Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 03: Ai-Doru

From mathematical bees to baseball, Enma Ai now goes to the ladder of popstardom… Err, was that even a word?!


Episode 04: Rotten Fruit

First, we have Moriyama Jun, a young pop idol who is currently popular. Yuzuki and Akie stopped along to watch her shooting. After that, they had encountered her in an alley, Yuzuki and Akie saved her from a scary-looking guy who’s about to strip himself in from of the idol. To show some gratitude, Jun treated Yuzuki and Akie on to a hotel where she stays for dinner.


Enter Momota Masako, who approached Yuzuki and Akie and asks them to hand over something at Jun. At dinner, they chat about Jun’s dreams and her idol career, as well as her talent manager. Yuzuki then remembers that Masako has something to give Jun. When Jun pulled out the contents, her scandalous photos fell over. Jun begged Akie and Yuzuki that they shouldn’t talk about those photos to others.


After Akie and Yuzuki left, Masako approached them again and explains her hatred for Jun. When they were still starting their careers from the same talent management, Jun was still a mean girl to Masako. She made her do her favors and she pushed her off the pool after posing in her bikinis. Masako then proves to Yuzuki and Akie that she’s more deserving than Jun in her spot. She sang but it turned out horrible, which is why the talent agency didn’t continue to manage her. Jun then goes into them and apologizes to Masako.


Masako is not only contented with he apology, she wants Jun to make her a popstar too. Jun, along with Akie and Yuzuki, knows that Masako is HORRIBLE, denies the deal. Masako didn’t even listened to their advices and her anger became prominent all over herself. Masako then contacts the Hotline to Hell. Yuzuki has a vision again but she can’t do anything.


On to the next day, the talent scout and manager of Jun bribes Masako about Jun’s provocative photos. Akie and Yuzuki goes into Jun’s concert and Yuzuki witnesses the discussion of Jun’s talent manager about the bribing, and they only done it because they care for the idol.


Duing the concert, Yuzuki and Akie saw Masako watching too, but Yuzuki saw something more, she’s holding the straw doll from the Hell Girl. Also during the concert, Jun did a public apology to a “certain person”, which is actually Masako, though she hid her name to prevent publicity. She apologizes for being a terrible person to her from the past. After that, she continues on to her concert, though she can’t anymore because Masako wasn’t contented with her apology and she already pulled off the string. …And it’s punishment time!


Introducing… THE HELL CONCERT!!!


1, 2, 3….


…O_O… And I was really expecting Ai to sing…


Ren wass hot as a rocker… Nevermind the fugly clothes though XD…





Ippen, Shinde Miru?



So the effect of Masako’s actions were the people became sad because of Jun’s sudden disappearance. Her talent manager already had some plans for her concert in Japan’s prestigious concert hall. A large amount of people gathered altogether in remembrance. Meanwhile, Masako walks in the opposite way, carrying the mark on her chest.


Next: Incest? Yaoi? Bondage? Ok, this season just gets into the extremes.

Kan chats…

Ok, I’m totally pissed off on Masako’s jealousy over Jun. Poor Jun-chan T.T… Masako was just freaking jealous of her success and her crab mentality just pushed her to do that thing to the popstar, even though she’s already changed for the good. Masako’s not even talented nor attractive at all! Gosh she looks like an old witch! Anyway, at least Jun will still be having concerts on hell, while Masako still, has no one hiring her XD…

The punishment was just getting more and more comedic. Enma Ai was just so totally misleading that I thought she would sing XD. Back on Jun, I really pity her and she really did her best to change. T.T… Overall, the series so far shows how people can easily send someone to hell again for the stupidiest reasons. It also shows how anger always gets in the way of people’s thinking and they don’t realize what would be the outcome or it’s effect on others until it’s too late.

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6 Responses to “Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 03: Ai-Doru”

  1. Is Jigoku Shoujo S3 doing good? Cause I was planning on watching this since I loved the S2. Well I hope this is worth watching.

  2. omisyth says:

    Though I do agree with you that Masako was a talentless, bitter girl, you can’t simply condemn her because of it. She was bith ignorant and stupid, but try to see it from her point of view:

    The person who pretty much tortured you throughout your childhood becomes an idol while you’re left to fade into obscurity despite whatever work you do.

    That’s not an easy thing to forgive; hell most of the time in this show it’s because of grudges like that that people get sent to hell.

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: The second season continues to be surprising and weird for me so far, in a good way. 🙂 It’s worth checking out.

    @omisyth: But it’s showbiz and Masako can’t survive in there ‘coz she can’t sing at all. Jun, on the other hand, has the right to bitch her off because at least she has some talent… Reality really hurts for her and she should just accept it. 🙂

  4. biankita says:

    @kanzeon: agrees with omisyth. but i blame more on society. those of us raised in the 80s were raised with the mentality that if “you’re no good at it, move on and find something else you’re good at.” we didn’t consolation prizes, only winners get prizes. no offense to the 90s born, but you guys had it good where one failure is “that’s ok, you’ll do better next time.” which would explain why there are so many talentless hacks who audition in american idol who think they’re awesome.

    i’m becoming really disappointed with this season. it’s becoming more and more ai service than the stories. -_- ~kanzeon, i think you should have waited for this season before making ai enma a contestant in ANTM XD

  5. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: I agree that it’s having moar fan-service… I’m not really loving the series at all but when I get to watch an episode, I just can’t stop watching more of it xD, that’s how this series got me.

    Ai would be in the next season of Ani-NTM to show diferent photos every episode ^_^… Though I’m still thinking when will I premiere it because I’m not yet finished completing up the next batch of girls XD.

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