Anime WTF-Moments – Halloween Edition


METANORN Special: Anime WTF-Moments – Halloween Edition

Now that Halloween’s just around the corner, I, Kanzeon, list down my most favorite scary/shocking/crazy/gory anime moments!!!!! From the most memorable killings, bloodfests and creepers to the craziest evil laugh and shockers, you’ll find it here. WARNING! The videos may contain extreme violence and inappropriate scenes.ツ Now let’s turn off the lights, feel the silence, check if there’s someone looking at you at your back and let’s head on to the list!!!!!



Ok, this was just plain messed up gory and scary.. But wth, tearing humans apart is quite scary too! Haha… This anime was like a roller coaster… The most memorable scene for me so far (besides from the infamous first few minutes of the first episode) was when young Lucy is with the children. The children were bashing up the dog with a vase (that was just …T.T) so Lucy got mad and boom! Bloodfest results. I have no regrets on watching Lucy do that to the children though XD… Other than that scene was when Lucy chopped off Kouta’s sister in half and Kouta’s dad had his head popped up lol… The child abuse scene was horrible too. Elfen Lied was like, controversial to the extreme that it’s merely sickening.



Besides from making my head bleed because of investigating the series further and among all of the OMGWTFLOL scary scenes in Higurashi, the nail-ripping scene of the twins Shion and Mion was my most favorite disturbing scene ever… Why? It was because when I was 5, my index fingernail got clipped when it got hit by a door. I was like, crying the hell because it would stop bleeding and it looks very gross (duh, I was still a small kid back then)… So when watching that nail-ripping scene brings back my painful childhood memory… The first season was hell scarier and the second season was meh. And thanks Higurashi for making me never look at my friends the same way again XD.


It’s almost at the last part of the video. Patience is required ^_^…

The first two episodes were very awesome. Itツ really gave me a lot of goosebumps on the conclusion of the first episode. It was heart-wrenching but that was just plain genius to put up a lot of different emotions in the pilot episode. Not scary though (for me) but shocking. Another episode that was shocking was when a guy who was bullied severely committed suicide. The next guy who had been the next ‘target’ like, stabbed one of the bullies using a screwdriver… It was just sad that they can even happen in RL Japan.



Makoto’s the biggest a$$hole in anime history. He made every women in the show suck him up. The ending was very deserving though! God I can’t stop laughing when he got ‘nice boat-ed’ by Sekai. I was like, cheering for her. Another shock was when Kotonoha totally loses her wits and opens Sekai using her trusty saw. That was like, the most f*cked up ending ever…




Brilliant. This mindfreak, psychological series really drew me in from the very first episode. Another one from Satoshi Kon. The opening theme was just haunting yet genius.




Scary yet fashionable loli plus it’s very gothic. The animation is classy and the OVA is filled with violins as bgm’s and the twist is really interesting.



Ok. Roberta is so cool and wicked awesome, yet scariest woman in anime evarrr!

Credits to Kingkwesi for the video



Theresa… T.T Ugh I don’t wanna remember it anymore..

Credits to bloobeyond for the video.



One of my favorites ever.




Credits to jazix01 for the video



Light’s very own “LOL” was just 0_0 o_o O_O -_- o_o O_O… I don’t know how to describe it, whacked, sexy, crazy, whatever… Best crazy anime laugh ever!


So that concludes the list of the most violent/scary/shocking/crazy anime WTF-moments! What do you think of the list? I also wanna hear you share some of the most craziest and scariest anime moment/s! Hope you guys have a fun Halloween!!!


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17 Responses to “Anime WTF-Moments – Halloween Edition”

  1. omisyth says:

    Theresa ;_;

  2. Kitsune says:

    Oh god… I did see some of the anime you featured here, but, for the sake of my mood, I decided not to view the videos from the anime I have not seen 😛 Since I dislike gore and violence, I’ll have to vote for Paranoia Agent because it has a great Opening song and video 🙂

  3. Yamcha says:


    *Assumes the fetal position*

  4. Sagacious1 says:

    Hmm, for “WTF” moments in Black Lagoon, I probably would’ve went with the “vampire” twins instead of Roberta. Take your pick for the exact reason why though…whether it was the twins making out with each other, switching wigs and clothing, mutilating their hostage victim, flashing Rock, or getting their leg blown off. They each got a “…” out of me.

    Out of your list though, I’d pick Elfen Lied for obvious reasons. =)

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    God you didn’t just choose the bloody stuff you really chose the cringe-worthy wtf stuff. I can’t even rewatch some of the stuff that I recognize (even though I’ve seen it). So this is a great collection for sure.

    I chose School Days because Kotonoha’s part still gives me the ultimate in WTF? reactions. “There’s no inside” I mean seriously…most messed up crap ever. But hey~! The video isn’t the uncut version. I want to hear some noises and see red blood!

  6. Vertago says:

    Ya forgot ep.7 of FullMetal Alchemist….Tucker’s chimera…..**cringe**. That was the most impacting ‘WTF!?’ moment for me…

  7. All of them. But the Death Note moment is just the epic. XD

  8. amayalee says:

    You had a lot of my favorite moments in here! 😛 Nice idea for a halloween post! XD

  9. I lack the ability to make a witty comment befitting of this post.

  10. Shin says:

    Much like blissmo, I get turned on at the sight of blood.

  11. foomafoo says:

    ohmygawd elfen lied is the first one on the list (I immediately scrolled down to the comment box XD. (I watched the first episode and quit. I got nightmares for 1 week just for watching the first episode.)

  12. EvilDevil says:

    and thus i will have nightmares tonight and wont be able to sleep…

  13. yuxie says:

    Wow I must watch Le Portrair De Petite Cossette!

  14. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Yep…

    @Kitsune: Paranoia focuses more on the psychological aspects more on vioence so it’s a great series for you ^_^

    @Yamcha: Lol~

    @Sagacious1: OMG and speaking of that, there’s a similar character of that duo from Shakugan no Shana O_O…

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah. The School Days ending was just totally wtf and left me wondered if Sekai was just inventing her ‘pregnancy’ issue.

    @Vertago: Oh yeah that one! That’s also great.

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Epic evil laugh is epic evil.

    @amayalee: Yep ^_^

    @The Sojourner: Any comment would make me glad ^_^

    @Shin: Lol, everything for your queen.

    @foomafoo: Lol haha me too, but instead it gave me high fevers.. But I can’t stop watching it XD

    @EvilDevil: Do you even sleep?

    @yuxie: It’s a great OVA fitting for Halloween ^_^

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  16. ffviiknight says:

    Psssh. Good selection but I’m disappointed in the lack of Ghost Hunt.

    Doll House arc (Episodes 4-6). The bedroom observation scene (End of Ep. 4?). Supernatural. Creepy but pretty doll. Head rolling.

    Give that one a try.

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