Manga Hunting: Koko Ni Iru Yo!


Finally, Koko ni Iru Yo! (I’m Right Here!) is a manga about blogging by Tooyama Ema!!! I haven’t read good techie-romance manga as much as Mel Kano right now but I think this one is quite good and it tackles a love story of a blogger online but in real life, she is a nobody, invisible to everyone’s eyes on school.

Hikage Sumino is the most invisible person you’ll ever thought about. She is unpopular and her presence is totally zero percent. She finds comfort by sharing her experiences and thoughts on her blog. There she has two frequent commenters, Mega Pig and Black Rabbit, who always encourages her in two contrasting approaches.


Poor Sumino T.T

One day, Sumino’s life had changed and she realized that she wasn’t that ‘invisible’ at all. When they are doing cleaning duties, her classmates bully her by locking her into the gym. She thought that she cannot be rescued until Hinata, one of the most popular guys in school, finds her in. Sumino was shocked that Hinata knew her name. Little does she knew, Hinata was already taking glances at Sumino before! He had taken a secret crush on her as well as Sumino, who was really hopeless for her ‘unpopular’ status. Enter Hinata’s friend, Teru and a mean girl who picks Sumino (I’ll not continue up to that pinto to prevent spoilers ^_^), Sumino’s life had changed forever as she continues to blog about her life and as ‘Black Rabbit’ and ‘Mega Pig’ continues to support her online…



I find the story cute and sweet and really recommendable for shoujo fanatics (and even bloggers 😉 )! The story is very amusing because I find it interesting to read internet-related romance stories (like Mel Kano, as mentioned above, but instead it’s mostly on chatting, not blogging…)… Hinata is a very nice character who helped Sumino changed her life. Almost TOO good to be true… Teru on the other hand, is like a Knight-in-Shining-Armor who protected Sumino from a mean girl…

Speaking of the b*tch, what the hell! She got my nerve while reading the manga! I know I can be a mean bitch sometimes at school but I don’t do something personal like what she did to Sumino (my poor Sumino T.T) which makes me wonder if schools in Japan are really like that (Just read the manga to find out why ^_^)… But on the current chapter, it gave me a big sigh of relief BUT I’m starting to sense a love triangle developing between Sumino, Hinata and Teru, after Teru saving Sumino from that bitch.


Hinata x Sumino ftw!!!

What makes me wonder throughout the story is the real-life identities of ‘Black Rabbit’ and ‘Mega Pig’. They also play an important and interesting part of the story for they are the commenters in Sumino’s blog! Yes, commenters areツ important, due to my experiences, comments brings up a smile on my face ^_^… it is very important because commenters make you feel that they care about you (well, htat’s what I feel 🙂 ). On their identities IMO, Black Rabbit has the approach of Hinata, for he is very kind and gentle, if not Hinata, it would be also Teru idk… Mega Pig can be Teru, because of his strong attitude and approach… Overall, I have no regrets picking up this series and it’s recommendable.


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14 Responses to “Manga Hunting: Koko Ni Iru Yo!”

  1. issa-sa says:

    Time to head off to Book Off!

  2. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: You made me wanna wish to go to Japan again… I heard that it was like, a huge chain of bookstores in Japan who sells manga… In our country, manga is rarely found and is expensive, that’s why I only have a small collection T.T

  3. Anonk says:

    Took your reccomendation and picked this up.

    Good lord, I wanted to huggle Sumino, poor thing! >.<

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Anonk: The series itself so far is very interesting so it’s worth picking up ^_^

  5. Bakaharo says:

    You are right, this serie is great and i wouldn’t have noticed the series without your post ^.^

  6. amayalee says:

    You know, I was planning on finally picking up the Inuyasha manga, as Inuyasha was the first show that got me into anime…but then you posted about this! Now I have to go read it!! It looks so good. 😛 Oh, and from what I’ve heard, bullying is REALLY bad in Japan. Of course I wouldn’t know as I don’t live there, but it’s supposedly 10 times more extreme than in the U.S. and we have a lot of bullies!

    I’m off to read the manga now!

  7. FuyuMaiden says:

    I love this manga. It’s absolutely adorable. I was thinking about blogging it a while ago, but I could never think of anything to say except, “awww…”

    I’m kind of following it in issues of Nakayoshi (as much as you can follow it without knowing much Japanese) to know a few spoilers, but I’ll just keep them to myself.

    But ah, Sumino’s difficulties make me so sad. Partially because they remind me a little bit of what I was like at her age…except her situation is worse with the blatant bullying so I feel even sadder. Do you best Sumino! (God she’s adorable)

  8. Llora-chan says:

    Kya~ Cool! This is another I’ll pick up. ^^

  9. kanzeon says:

    @Bakaharo: Glad you liked the series ^_^

    @amayalee: I had also read some manga and watched some anime and it really shows that bullying in Japan is quite worse than any country I know… Watch Shigofumi or Jigoku Shoujo as well, because it shows some issues about that too.. I wanna go there for the rich culture and Akihabara but not to study there XD…

    @FuyuMaiden: I wanna download some raws of this manga so that I could at least refer to my Kanji dictionary when reading it. I really feel bad for Sumino too when she got treated like that T.T… But the current chapter that I’ve read, it gave a big ‘OMG That’s for you b*tch!’ moment for me.

    @Llora-chan: Yup go manga hunting! It’s really fun when you find new manga that captures your interest ^_^

  10. Sumi-chan says:

    It’s very cute. I identifided with it u.テケ

  11. rina-chan says:

    i was read a spoiler about koko ni iru yo. and i surprised because teru is the kuro usagi!!! but hinata never even have any blog!!!

  12. kanzeon says:

    @rina-chan: Really?? OMG I’m so excited to read it now!!! I also checked out wikipedia and it says that Teru is the kuro usagi too! Gosh I guess I’ll change my favorite guy right now ^^.

  13. Sumi-chan says:

    Don’t spoiler! >.<

  14. indira says:


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