World Destruction – 04

I always remember Pokemon while watching World Destruction (no, not because of the cute bear…). It’s because per episode, they get into a certain place/town then they meet someone in dilemma, they try to help, Team Rocket comes (and in this case, it’s a maid and a glasses-dude) and they go blasting off again…

The team encoutered a sakura tree, which is said to give curses on people who breaks it. Thanks to Kyrie’s dumbness, he was the lucky one who broke a branch! The rumor turns out to be false when the white-haired guy looks like Zero from Vampire Knight told them he just made them all up.

Then there’s also Team Rocket the duo, who spices up the action in the episode again.

Here is the small doze of ~cute~ Toppi screenshots…


And lookie, someone wants to join Anime’s Next Top Model and here’s her best fierce shot. The judges has something to say to her.

Rima – My eyes hurt… Shiki, cover them.

Yukari – Wow, simply the best of the bunch (Are there any?)! She still manages to look glamorous even when she’s on deep frustration. Nice job meido-chan.

Kallen – Whoa! That was fierce (but still, I can do better…)

Lala – Wow it is soooo awesomeness! She is posing like an elephant which reminds me of great, ancient dinosaurs because they are a part of the dinosaur family.

Akira – Whoa, this bitch looks crazier than me! But I could pull that off wayyy more better! I can’t believe someone was more insane than me!

The white-haired guy turns out to be dead, and he was still waiting for his love of his life even until infinity. Fortunately, as the team leave the town, Morte saw an old woman who wears a bracelet same to the guy who is heading towards the tree.


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4 Responses to “World Destruction – 04”

  1. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Lol. That’s a lot already within 4 episodes. Maybe it’ll reach a thousand on the finale.

  2. foomafoo says:

    I think this is the episode where Kyrie’s “dakara” got stuck on my head. His tone was so gay XD. Still, can’t believe Light is actually Kyrie. lol

  3. kanzeon says:

    @foomafoo: Yeah, and the two are the exact opposites XD

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