ef ~a tale of melodies: 02 – read

Haha… Finally, I have some free time to finalize this post as well as to do something to update my blog (and thanks kirusuki for providing me screencaps ^_^). From now on, I’ll try to divide my summary into two parts: Yuu and Yuuko’s route and then Kuze and Mizuki’s. That’s because I find it can be confusing to combine both routes and put it altogether like what it was on the show. Now here it goes…

Yuu + Yuuko



A flashback shows that Yuu and Yuuko were somewhat childhood friends living in the same orphanage. Since when Yuu lost his sister in a fire, Yuu always finds displeasure when Yuuko is hanging out with him because she actually reminds him of his sister.


He also gets annoyed when Yuuko calls him “onii-chan”, but goes back in good terms when Yuuko replaced it with “Yuu-kun” only. Yuu also takes a fascination on sketching. Upon his attempt to draw Yuuko while she doesn’t notices it, Yuuko runs into him and asks if he still needs his sister. He said not anymore then it’s followed with Yuuko bidding farewell to him since she’ll be adopted and she never came back until then.


My eyes hurt!


On to the present time, Yuuko confesses to Yuu that he was her first love, and she still loves him. Yuuko then gets aggressive when she says that she’ll erase Yuu’s sad memories.

Kuze + Mizuki


Mizuki continues to hang out with Kuze-san. She then changes on to her costume and invites him to do laundry together. Lol at when Mizuki forcefully takes off Renji’s clothes XD…


After the laundry and a Metronome symbolism, Kuze passes out and is found by Mizuki. She tries to drag him but she always gets Kuze bump his head on the table’s corners. When Kuze regains his consciousness, he apologizes to Mizuki because he wasted the time. Mizuki nevermind that.


At night, Kuze and the (hot) guy (with glasses >.<) talks about something when Kuze burns off letters using candles. After that, there is a scene with again, a metronome which symbolizes Kuze’s heart with two Kuze’s “operating” it. After a couple of posings and talkings, Kuze woke up and is visited by Mizuki late at night. She tells him that when listening to his music, she feels sensuality and she admits that she might have fallen in love with Kuze. The final scene shows Kuze somewhat having a split-personality thing (?) after his two sides show up.


I actually found Yuu and Yuuko’s route more interesting because the Mizuki x Kuze ones makes me feel nervous with his illness/split personality/whatever disorder he has and we’ll never know that Kuze can raep Mizuki anytime, especially after saying the “condom” statement in episode one and this time, he gets a strange looks in his eyes after Mizuki admits it. I know it’s bad to already judge him XD but who knows… I really love the fact that they put on four main mentally and socially distorted characters in the story. Yuu, being an obsessed brother over his dead sister; Yuuko, a passive-aggresive girl; Mizuki, a cocktease and an attention freak; and Kuze, an unpredictable man who’ll be ending up with a girl which I don’t even know how older he is compared with her… And Nagi, the girl who likes to draw herself in the nude does nothing but to draw herself in the nude… Overall, the art totally hooked me up but the story so far, not yet.


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  1. Kitsune says:

    It looks like this show has some nice art 🙂

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