Big Blog Digest

Ok so this post is a big one full of anime and manga digests as well as Anime’s Next Top Model news so read it or else…


Before I start off this post, I wanna say that my head hurts really bad. You see, I just went from a ‘hanging out with a friend’ (which looks more of a date…) and while eating at a restaurant, some random rude kid threw a steel spoon on my head! OMG my head really hurts and it was embarassing! I can’t bitch off the kid because he was just a baby anyway so I just laugh it off and later his mom apologized… Come on, which normal kid would throw a spoon on a random person’s head!? Anyway, we also watched the movie My Sassy Girl, which is a movie remake of the popular Korean film with the same title. It stars Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert. The movie is sweet and funny! Nothing super spectacular but it is good for laughs and ‘awww’ moments…

Some Anime Ramblings:


  • OMG why are the subs for Allison to Lillia very slow??? I’m still on episode 15 and I can’t wait for the episode where [*SPOILER:] Lillia and Treize kiss!!!
  • I’ll merge the episodes 5, 6, and 7 of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu… Sorry but I need to catch up and I’m too lazy to do separate posts for them since I still have schoolwork 🙂
  • MAJOR IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ISSA-SA: ANIMAL YOKOCHO would be finally airing here now on our country!!! Finally I can join you now on knowing that show :)! When I was watching TV and the commercial aired, I was like: “OMG it’s issa-sa!!!” and I jumped like crazy then my parents were like, “who’s issa-sa?” LOL XDD…


Some Manga Ramblings:


  • On Tora-Dora chapter 11, Taiga finally confessed to Kitamura-kun!!! Why oh why did she do this just when things between her and Ryuuji are finally getting doki-doki!?!?!?!!! Anyway, it continued on chapter twelve where…!!!!!! OMG I really can’t wait for fall to get it animated!
  • Photobucket


  • I found a new manga entitled Bakuman, it’s from the creators of Death Note and I found it alright so I’ll follow the early chapters of it. It’s about being a mangaka…
  • ———————————————————–


  • There’s a special one-shot sidestory from Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, which is entitled Komaki x Kusame Special!!! The story is about Komaki about to break up with Kusame. I actually don’t like the couple so I didn’t bother to post a review… They should have made an Ushio sidestory T.T


Anime’s Next Top Model News:

– After 6 weeks I haven’t said the prize yet right? Well I’ll say it now ^_^… The prizes are first, a 5-photo spread only here in the [:METANORN:] blog for the FINAL 3 girls. Next is the winner will receive more photo spreads to be posted here as well as the chance of being a judge for the next cycle, joining Kallen and the others. I’ll be thinking of more prizes so feel free to suggest some… Last is, the winner will get the title of teh first ever Anime’s Next Top Model which is kinda funny because it is supposed to be ‘First’ but her title is ‘Next’  lolz… so even I get excited on who’ll be the winner of the first cycle! Well, it’s up to your votes!

– Btw, I’ll be posting the 6th Deliberation after this post…. After the 6th Deliberation, the Top 4 would be getting 2 photoshoots now so we double up the fierceness of the competition!!!!!


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11 Responses to “Big Blog Digest”

  1. biankita says:

    when and what channel will aniyoko be shown? i hope it’s not gonna be on hero… my cable provider does not have hero… -_- it’s probably gonna be hero, isn’t it?

  2. amayalee says:

    Spoons have always been the enemy. But I think it’s better than my problem, whenever I go out with friends I almost always end up getting hit in the head with soccerballs/baseballs/basketballs, and I don’t do anything sport related. XD

    GAH! Toradora! *Runs off to read new stuff* Such a cute manga! 😛

  3. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Well… It’s on Cartoon Network ^_^ !!! I also don’t have Hero as well 🙁

    @amayalee: Lol It’s a blessing for me when I got hit by sport-related balls, I always end meeting cute guys XDD…

  4. issa-sa says:

    OH YES I FINALLY GET TO BE ON TV!! *coughs* I mean OH YES, WATCH ANIYOKO!!! (Cartoon Network??? Does that mean it’ll be dubbed??)

  5. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: Yup… From what I’m seeing in the preview, the dub wasn’t horrible (yet)…

  6. amayalee says:

    Cute guys?! That isn’t fair, I get massacred by sport balls and get no awesome payoff like that! T.T Gah, luck isn’t on my side.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @amayalee: Well, sometimes luck isn’t on my side too, because some jealous mean girls tries to “accidentally” hit me on the head 🙁 … …but cute guys still comes to my aid 😉

    Just wait for the right time girl! (and try to get hit when there some hot guys near… it works 😉 )

  8. biankita says:

    @kanzeon: hooray! at least it won’t be tagalized! what time is it??? – yes, i’m a lazy bum who doesn’t want to hang around CN to wait for the commercial 😀

  9. purple_butterfly says:

    OMG I kinda relate to that ‘ball hits you on hte head and then you’ll meet a cute guy’ thing!!! I had my boyfriend (and we were actually turning 7 months now)!!! At first, he was just a varsity crush on my school with many girls swooning on him. We encountered when he accidentally hit me with a ball! He was so sweet that he even took me to the clinic and the next thing we knew is that we’re falling in love!

    …Sometimes love really just hits you out of nowhere ^_^
    and also good luck to you, amayalee!

  10. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: It’s at 7 pm starting on September 1st

    @purple_butterfly: Your story was like a movie lols… Anyway good luck and hope you’ll live happy with him 🙂

  11. fye says:

    Lol, it’s weird because I also got hit by a flying basketball a couple of days ago… We all got something in common XD!

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