Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 05 – Stress and String

No punishment scene but overall good episode and a step-up from last week’s horrible episode.


Ririka walks around the school corridor carrying some scientific apparatuses while she got bumped by Yuzuki. One of the beakers got broken and it was seen by Miwa-sensei, who told them that it’s alright and it’s not a big deal. Lol, you think that a single beaker broken would be easily forgotten? Then think again.


At her residence while arranging some school papers, Miwa got a  phone call with no one talking on the other side of the line. She thought that it was just a prank phone call but we’ll see about that later on. Back at school, Miwa got into a conference with the grandmother of Ririka, which had been raising her alone.

Miwa was surprised on how the small beaker incident was exaggerated into a bad act because of the guardian’s over protectiveness to Ririka. She was just forced to apologize for the name of the school. Later then, she talks with Ririka about this in a very nnniiiiccccceeeeeee manner and Ririka promised that she’ll correct her grandmother’s misunderstandings later.


Miwa-sensei thought that she could finally sleep at night peacefully with that issue solved but still, there’s another phone call like the first time. This time, Miwa is certain that it’s Ririka’s grandmother so she straights up the answer.

Ririka’s grandmother was again, angry at Miwa, and asking that she’s not answering the phone politely. (WHO THE HELL would answer the phone politely if you knew that it was an old bitch harassing you at school and it’s at midnight?!… AARRGHGBGKGINIWNGRGHFHDBTGH!!!!! ehem…anyway…) Ririka’s grandmother AGAIN blabbers about bad Miwa is as a teacher and she’s torturing Ririka mentally and threatening her about the beaker issue. Miwa got tired of it and bangs off the phone. Work it diva.


The next day, the grandmother continues to attack Miwa by spreading fliers about her being a horrible teacher. She also pushes in the story of Miwa threatening Ririka to say good things about the teacher among the students and the fellow guardians in the school. Miwa was very irritated on the fact that her house’s facade is full of those pamphlets.

She searched for the Jigoku Tsuushin to type the grandma’s name but she still has some good nerves left and decided not to take some action. Back at school, Miwa realized that she’s not alone when the other faculty staff talk about Ririka’s grandmother and she also did that back when Ririka was in grade school.


Miwa was quite encouraged that the faculty staff are still on her side but there’s still a side of her that is in worry. Yuzuki, who saw a vision earlier of Miwa accessing the Jigoku Tsuushin, sits down for a while with Miwa while Miwa expressed her thoughts about her being unhappy that a teacher’s job is almost no longer respected and she has no right to say the truth, even if it wasn’t her responsibility of what happened. Meanwhile, Kikuri still remains… useless… Miwa finally had the guts to go to the residence of Ririka and her grandmother and she was welcomed in by Ririka, whom is currently alone at the moment.


Ririka apologizes to Miwa-sensei about her grandmother’s behavior but it turns out that it’s all a lie, when her grandmother came in and Ririka rushed to hug her and started to make things up so that her grandmother would defend her more. Miwa finally knew the truth that it was Ririka all along, who’s making things up.

Miwa walks out the house, and was followed by Ririka, who explained that she’s playing them because an adult like Miwa could handle that situation. And besides, Miwa is also a teacher, those words finally got the last nerve of Miwa and finally decided to contact the Jigoku Tsuushin.


At the Perpetual Twilight, Enma Ai commands the yellow straw doll to be given to Miwa. Before Enma Ai could even finish half of her episodic explanations this week about the contract, Miwa already stated that she’s ready to go to Hell and she has no hesitation to pull the red string because it is her reputation as an educator/ teacher is on the line. She pulled the red string in front of Enma Ai and it’s punishment time!!!

…Errr not. There’s no punishment of the week but it would at least be satisfying to see Ririka get punished in a teacher’s fashion. Anyway, there’s still the mahou shoujo transformation scene, which I basically skip now.


Ririka’s grandmother was left in confusion and despair about her granddaughter’s sudden disappearance and just left her staring blankly into the sky. Yuzuki encounters Miwa and Yuzuki realized that Miwa had already contacted the Hell Girl because of that mark in her chest.

Next: Steal away by beloved sensei and you’ll burn up in hell, bitch.


Kan chats…

This episode had broke the pattern of “people get send to Hell for the shallowest reasons” speculation. This was definitely one of the most better episodes moral-wise and lesson-wise in the whole Jigoku Shoujo. Miwa’s grudge was very sensible and Ririka’s death was well-deserved. I also found Miwa very intelligent, for she took time to check up on things before sending Ririka’s grandmother immediately to Hell. Then she finally sent the right person in the end.

Also, the school nurse (which I suspected to be Tsugumi) didn’t appeared on this episode -_-”… Maybe she’ll come back for after a couple of episodes just like that guy in season 2 did. Also, the people who were getting sent to hell all revolves around Yuzuki (and the amount of residents are decreasing in her town too). There’s finally a solution to overpopulation people, the Hotline to Hell!!! Just kidding! Anyway, Ai seems to do her job well after being busy with Anime’s Next Top Model.

And about the next episode, it will show how a certain apprentice of Enma Ai can be the cause of a grudge.


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