Code Geass R2 – 25 [Ending]

Just watched the final turn of Code Geass on raw (after skipping 12 episodes of it XD which I only visit RC in order to catch up with the series…), meaning I only understand like, 10-20% of what they’re saying, anyway, I don’t take this show too seriously so I don’t care that much but I can tell a few on what’s going on. So here goes some USELESS sh*t…

  • Kallen battles it out with Suzaku
  • Nunally fell down on the stairs (yeah, like that’s important)
  • She wears a cute prison uniform (is that a prison uniform?)
  • Lelouch dies from the hands of Zero (Suzaku)
  • Orange-kun ends up with Anya…………. LOLWUT?
  • There’s a cute group portrait at the ending
  • CC became a wanderer… And then she is talking to somebody while lying on a haystack.
  • Plus I don’t think that Lelouch was dead.

Now I’ll dl the subs as soon as it is released to confirm these stuff… (And again… Anya? With Orange-kun??? WRRRYY???)


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33 Responses to “Code Geass R2 – 25 [Ending]”

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  2. Joe says:

    I believe Lelouch is still alive. The end where C.C talks she said, “Right, Lelouch”

    It could be that she was talking to herself. But why would she be speaking out loud and let some random person hear you?
    His still alive, they are living happily ever after.

  3. Fallen says:

    I really do not think that Lelouch is dead remember how the Emperor put his hand that had the Geass symbol on Lelouch’s neck. Did anyone else saw this?

  4. dantetheanimelover says:

    I had mixed feelings on the end…good, yet not good enough. In the end, though I guess the show did it’s job,

  5. Akiraman says:

    Hi Kanzeon you have a nice blog going there can we do a link exchange?

  6. biankita says:

    lolwut tags XD watching geass raw is the best way to go!

  7. vongolasamurai says:

    hey, you should read this, this article tells you a few reason why we think
    Lelouch didnt die.

  8. 7 says:

    @Wargummi: Woah! where did you find that?! But then again, I won’t be surprised if Lelouch is alive and well.

    @Riana: If Lelouch is in fact alive, that would make three immortals! C.C. being of them (because of her code), and Suzaku the other (because of the ‘live’ Geass).

  9. jedot says:

    hmmm… what? is that it? if that so… i’m not satisfied.
    maybe.. they will release some OVAs or movie

  10. SF says:

    this post is proof that the internet should be a rare privilege and not a right

  11. kanzeon says:

    Thank you for all of the comments ^_^ (This post is #12 of the most popular posts today at WP ^_^) Thank you also for discussing it in here your theories why Lelouch isn’t dead yet. At first I really don’t take this show seriously but I came to a point where I’ll finally analyze it. I’m sorry that I couldn’t explain it to y’all because I would really love to but it’s in raw and I can’t understand much Japanese. I also noticed CC saying something with the word ‘Lelouch’ at the end so I think she’s probably talking to him on the carriage. I think there would be an another sequel/OVA which would explain it all.

    @FuyuMaiden: Orange-kun ftw then ^_^!

    @iwantmoarcgwaha: Lol that was totally reminiscent of spice and wolf ^_^

    @Hoshi: Me too. I downloaded all of the episodes I missed and marathon it.

    @EvilDevil: Oh, so that would explain it. I watched it on raw and only understood like, a bit of it XD…

    @Llora-chan: Me agrees ^^

    @Damnation!: That would be interesting.

    @Wargummi: Yay!!! Lelouch is really that man!

    @Riana, 7 and Joe: Yup. I also think that Lelouch isn’t dead ^_^

    @Akiraman: Yup ^_^ Link up

    @biankita: I love your post about the Code Geass finale 🙂

    @vongolasamurai: Thank you for the article. It really showed some speculations why he isn’t dead.

    @jedot: I kinda agree with you. A sequel or an OVA would solve this.

    @SF: That was deep…

  12. Nagato says:

    I’m a bit jealous of your popularity here, Kanzeon. ^^;

    But yeah, Lulu is soooooo dead. ;A;

  13. Jay says:

    Lelouch is still alive.

    1) When Charles and Marianne were killed in C’s world, Suzaku stated that he must kill Lelouch and take revenge for Euphemia. Then they cut straight to where Lelouch became emperor. If an OVA comes out I would expect to see a continuation of this scene that shows Suzaku Slaying Lelouch only to find out that Lelouch was then immortal. Then that’s when the final plan of Zero Requiem came to be.

    The Code was questionably passed to Lelouch When Charles chokes Lelouch with his hand, where his code appears, the final disintegration of charles is without his hand窶ヲ. which implies it stayed with Lelouch. The code activates after you die.

    This is an interesting point and may be true or maybe just an over analysis. In that scenario, both Lelouch and C.C. are then immortal. Interesting….

    Another possible scenario is that Suzaku did kill Lelouch in C’s world and as Lelouch was drawing his last breaths, C.C. gave him her code to save him. Her one driving force in serving Lelouch was that she couldn’t let him die so he can complete his promise to her. This could also be an over analysis on my part, but it does make some sense. In that case, C.C. became mortal and could have died in her fight with Kallen. That would also explain her desire to win that fight.

    2) C.C’s original wish when she was given the power of Geass was to be loved. Even though her power gave her that wish, it wasn’t true love and she eventually locked it away. Her wish then became to die, becuase she had become disgusted with life, but was immortal. The entire reason she made the bargain with Lelouch in the first place.

    Then she fell in love with Lelouch and started to long for a life with him and started caring for happiness and victory which was sort of stated during her final battle with Kallen. Lelouch was the first true love that she had ever felt. For her to display a sort of happiness at the end talking to Lelouch out loud stating that Geass doesn’t bring solitude after all clearly is a sign that he is still alive.

    This point stands out even more so that C.C. herself is alive and happy since the only reason she could be both happy and alive is with Lelouch. Otherwise she would either be dead as originally promised by Lelouch, or be completely depressed and distraught that Lelouch did not keep his original promise to her before he died. When I saw her crying at the church, I thought that was the case, but then the very end kills that theory. So Lelouch is still alive.

    If it was C.C. who gave Lelouch immortality, that would mean that she is mortal. Then there is absolutely no reason she should be alive, she could have just simply committed suicide. Unless she intends to live the rest of her life with Lelouch and have that love that she always wanted but never thought would exist for her.

    3) The point when Lelouch is dying, Nunnaly receives the images of what Lelouch planned. The only time that has happened is by C.C. who is immortal. This also supports that Lelouch is immortal as C.C. is or once was.

    4) When Suzaku drove his sword through Lelouch, did Lelouch give Suzaku the power of Geass. This also would suggest that Lelouch is immortal. Suzaku stated that he accepts this Geass. It could have been the curse of being Zero for life and the will to live bestowed by Lelouch’s Geass. Perhaps Suzaku himself now posses his own unique power.

    – Either way the writers did their jobs well. By knowingly sparking this debate, they have successfully done their jobs and left plenty of room for expansion on the story line. However, if Code Geass is left as is with no more story to tell, then the ending has also served it’s purpose in closing out the main goal that Lelouch set To accomplish: “TO CREATE A WORLD WHERE HIS SISTER NUNNALY COULD LIVE IN HAPPINESS AND HAVE EVERY OPPORTUNITY AT HER DISPOSAL.”

    She is now her own person with her own goals, ideals and ambitions to follow. His new world is for her and by extension to the all those who were living in fear, persecution and were denied the chance live to their fullest potential.

    But I sure hope the story continues, there are a lot of unanswered questions.
    1- Is Lelouch really alive? Is he Immortal?
    2- Is C.C. still immortal? Did she pass it on to Lelouch?
    3- Did Lelouch give Suzaku a real Geass Power? What Geass power is it?
    4- The possibilities in exploring the origins of Geass. Where did it come from?

    There can even be a season 3 in store for us.

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