If The Glass Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Cut Off Your Toes!


Remember the Fairy Tale entitled Cinderella? Remember those birds chirping and those mice dancing happily? Had you ever wish to have your very own Fairy God Mother where she can let you borrow pretty gowns to make you stand out in a crowd? And last but not the least, do you remember how those bitchy stepsisters FAIL on trying on the glass shoe because of their big, nasty feet? Lol. Then if you remember all that, you may want to take a look on the darker side of the story.

Little did you know, Cinderella has a mom buried somewhere in the woods on their garden. She always pray for her guidance and everything. The first few pages were just like the real Cinderella, her step mom and stepsisters bitching her out with chores and covering her with cinders. Now that the ball has approached, Cinderella met the Prince, the clock strikes 12, and she left her shoe… It’s time for the prince to search the whole town on who’s the fitting queen by trying on the shoe. And now, the fun part…


Those stupid, lame-a** stepsisters of Cinderella were so desperate to make the shoe fit that they tried each way to make fit it on their stinking feet. The first sister is up. She finds her heel annoying that’s why she cut it off. The next sister has big toes, that’s why she cut them off one by one… Of course, the Prince was not stupid enough to get fooled so he dumps them immediately (Yipee!)..


Well, things get more twisted and crazier that I don’t even know what’s happening on the next few pages XDD… On the day of the wedding, doves kept on attacking Cindie’s stepsisters. After their eyes flew out of the blue and they kept on being butchered to pieces… Cinderella and the Prince lived happily ever after ^_^…


Covered in Cinders was a oneshot manga by Kotokawa Aya published way back ago on 2002. It is quite a good read, if you’re up for some crazy psycho-ness manga that is short, just for a night’s fright. At first, it is totally innocent that you’ll never know that the Prince would get some fanservice and those stepsisters would start cutting off their feet. For me, it could have been scarier, gorier and longer (I wanna see the stepmom get BUTCHERED too ^_^).


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7 Responses to “If The Glass Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Cut Off Your Toes!”

  1. issa-sa says:

    WTF? So it’s true that all fairy tales are just dumbed down innocent-ified versions of crazy gory blood-stained stories?? (Melikes… :P)

  2. kuromitsu says:

    The funny thing is, this is actually a rather faithful adaptation of the REAL (non-Disney) story, right down to the toe-cutting. :3

  3. meows says:

    so, did the sisters get their eyes pecked out by pigeons at the end as well? (that’s how the actually fairytale ends ^_^)

  4. mikaino says:

    Wow! I love the scenes on this manga!
    I’ll try this one, it looks 100 times better than Cinderella.

  5. This looks so gruesome 0_o. I think I might check it out.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: Yup. REALITY > INNOCENT-IFIED

    @kuromitsu: Yes, I have also heard about that. It’s so cool!

    @meows: Spoiler: Yes they did ^_^

    @mikaino: Hope that Snow White would also have this version.

    @xlapizxlazulix: It’s worth checking out. It’s only short so it’s fine to read it.

  7. biankita says:

    i love the classic grimm version of cinderella and that was pretty accurate. i wanna read that. i wonder if they have other adaptations of other fairytales.

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