ELISA – ebullient future


Lyrics and song download below the jump ^_^.

[EDIT: The video isn’t working anymore so I removed it :(]

On the PV, I found the combination of the pure white set, the serene skies and the angelic voice of ELISA to the upbeat, hard-rocking song accompanied with violins a catastrophe… in a good way. But overall, I prefer watching efmelo’s actual OP sequence to be honest. I felt the song more when I watched it. I really like her voice, it’s like those used in church choirs lol but yeah. The song has two versions: the Japanese version and the English version, which is used in the anime. I also put up the instrumental if you’re interested ^^.

[:Download Ebullient Future English ver.:]

[:Download Ebullient Future Japanese ver.:]

[:Download Ebullient Future Instrumental ver.:]



Love, I’ve got to feel it
If you put your trust in me
I know what my life would be
Oh, you are all I ever need

I try to hear what you say
So I pray
But you’re fading away
Don’t go and break my fragile heart
We won’t fall apart
‘Cause you’re my only star

I wonder why my tears come at night
Calling you, so like a little child
All the things you have in mind
I wish I could see your insides

I feel alone and empty
You’re far, that’s why I can’t bear to be
Move on, but it’s not that easy
Oh, don’t you know I still believe

No one can stand in your way
Here I stay
There’ll be another day
Won’t cry and get rid of scars
Always in my heart
Gotta find a way to start

How am I supposed to know what’s right
Missing you, and I do lose my mind
Just wanna be by your side
I will wait for your love and smile

I’ve been thinking of you, my dream…
Every time I take a breath, feel brand new
Open up you heart with my key
Oh, can’t you hear my heartbeat

My love, you’ve got to feel it
And if we put our trust in you and me
You know what our lives would be
Oh, you are the one I believe


JAPANESE [Romaji] Lyrics:

towa ni hitotsu no negai kanaete
itsuka mirai wo mune ni dakishimete

yami no mukou ni kieru anata no koe
ude nobashita kedo todokanai kage oikake

hashiridasu sekai ga kokoro kizutsukete mo
nigiru sono te wo hanasanaide ite

doko made mo tsuyoku habatakeru sono tsubasa
omoi ni kakushita watashi wo mitsukete

hitomi no oku de yureru sono senaka ni
tada tsutaetakute sakendemo nani mo nakute

itetsuita kodou ga karada kirisaitemo
sunda egao wo shinjite iru kara

ano hi ni egaita sono kibou [ni] daite
kanashimi no oto wo yuuki ni kaereba

hateshinaku sora e narihibike kono merodi
afureru namida wo wasure wa shinai wa


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6 Responses to “ELISA – ebullient future”

  1. Machinany says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news again but the PV vid isn’t working. Maybe it was flagged to death or something.

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Machinany: Thank you very much for saying that, I truly appreciate it. Sadly, there aren’t any videos found in youtube of this one anymore right now T.T. Just enjoy the pictures I’ve taken 🙂 .

  3. lichtrx says:

    Oww that’s too bad 🙁 I also searched in youtube and I really can’t find any at all except for the anime sequence… I’ll help you get a link as soon as I find one, kanzeon ^^.

  4. kanzeon says:

    @lichtrx: Thank you very much ^_^!!!

  5. Yeah, the music is pretty much a rehash of “euphoric field” but I don’t mind too much since it’s a pretty decent track at least. It’s not quite as good without the SHAFT-styled anime opening, but it is competent.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @zzeroparticle: Yep. It’s decent and alright for me too even if it’s reminiscent of euphoric field. Although I enjoyed listening to it more when it is accompanied by the OP animation than the PV.

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