did great on this one. Just hits you with an overall quality that puts her right up at the top for this group. I mean really saying anything bad when she’s got that smile would be extremely difficult. Has a sharpness that takes positive things from Amu and moves a step ahead.

    Though it was one of my smallest do think Sakura did the best this time around. Manages to capture a happy feeling that should come with this time of year. Though she’s probably not going to win the polls that’s just how I saw it.

  14. nazarielle says:

    Wow, quite the spread of votes this time around. And I can’t blame anyone, there are very few pictures I didn’t actually like :p

  15. kanzeon says:

    @53RG10: Oh I thought it’s something else XD Yep. Shana’s pic is perfect for a wallie!!!

    @xiao_jie: Lol you party girl! XD

    @FlareKnight: Thanks for sharing your thoughts ^_^. I mostly agree with everything you said. It’s really funny that Orihime had different looks on different photos. Sakura really had a peaceful feel to her photo and there still might be a chance for her since the fight looks tight 🙂

    @nazarielle: The votes are crazzzy! I just woke up early and I already but my eyes went O.O when I saw the results XD

  16. FuyuMaiden says:

    Ah I think I know the other image you’re talking about. It’s definitely a better decision to use this one. You always make the best choices picking images I think. ^_^

    This is the image that I love so much from Amu (plaid santa is win). And that’s as big as you can find it. It also turns out it’s only a 1/4 chance to get it with the game.

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  18. sayumi_ohime_chama says:

    it’s SHANA !! totally SHANA !! her flame got back after that dip in the water !

    next would be misa, of course.
    she’s a really unique santa girl.

  19. sayumi_ohime_chama says:

    it’s SHANA !! totally SHANA !! her flame got back after that dip in the water !

    next would be misa, of course.
    she’s a really unique santa girl.

  20. sayumi_ohime_chama says:

    not to mention yuji. haha

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