Koko ni Iru Yo!: 08-09 – Black Rabbit???





Hinata-kun is sooo nice that it’s he always makes me melt…




Hinata’s so heroic!!!


Hooray for Hikage!!!!!!! OMG I’m tearing up for her… I wish I have a prince too T.T…




Hikage prepares a bunny and pig stuffed toys to give it to her online friends, MegaPig and Black Rabbit. But Hinata became clouded when he heard the name Black Rabbit.





What I think would happen: TERU IS THE BLACK RABBIT and he said goodbye because he realizes that his friend, Hinata and Hikage are made for each other.. But Hikage suddenly starts falling for Teru and finally discovers that he’s the black rabbit and they get cliche’d to the cheesiest cheese and they end up together…

What I WANT to happen: HINATA IS THE BLACK RABBIT. And the reason why he bid farewell is in order for Hikage to progress more in real life than her online life…

But… But… But…: I don’t think Hinata is the Black Rabbit because he’s showing too much innocence about the issue. Maybe he knows that Teru is Black Rabbit?

My crazy side predicts that: Teru and Hikage will have a secret affair while Hikage’s dating Hinata. Hinata founds out while he caughts Teru and Hikage on the act and becomes mentally insane. Hinata kills Teru while Teru already made Hikage pregnant. Hikage kills Hinata afterwards because the one he killed was the father of her child XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD….. Lol I’m crazy I know XD…

Omigod this chapter just left me wanting for more… I also wanna hear your opinions!!! Spoilers are allowed (I don’t mind being spoiled XD)!!! Who do you want Hikage to end up with? Who do you think is the Black Rabbit? Mega Pig?


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21 Responses to “Koko ni Iru Yo!: 08-09 – Black Rabbit???”

  1. thepoop says:

    oh this looks really good! Koko ni iru yo. Do you know if I can find it online?

  2. kanzeon says:

    @thepoop: I read it at mangafox.com 🙂

  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    Hinata is so nice~ Teru’s fine too I guess, but he’s not nearly as nice or cool to me (he’s kind of boring actually). Hinata strikes me as different from other guys in shoujo manga. Because…well how does he manage to be so nice without seeming like a wuss? I thought that was impossible for guys in shoujo manga. Teru on the other hand is kind of just the classic stubborn nice and…meh. I just like Hinata better I guess.

    As for the black rabbit thing, I think I have some vague idea about what’s going on because I subscribed to Nakayoshi. But since I don’t read well I don’t want to say and get proven wrong later…

  4. Xiao says:

    Nuu~, Hinata and Teru are actually the same person who somehow split into two people before birth and then got split up after birth only to meet each other up again online and at school to become friends and then have their twisted relationship get even more twisted because of Hikage-chan~…

    …and then they kill each other over her only to realize too late they killed themselves and Hikage kills herself b/c she went crazy at being so confused.


    …I’m crazier cuz I just finished a test. xP lol xDDD;;;

    So, I want Hikage to hook up with no one, Hinata and Teru should get together *shot* Hinata. Yea…I’m sorry for the utter crud above. I’m just tired.

  5. Kitsune says:

    Interesting hair rendition 🙂

  6. nana says:


    Teru is Black Rabbit, and Hinata is Mega Pig~~~!
    After a period of Hikage’s shock that Black Rabbit has gone away forever, she suspects that Hinata may be Black rabbit. But, Hinata realizes Teru’s feeling and tells Hikage of it.
    Teru and Hinata are currently (as of latest chapter) in a disagreement with each other, and Teru is officially Hinata’s rival for Hikage’s affections. Also, Teru knew that Hikage = Himawari and that Hinata = MegaPIG from the start :3

    • NaruHinarules says:

      Teru is Black rabbit :blush:
      But Hinata is NOT megaPIG :argh:
      MegaPIG is a character that hasnt been intorduced to the manga YET :omg:

  7. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: OMG I also love Hinata! I’m glad that you also like him 🙂 About Teru, I had seen so much of other characters that has the same personality as him so that’s why I’m leaning towards Hinata more ^_^

    @xiao_jie: Omigod you’re crazier than me XD… OMG BL ending is fine too ^_^. A crazy test really makes you crazy afterwards XD

    @Kitsune: Lol her hair is cute! It’s like sh has ears or something right?

    @nana: OMGOMGOMG!!! I think I’m gonna faint… *faints*

  8. nana says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!
    At the official Koko ni iru yo! Blog they have updated with a new Hikage Post (every chapter is released & then a post that Basically shows Hikage’s feelings for that chapter is there)
    It says, “Up until now, I’ve been trying so hard to change myself. So I didn’t really stand up for others all that much… but now, I want to do whatever I can for my precious person (!!!). Because, I’m not alone in this world anymore….”
    You can see it Here: http://emaema.sakura.ne.jp/blog/ (The top-most post)

    & It’s kinda interesting that Hikage wants to ‘save’ someone else considering loads of people are saying Hikage may be abused/neglected by her parents:
    – She doesn’t get any support about her ‘unnoticed’ status from them
    – She was able to stay home from school during the ‘bullying’ part of the story (Ch.6/7) for many days without any parental interventions
    – The fact that she is good at home economics (cooking, ect) could be “Because it’s neccessary (i.e. no one will cook for her, so she has to do it herself).
    – Her room consists of a table for her laptop, a ‘traditional bed’ (aka futon on floor, not mattress) and lots of empty space. Very different from the usual shoujo standard of the overdecorated lead girl’s room
    – She could have very bad relation/relations with parents or existing relatives because of her flinching/overly scared looks during the bullying arc and the fact that in further chapters she is quick to jump at a person’s closeness

    Abt Hikage’s ears: They’re supposed to look like Saya’s from Saya no Uta (18Up PC game, very VERY graphic gore and blood)~ And Hikage is based off of Natsumi from Sharin no Kuni (an eroge) :3
    Koko ni iru yo has dark influences LOL >:3

    ….after this i’ll stop spamming your blog, I promise XDDD;

  9. kanzeon says:

    @nana: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really don’t mind being spoiled and I really appreciate your effort on sharing those information :)! With knowing that, I really sympathize more for Hikage T.T Plus I don’t understand Kanji, so you’re heaven sent!

    And lol who knows that Koko ni Iru Yo has some influences from more mature/adult material XD.

    Please don’t stop spamming here ^_^. Please don’t. Commenters/spammers(good spammers btw) are the kind of people who make my blog-life more exciting ^_^

  10. ngea says:

    excuse me..but why hinata react for who is balck rabbit?!
    i rilly don’t get it why hinata react in that way..

  11. Melitot says:

    Thanks to all the kind people who wrote juicy spoilers here <3 could someone post the ending too, please? ;_; I’m dying to know and it’s practically impossible to find anything about the last chapter. Since it seems that some of you were following the Japanese releases… pretty, pretty please, let us know? :spark:

  12. NaruHinarules says:

    :^_^: Well not to be mean to Hinata lovers but I think that Teru is much better and cuter. He understands Hikage’s troubles. I hope Teru and Hikage get toghether and Hinata is happy for them. :aww:

    This is a spoiler:
    Teru is Black Rabbit :blush:
    And Hinata is NOT MegaPig
    MegaPig is another character that hasn’t been intorduced yet. 😉

  13. puuriincess says:

    i love hinata! i’ve read this manga before and i totally want hinata and hikage to end up together. i’m so sick of all the cool guy goes with the cute, shy girl just like in fruits basket :((

    i totally wanted hinata to be black rabbit 🙁
    i expected it 🙁


    whenever i read their (hinata’s and hikage’s) sweet moments, i just totally scream!! :blush2: :nosebleeds: :love: :kyaa: :kyaa2:

    but when i found out that teru was black rabbit, i almost choked on the food i was eating. :rage: :baww2: :baww: :-_-: :huhu: :doomed: :dun: :ehh:

    *sigh* :thumb: very good manga for shunen/shoujo ai fans like me 🙂

    • manga|animeholic says:

      me too. I thought Hinata was Black Rabbit!
      But the good news is she ended at Hinata! 😉
      :shakesfist That story makes me cry of happines

  14. YummYummXDDD says:

    I think…She’ll end up with Teru..Well I don’t know but I feel soo Fridgin’ bad about hinata~ O~o Teru is butting in….Pfft P; Arghh… Hinata looks more Cuter :3 (my opinion)

  15. YummYummXDDD says:


    [/spoiler]Hinata.LOL> XD I BET YOU GUYS ALREADY KNEW/

  16. manga|animeholic says:

    I read all of the chapters online for free!
    At last Sumino-san knows that he love Hinata-kun and she told him that
    “I want to bloom in your side” “I…LOVE YOU!”
    Hinatakun was so happy. Read it in http://www.onemanga.com/Koko_ni_Iru_Yo/
    For Freee! I really like Tooyama Ema’s works!
    You can read the 1st chapter here and the last chapter! Hope you like it! The language is ENGLISH 😉
    :woo :4:

  17. Caitlin says:

    with the yew are my most special friend i thought it was You are the most important person in my life… i just checked and it was i wonder why it says differently in that pic :\
    pssh anyyway i enjoyed those pics 😛

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