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Whoa, the main characters sure are really twisted in their own way. First, we have Yuuko, who inflicts mental and emotional torture to the guy who abandoned her since childhood. Next is Yuu, who seems to be a cold-hearted guy before, who’s now broken down and seems to be ready to kill anyone around. And Kuze, who really wants to live all along, even though how much he rejects the girl who loves him. Mizuki seems to be the most normal one, imo, she just needs love 🙂

Warning for warumwarumwarum photo spam (lots of pics btw…) Plus you’ll know why I’m having so much warumwarum today XD


Tsui chats…

Again, this episode is a mental-shaker. Also, I’m glad Nagi is getting some more screentime and we discover that she really in’t Kuze’s fiancee. Yuu became a cowardly sh*t in that sepia scene. I don’t know how to think of Yuuko anymore, since she’s the more severely twisted, yet interesting character in here. She manipulates Yuu by killing her own brother, tortures him, in which is a kind of payback for what he has done. Moving on, Kuze’s the one who’s getting a well-created monologue this time, and kudos to SHAFT bringing a haunting, yet fashionable aura to it just like the previous episode. Both scene containing the two main guys are really disturbing though (Yuu in the sepia scene and Kuze licking the pills in the shattered glasses), so warning for those who are still not watching this episode ^^.


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6 Responses to “ef ~a tale of melodies~ [07] – warumwarumreflection”

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Krauser can do 10 warums per second.

  2. Kitsune says:

    Some great art in this episode again 🙂

  3. That whole scene with Kuze and Mizuki was just a really good metaphor for what was going on between the two and the way the masks were used in that segment was so appropriate. The only issue I had was that it went on for a bit longer than it should have, but the effect was still strong.

    Also, thanks for the linking me!

  4. kanzeon says:

    The Warum spam was too O_O for me XD… Lol and I really admire how Shaft work on ef’s monologues. It’s really pretty.

    @zzeroparticle: Thank you for linking me back too :D.

  5. ffviiknight says:

    megane Nagi lulz.

    But imo, Yuu/Yuuko’s story is still the best… but I wonder how Yuu will turn from almost-murderer to the advice-giving church guy.

  6. ETERNAL says:

    The Kuze/Mizuki route can’t possibly get any better than this…but I’m hoping it does ;P

    Meanwhile, I’ll still be trying to figure out what those X’s over the masks eyes at the end meant. I’m getting used to deciphering ef’s symbolism, but that one completely stumped me >_>

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